Til The Sun Comes Up

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💜Til The Sun Comes Up .. Love always wins...until it doesn't. A story about searching for real love only to find it when you have already decided it doesn't exist. Minah survived the ultimate betrayal , betrayed by those she loved the most she willed herself to move on Leaving the past behind her ,she creates the life she is certain will lead to love until her past is exposed. Minah will have to decide if she is willing to confront her past to have a future or will she walk away...again. Based on a true story....

Romance / Other
Minah Amor
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Chapter 1 Mehki

Start Love's POV

"Listen, Love, we need to end things, my unit is being deployed and I don't know for how long."

I am listening to my boyfriend Mekhi as my heart is pounding and my mouth goes dry, my vision gets blurry. The words are spoken so firmly and precisely but I am having a hard time understanding what he is saying.

"I don't mind waiting" I hear myself whisper, I am certain this will clear everything up and we can end this conversation until I hear

"You've already waited for six months" the words are just as harsh but spoken softly this time.

Mekhi walks over to me and places his arms around my neck as I grab his waist. I take a deep breath and smell his signature scent Issey Miyake cologne. Mekhi presses his forehead against my forehead, I can hear the emotions in his voice and he sounds frustrated " I don't want to hurt you, Love. You are such a good girl and I want you to stay that way"

I don't move or respond and he continues "I thought we could be that couple but Love, after my last tour I don't want this life for you, what happened on New Year's Eve could happen again and I don't want to hurt you, baby."

"I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose and I wasn't hurt on New Year's Eve, I was scared." My response sounds angry but I'm not, I just feel myself getting emotional and I don't want to cry before he leaves.

Mekhi is referring to his odd behavior on New Year's Eve. That night we stayed at a hotel. After a few drinks Mekhi became very aggressive and paranoid. It got so bad that he would not leave the room or let me leave for two days.

" Picture time" Pops, Mekhi's grandfather comes in holding his camera. Not wanting it to seem like it was something wrong, I look up at my handsome soon-to-be ex-boyfriend.

Mehki is tall but most people are tall to me considering I am 5'1. He has a golden complexion and almond shaped eyes, his wavy hair is cut close. He has a thin mustache that he grew while he's been on leave. I love his lips; they are soft and full; looking at them now all I can think is I'll never get to kiss him again.

While I'm lost in thought Pops holds up his camera telling us to "Smile"

Pops takes more pictures and tells us we complement each other. I'm inclined to agree. We take a few more pictures and then Pops tells Mehki they should leave so he can report in on time.

"Love, you know I love you, write to me if you want," he says while holding me tight.

My name is Valeria Minah Amor, my nickname is Love for obvious reasons.

I nod and then I hear him whisper "But don't wait for me".

I am standing in Mekhi's living room alone.

In the silence, the familiar sense of sadness covers my heart while my mind tries to figure out what just happened.

Mekhi and I met seven months ago and went on a date the same night we met. We went to a carnival, it matched his personality perfectly because he is a big kid. He gave me a dozen red roses when he picked me up for our date. He fed me cotton candy, which led to us sharing our first kiss.

While I was eating my cotton candy he just leaned down and kissed the sugar off my lips. After one of the best dates I had been on, he told me tomorrow morning he was being deployed for six months then he asked if I would be his girlfriend and wait for him.

I agreed because I am a sucker for love and romance I believed love would always win. Besides, I could already picture us together.

The next six months were filled with weekly letters, erratic phone calls; and eagerly counting down until his return at Christmas.

A week before Christmas Mekhi's commanding officer called me and he explained that the unit was being held and would not make it home by Christmas. Mehki begged him to call me and explain so I wouldn't keep waiting for him and be disappointed on Christmas.

In addition to being a full-time Fashion Design Student, I'm a Manager for Bloomingdales. With my Christmas plans canceled. I volunteered to work on Christmas Eve.

Honestly, I also wanted an excuse to wear my new Vivienne Westwood dress. The dress was red satin, with a sweetheart neckline fitted bodice and full skirt. My dad said I looked like a Princess.

" Manager needed at the Customer Service Desk" I hear the page as I am headed in the opposite direction of the Customer service Desk, I turn around and head back. The closer I get to the Customer Service area I hear what sounds like the beginning of trouble.

Please don't let it be about the lack of available boxes, arriving at the Customer Service Desk Area I notice the sales team and customers are watching me as I approach the customer who is standing with his back to me. I assume he is the one with the issue.

Before I can adjust my face to reflect my I am here to help the customer attitude the customer turns around and I freeze in place.

It's Mehki standing close enough for me to touch him. He looks handsome standing there in his Military dress uniform holding red roses and cotton candy in one hand and a small box in the other.

Closing the small divide between us, Mehki leans over and kisses me "Merry Christmas Love" he says and I am smiling too hard to respond.

That was one of the happiest moments in my life and now a week later I am experiencing one of the saddest moments in my life.

I shake my head to clear those memories from my mind, and I leave.


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