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Mutual Feelings

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•Chapter 2

Chapter two/Harper's pov

What is that damn irritating noise?


There is goes again.

FWEET... This time it rings louder in my ear. And I slam a quick hand up to my ear, blocking the noise. But to my luck the sound enters my right ear and that's when I sit up hurriedly glaring at none other than stupid ass Hills.

"There are nicer ways to wake a person up you lunatic." I growl out at the fool who is grinning back at me like an innocent little boy.

"And what ? Miss your reaction on this. Never." He says with a teasing smile.

Urgh I will never win with this man.

"Go freshen up Davis. We leave in seven minutes."

Seven minutes, all I need is four. Not bothering to reply, I head to the adjoining bathroom and start my morning routine.

In the next fifteen minutes we sat silently in Hill's car. The only sound coming from the radio/ CD which happens to be playing Waterfalls by TLC. I would've teased Hill's about it if it wasn't for his crude comment a couple minutes ago.

Sighing silently I fold my arms across my chest and sing softly to the song. Better than having a conversation with Mr jerkheaded grumpy pants.

The car comes to a stop and the engine is killed. I look up from my little daze and gaze curiously at the average sized house. The off white brick wash walls, with the healthy green grass and SpongeBob shaped mail box giving the house a angelic look.

I shift my eyes to Hill's, finding him already looking at me.

"This is...." I trail off not knowing what to say.

"It's something. Let's go." He mumbles getting out of the car and closing his door and I do the same.

I walk up to the house but stop mid step as Hill's voice calls out to me. "I'm not your personal assistant. Come and fetch your own luggage." He growled with irritation.

Stomping my foot I stroll over back to the car and push him aside, throwing him a hard glare.

Stupid arrogant imbecile ass.

Lifting out my two suitcases and shutting the trunk of the car. Making my way up to the house, I enter and stand still.

It looked a bit bigger than this from the outside. God my assumptions are always wrong. The white paint on the walls makes the place feel a bit open and only an inch bigger but other than that it's pretty small... Well mainly only for Hill's and his big ego.

Closing the door behind me. I walk up to what I could only assume is my bedroom but when I walk in a different surprise is waiting for me.

Hill's , in the middle of the room, in nothing but his boxer. My feet had stop, my heart done some weird flip and clearly my eyes couldn't stop it's assult. His toned stomach, damn those legs and just his body I overall.

I mentally slap myself in the face but yet I don't stop what I'm doing.

"Are you done? It's quite terrifying watching you stare at me." He says as he walks towards the bathroom.

"I- I uh I thought this was my room." I whisper but still loud enough for him to hear.

God dammit.

"There's only one bedroom Davis. Good luck." With that he strolls into the bathroom shutting the door behind him and I frown.

Good luck to me indeed. I can't believe we have to share a room. What damn joke is this! Urgh

Grunting out I dump my suitcases on the bed and start unpacking. I'll probably just fix up the sofa for myself tonight.


Three hours later, I'm sat on a stool by the island reading over some flies about this Haze guy. Trying to put pieces together by the little information on the pages. I rub my temples, sighing as I scan over the last few details about the three drug deals and other scams he has done. But that isn't what catches my attention.

My eyes fall on the yellow envelope that's throw on the island. Hill's takes a seat next to me and says. "Read through this one, It has more that we can work with."

I nod and pick it up, opening it. The first page is Haze's information. However the second page is what take me by surprise.

"He has a family?"

"Two children both girls, married for five years and another baby on the way. That means you have to..."

"I have to get close to them." I finish off for him. This makes a much easier approach for us. "What's your act in this?" I ask him as my eyes do a quick run down of the names and little helpful information.

Caroline and Kaitlyn are his daughters names. Twins and age 8. Easy peasy.

His wife Dianna seems much younger than him and I'm not wrong when I read her age, 32. Damn.... His 44.

Get close, play it cool and don't mess up.

"We're a married couple..." He starts but I cut him off.

