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Forward Defense

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Chapter 2

The first person she called when she left the arena was her best friend. Tessandra Pritchard was the daughter of Yadkin Pritchard, retired Sounders defenseman. Their fathers had played together and the girls naturally drifted toward one another growing up. Tess played hockey too but on the girls teams for their high school and at UMich. She also had a huge crush on Apollo since sixth grade. “I AM SO FUCKING PROUD OF YOU!” Tess shouted when she answered her phone. “I can’t believe it, Meda! You know we totally have to celebrate! Mickie’s tonight and drinks are on me!”

“Breathe, Tess,” Meda giggled. “I know I still can’t believe I’m a Sounder! A living, breathing legitimate professional hockey player!” Her head was still spinning with it all. She had worked her ass off to get this opportunity and it had all paid off. Apollo grabbed her phone.

“Hey beautiful,” he winked at his sister.

“Hey Pollo,” Tess’s breathy reply brought a smirk to his face.

“We are having a party at Uncle Dom’s club, Persephone’s. It starts at 7. Wear something sexy for me.”

“Dude, anything I wear is sexy because I’m sexy,” she giggled. “I’ll be there.”

“Can’t wait, baby. See you there.” Apollo hung up the phone and handed it back to his sister. Meda couldn’t help but roll her eyes. Apollo and Tess had been flirting around for years but neither one made the move to set things in motion. She knew they liked each other but they were too damn chicken to take the next step.

“Why don’t you just ask her out already, Pollo? Everyone knows you like her. Hell, you’d have to be blind not to see it. Just man up already and get your girl.”

“Shush, you! I like flirting with her and making her blush. That’s all.”

“Uh huh, so you’ll be ok if she hooks up with someone else?” Apollo shot her a glare before opening the car door for her.

“She’s a free woman. She can do whatever or whomever she wants.” He shrugged and turned on the radio to end the conversation. His mind drifted to Tess. There was no doubt his baby sister’s best friend was hot, too hot for her own good, but he didn’t see her like that. Or did he? He saw her long auburn hair swaying around her curvy hips as she walked, her plump rose colored lips, her long slender legs……shaking his head, he tried to turn his thoughts to something other than Tess.

Sliding into the car together, they pulled out and headed down the road. Dominic Dakiedes was Damon’s younger brother. “Uncle Dom” as the kids called him, owned a few trendy restaurants and private upscale clubs across the Detroit area. Tonight’s party was happening at one of the clubs, Persephone’s. Yes, everything with the Dakiedes showcased their pride in their Greek heritage. The names of their children, their businesses, even their pets. Dominic had twin daughters, Stella and Alexa. The girls were the epitome of the classic Greek goddesses. Both were tall, sleek and stunningly gorgeous. Apollo and Meda were stopping off to pick up their cousins so they could get ready as well.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!” squealed Stella. “I cannot believe you did it, Meda!” Meda found herself accosted by a long leggy brunette with wild curly hair. “Come on, we don’t have much time to get you dolled up!” Grabbing her arm, she ushered Meda upstairs to her room. Alexa was rifling through the closet looking for the perfect outfit. While Stella was dark haired, Alexa was dark blond like her cousins. Meda envied the fact they had curves for days with sparkling eyes and thousand watt smiles. She always felt like a Plain Jane around them but she loved them too much to let it get in the way.

“I got it! Oh yeah! Meda you are going to blow their minds in this dress!” Alexa held up the dress she had chosen. It was a crimson bodycon dress that looked like it would barely cover Meda’s ass, much less anything else. “Don’t worry, girl! I got you! Now go get a shower and let’s get started!” Groaning, Meda headed to the insuite bathroom and took a shower. Her cousins were drop dead gorgeous and they knew it. They knew how to show off without being trashy. Meda was a tomboy at heart. She had learned over the years how to pair her favorite jeans with a cute top, just to be “girly” enough to get by but she had never paid much attention to fashion and beauty the way her cousins did.

Finally dressed, she strapped on her heels and looked in the mirror. Her jaw dropped. “Wow, Stels,” was all she could manage. Her mass of unruly dark blond curls had been tamed into gentle waves framing her oval face in a soft halo. Her makeup was minimal, Stella having given her a smoky eye and crimson lips. The dress was killer and seemed to hug her in all the right places. It was long sleeved, dipping just off her shoulders in a v shape that stopped just above her cleavage line. The rest of the dress outlined her full breasts, narrow waist and flared hips. It showcased her figure and ended just below her knees, giving her a sexy but sophisticated look. Paired with the black strappy four inch heels, she was feeling her Goddess vibe. “Damn I look good,” she giggled.

“Yo ladies! Let’s go! The honeys are waiting for me!” Apollo yelled from the base of the stairs. He was dressed in a sharp black suit and crisp white shirt with no tie. The jacket hugged his broad shoulders, showcasing his physique, while the pants seemed to hug his thickly muscled thighs perfectly. At six foot five, he drew attention everywhere he went. He was tall, dark and sinfully handsome just like his father and brothers. Looking up from his phone, his eyes grew wide. “Holy hell baby sis! Wow!” He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. His baby sister was hot! “I’m not going to enjoy tonight at all, you know that right? I’m going to be spending all my time keeping the guys off you.” Grinning mischievously, he kissed her temple and extended his arm. Giggling again, she took his arm and left the house.

There was a limo outside that would take them to the party, courtesy of Uncle Dom. The door flew open and Tess’s smiling face and happy squeal greeted them. “Come on bitches! We got a party to get to!” Champagne was poured after everyone settled in and the driver pulled out. Laughing and joking, teasing each other and talking about escapades when they were children, the group could hardly contain their excitement within the confines of the vehicle. They finally reached their destination and stepped out of the limo to camera flashes and reporters. Waving and smiling, they made their way into the club.

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