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Mutual Feelings

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" Draw your future. And it will turn out the way you have chosen it to." They told me. I believe it, but why? Simple. Because I had that future. What happened to it? Life did. --- I built a wall after but then came along Bryan, Bryan Hills. That guy is not simple, no he is a hot cold, stubborn jerk. There was hatred between both... Then there was love between both... What was to come next? --- Our feelings were always mutual since the day I told him, I would kill him. I Harper Davis, FBI agent could've had my hands locked around his neck...around my partners neck, making him admit that I was in fact a better agent than him. And I had them around his neck just not the way I planned a year ago... --- Mutual Feelings/ 29 Chapters 2020 started/ Finished January 23 / 2021 --- OTHER BOOKS: •Zeke✓ •Inevitable Coincidence (coming not so sure) ---- If it's to your liking...click that read button, add it to your library, vote , comment and share. Thank you...Sparkling_ glitters

Romance / Action
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•Chapter 1

Chapter one/ Harper's pov

"WE NEED BACKUP! I REPEAT WE NEED BACKUP! SEND YOUR MEN IN HILLS." My screams mingle with the sound of the gunshots ringing through the air. And for the millionth time today I see my life flash before my eyes. But that's no difference since I see it everyday flashing before my eyes.

"Roger that agent Davis." Hills voice breaks through the receiver, sending slight relieve to me.

Taking cover behind some shipping containers. Someone unrecognizable throws themselves next to me, I raise my gun pointing it towards the person, squinting my eyes at them.

"It's me don't shoot!" He yells.

"Parker? Shit what happened?" Lowering my gun, I take a look at one of my men. Bloody face, possibly broken nose, injured left rib and shot in the shoulder. " WHO?!" My tone holds no mercy, no empathy for who is about to feel the pain of slowing dying.

I raise to my feet, deciding on putting this mission to an end once and for all. No one and I mean no one takes one of my team's life.

"Who else." Not responding to him telling him to stay put. I clock my gun stepping out from behind the containers.

As I do so, I see some of my men and some of Hill's men down, hopefully just injured. But knowing Marco the biggest Mafia gang I've taken down so far, he shows no mercy and that just done it for me.

With me in their view. He's men stand lined up in a straight line guns out on me. Feeling pissed, real pissed I step out further towards them talking.

"You know Marco, it's not your damn day to shine." I yell over from where I am.

"It's mine!"

Hill's. Damn prick always has to steal my thunder.



"Ready to end this shit? So I can end you?" My voice holds slight humor to it.

Chuckling he raises his gun, his jaw tensed. Eyes focused on the bulky men before us. " Oh I'm ready."

With that we fire at anyone. Trying hard to not get shot as we know we have to finish this. Dodging where we can and firing as we go.

"Davis he's running! You keep them dancing, I'll catch that son of a bitch." Hill's shouts over to me as we take cover.

Not answering I raise to me feet, and run in the direction of Marco.


And I didn't, that's why it left me to end up where I did next.


Stupid damn white walls. Well at least it was worth it, got Marco six feet under, god bless the man's soul.

Bruised face, injured abdomen and one sore body. I know chief won't let me up on my feet any time soon.

The door to the plain boring old scrappy hospital room I'm in slams open and my vision takes in a pissed off Hill's.

Oh shit.

"I'm already as dead as I can get. But I do fancy a little last minute punches and kicks to you." I say my voice cracking from the time I've been asleep, not having drunken anything.

Stepping further into the room and up to my bed. He picks up the glass filled with water and brings it to my lips.

Taking a sip and more. I wiggle my eyebrows at him, making him pull the glass away and setting it back down.

He stares at me for what feels like hours. The frown on his face making me regret my little tease.

"You and your fucking games Davis. I told you to take his men and what do you do you run after Marco."

Well damn.

"Well you see I didn't think you could finish him off as well as I did." I mocked him

"God I swear Davis if you weren't in here right now I would take you down." He threats as he comes closer to me whispering in my ear. " And you don't want that."

Acting fast, I grab him by the collar of his shirt and twist my body up and around as I throw him on the bed under me, hurting every muscle in my body.

God damn this man and pushing me pass my limits.

"We both know you don't want to do that Bryan." I whisper in his ear. Smirking at the shocked look on his face.

"Harper Harper, always so confident. Please just do your fucking job and leave me the fuck alone." Seething he attempts on getting up but I hold him down with my last strength, saddling his waist.

I chuckle, the nerve of this guy. Thinking he can actually tell me what to do.

"What's your problem? Afraid to get beaten up by me, a woman?"

"No Harper I'm afraid you'll fall, fall hard." He's tone is soft and he raises a hand to my face, caressing my cheek.


"What is that suppose to mean?" I question my brows furrowed

He doesn't answer, just leans in. Eyes trained on my lips.

Holy shit.

"Hill's what are you doing?" I try backing away from him but his hold on my cheek tightens pulling me inner towards him.

"I would like to know that too?" Our heads snap up, only to be met with chief.

Oh no.

"Uhh Chief. What are you doing here?" I ask as I attempt on getting off Hill's but as I make the slightest of move, I winch. "Shit"

Quickly I'm back on the bed, Hill's next to the bed. I don't even want to know.

Hill's clears his throat and speaks up for the first time since Chief entered. "Sir, I was just leaving."

He walks up to the door but Chief stops him, telling him to take a seat.


"No way! I'm sorry Chief. I am not working with him anymore. You said our first mission would be our last." I argued for the third time as Chief, Hill's and I sit in this dull hospital room for the past half an hour discussing a damn last minute mission undercover. Well last minute as in only letting bus know about it now.

"It's only for two months agent Davis. You two are the best I could assign for this mission. Now every last detail up to your apartment you'll be staying in is finalized. Also please fray from killing each other, you need to keep your cover as a married couple. Now if you'll excuse me, I have got to go. You both move out by tomorrow morning nine AM sharp." He orders, tugging on his suit jacket and leaving us in silence.

"This is just great.". Hill's mutters running a hand through his hair.

"You can leave." I say without looking at him as I turn on my sides and lay down, closing my eyes.

"Gladly." He says.

And with that, his out by the door making me clam my range. I can't believe this. Two damn whole months with that arrogant, intolerant jerk full ass.

And on top of it, we'll be faked married...lovey.

Authors notes: This is my first story on here and I'm hoping you all will like it. I have this story and more originally published on Wattpad. Please refrain from rude comments and you shall be sprinkled with stars(◠‿◕) anyway please vote, comment and share.

Peace out sparkling team 🌟

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