"I know that!" I seeth.

Rolling his eyes, he holds up a hand to me, Silencing me. I groan giving him what he wants either way.

"As I was saying, we are a married couple. Haze makes about a fortune with every drug deal he makes once a month. The man is rich, throws big parties for people he works with and some he doesn't even know every weekend. We are inviting ourselves. And you, as much as I hate the idea, you are pregnant." The scowl on his face matching mine.

"No! I am not taking this assignment that far." Grunting out to him. I stand up making my way around the island.

"We have no choice Davis." He sighs.

We never fucking do with this job. Yet I love it, what the hell is wrong with me.

Damn FBI.

"So what now I have to get those damn pregnant belly bump things?" The thought of it makes me shudder.

"That would be perfect. You can't not show as the weeks pass."

"Whatever. You buying it then." I mumble as I turn to the fridge searching for something to make for lunch.

"No need, there's one in our cupboard. What are you doing?" He ask standing up from the stool and taking the flies to store them away.

"Making us lunch." I answer, placing the bread, cheese and ready made salad on the counter. I'm only being nice because well I'm hungry and its just easier than starting an argument about food.

I guess an easy cheese sandwich will do for now.

"Sandwiches. What are we on a diet?" I shrug at his question and continue my thing."Please for gods sake let me just do this." I'm pushed out of the way by him and he takes over what was my job. Fine by me, at least I get to watch those muscles..NO HARPER!

Taking in a deep breath,I step aside completely for him and lean my back against the island, watching him prepare our lunch. Which seems to be to much. Two sandwiches for each of us, Big heap of chips and four strips of bacon.


What was I expecting, that he won't eat the amount of food his ego holds.


"So why did you join the FBI ?" I ask Hill's as we sat down at the island eating our lunch.

"My father was an agent. Always told me I would grow up and be one too." How iconic

"What did you want to do?" Oh my god this is delicious. I'm never going to attempt to cook. Hill's can take care of that department.

"Engineering. Why are you here?" He says shrugung. Wow I was not expecting that.

"Because I did actually I do still love the idea of protecting my country. Or people in general." I say as I put another piece of beacon in my mouth.

He nods. That's it? No more questions. Well damn.

"Why do you hate me so much?" My words are slow. I gaze up at him from under my lashes.

At my question he snaps his head to me and stares at me with a look of softness on his face.

"I hate you and I don't hate you."

"What is that suppose to mean?" I frown.

"My mother is full of shit. Untrustworthy gold digging bitch. And I am what she calls her terrible mistake. I couldn't find it in my heart to accept woman without feeling some sort of loathing towards them. But you, oh my god you Harper Davis bring out the worst in me." He smiles as he says that last.

This is the first time I've seen him smile since we've been together. It's irresistible like the rest of him. There I go again!

"Thank you." I chirp.

"Your future boyfriend needs a huge heads up." He says grinning at me.


"How did you..."

"Oh Harper it's obvious you've never been in a relationship."

"So?" I mock

"When you thought I was going to kiss you yesterday in the hospital. You turned red, your breathing hitched, innocent." He smirks as he crossed him arm over his chest, lean forward.

"Okay fine no relationship buy I am not innocent, you just took me by surprise." I argue

"Oh really Davis?" Oh if I could just slap that stupid smirk off his face.

"I have been intimate! I've kissed guys! Fooled around!" I shout at him.

Oh no. What ? Why!

What the hell is wrong with me?!

He's quite for a sort moment before he burst into laughter.

I Stomp my feet and turn, walking away. I yell out to him "YOU'RE GOING TO HELL!"

"And you joining me." I can feeling that smirk coming off of him as he answered me.

I groan.

He is so annoying. So damn irritating yet, I keep smiling.

Authors notes: Hello there my stars(✯ᴗ✯). Another chapter and another cold day. Hehe. So please be kind and vote, comment well you're at it and have a happy sparkling day. In my case I will be having a happy dull day:-|

Peace out sparkling team 🌟

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