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If you were to choose between two very different people whom would you choose? Your first lover, your childhood bestfriend, with the one whom you had promised your forever or the one whom you confided with,the one whom you feel secure with?

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It's funny how life tends to play it's game differently with everybody. It's almost scary when you think what it can do, what result it can give you, which relationship it can cause you or which person you could loose.

Maybe this is the reason why we were never given the power of time travel or the power to manipulate time. Imagine if you have the power of time manipulation what would you do? I've always imagine myself having this power. May be I would've been happier than I am right now. Maybe I would have the people I had in the past even now. Or maybe I would've stopped myself from falling in love with that one person. That one person who gave me everything than took it away with him.

Maybe I would still be the girl i was.

A loud thunder woke me up from my reverie causing me to step back. Feeling my lips taste something salty I touched my cheek. I hadn't realised I was crying until now. Wiping my tears I walk back to the couch with one last glance outside the window. Sighing I sat down taking my forgotten tea only to find it ice cold. With another loud sigh I decided to go to the kitchen replacing my tea with another cup of tea and took it to my room upstairs.

Outside I could still hear the rain pouring more heavily. Why is it raining in December anyway?
It's weathers like this that makes me miss those days. Those old memories of us making sweet love under the covers imagining our future only to be left with memories. Memories. That's all I am now. And that's all I'll ever be to him. The way he sang to me staring into my eyes and the way he would....Stop Aiyana Stop. He broke your heart. Don't let him haunt you or his memories. It's all memories now you've moved on. He doesn't even remember you now. He's dating models. He's soon to be engaged. "Ughhhh Fuck you Lucas James Fuck you for ruining me" I cried out frustrated with myself for even crying over him even after four years.

May be this weather is a signal for me not to go to the city. I really have to finish my book and for that I need to go to the city but my flight got delayed due to the unexpected rain. Will I meet him? If we ever meet what would he say? Will he ignore me? " Get over yourself Aiyana he's a superstar now and he's soon to be engaged and what do you think he would be doing in the same space as you.he's a star and you are a commoner a nobody." I tell myself and drank my cup in one go and buried myself in the pillow. I hope that tommorow will be a better day unlike today. Not having the mood to do anything I decided to sleep. I at least deserve a good sleep after all that crying and philosophical overthinking. Charging my phone and shutting the window I was out like a feather the next minute.

Sorry lovelies but I have decided to complete the rest of my story on Wattpad since it gives me Monopoly over my story. Please go and check it out on my profile-
thungchobeniezunglot. The title of the story remains the same❤️
Love ya' all

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