Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 14

The meeting with Courtney and Sam went amazingly well. They proved to be the players they were portrayed to be once they got on the ice. Contracts were signed and the lineup for the Fury was complete. Practice would begin in seven days, giving the two newest members time to get settled in. The apartment complex for their housing was secured and everything was finally coming together.

“OMG!!” Meda gushed as they waved Courtney and Sam off. The two would be rooming together for the foreseeable future. “You are fucking glowing, girl! Spill your guts, babe!” Tess threw back her head and laughed.

“Well…” she smiled, chewing her bottom lip. Meda’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped open.

“You got laid, didn’t you??” Tess laughed harder. “You did, you sneaky bitch! And you didn’t even tell me!”

“No, babe, I didn’t get laid…yet,” Tess winked. About that time, Apollo came jogging across the parking not. He scooped her up in his arms and kissed her. Meda was speechless.

“You uber sneaky bitch!” she giggled. Tess and Apollo laughed together, him laying a kiss on her forehead.

“Don’t be too hard on her, baby sis,” he said. “It just happened this morning.”

“Holy shit!” Meda playfully slapped Apollo on the back of his head. “You better not break her heart again, bro or else I’m raining the hellfires of Tartarus on your ass!”

“I won’t, I promise,” he chuckled. He pulled Tess close, gazing at her with love in his eyes. “She’s too precious for that, Meed. Just wish I had pulled my head out of my ass a lot sooner.”

“Well duh,” Meda said. “I tried to tell you, dumbass but that’s all in the past now. How about we go to Mickie’s and celebrate?”

“As awesome as that sounds, sis I have other plans.” He winked at Tess, causing her to blush. “I have a lot to make up for and it just might take me all night.” He nuzzled her ear, making her breath hitch. He couldn’t wait to hear the noises she would make as he pleasured her.

“Ok seriously dude I do not need to hear this,” Meda giggled. She hugged and kissed Tess, then headed to her Jeep with her phone in her hand. She was already on the phone with Blake, Apollo was sure.

“Come on, baby girl. I got plans for you.” Tess shivered in anticipation. Tucking her into her car, he kissed her again. “Plans that involve you being naked and me making you scream my name.” Oh shit. She was wet already just thinking about it. They left the arena, Apollo following her to her house. When they pulled into the driveway, they raced up the steps. Tess threw open the front door and dragged Apollo inside. Slamming it shut, she pinned him against the wood and attacked his mouth with gusto. She pulled his shirt loose from his pants to get her hands on his skin.

“Not here, babe, not the first time. I’m going to fuck you proper, deep and hard in your bed.” He quickly tossed her over his shoulder, earning a squeal of delight. He took the steps to the second floor two at a time and made a rapid beeline for her bedroom. He knew this house already which worked in his favor. Striding into her room, he threw her on the bed following her down to press her into the mattress. Tess moaned and squirmed beneath him, moving to get as much of herself touching him as possible.

“Get naked already, Pollo,” she purred. “You’re not the only one with plans.” He loved a woman who knew what she wanted. Her sultry voice turned him on like no woman before her. With a wicked smile, he ran his tongue along her collarbone.

“You first,” he answered. Her shirt flew over her head along with her bra. The cool air pebbled her skin, turning her nipples into hard nubs. Wasting no time, he captured one in his hot mouth sucking it deep. Tess moaned and arched her back toward him. His fingers twisted and played with the other one. Her body was alive, responding to his touch as if it already knew him. He switched breasts, making her rub her thighs together to get some friction. The heat building between her legs was becoming almost unbearable.

“Please, Pollo, you can tease me later.” He chuckled, letting his fingers lightly dust across her abdomen. He swiftly unbuttoned her jeans and pealed them down her legs, tossing them in the pile with her shirt and bra. That left her in her lacy panties that were thoroughly soaked.

“God you are beautiful,” he said as he pushed her knees apart. He brushed his lips lightly down her inner thighs, just stopping short of where she wanted him to be. He cupped her mound through the lace, feeling her warm heat. “You’re soaked already, babe and I’ve barely touched you.” He inhaled her scent deeply, feeling his already hard cock get painfully harder. Pushing the material aside, he lightly caressed her lips with his tongue. Unable to wait any longer, he dipped his tongue between her folds and tasted her. “Fuck, sweeter than honey,” he murmured. Spreading her apart, he licked and sucked greedily. Tess was a writhing mess beneath his touch.

“Oh that feels so good, Pollo,” she rasped. Giving her long, slow licks that ended in a flick of the tip of his tongue he teased her further. He felt her fingers sift through his hair, pressing her pussy closer to his face. He swirled around her nub, touching but not quite, bringing her to the edge only to back off. She arched deeply off the bed when he inserted his finger in her throbbing channel. He followed it with a second, curling them like a fish hook in search of that place deep inside he knew would drive her wild.

“You’re going to come for me, baby,” he commanded as he pumped his fingers in and out, making sure to caress her g spot with every movement. “You’re going to come so hard you see stars.” He sucked her clit hard into his mouth, flicking his tongue furiously against the sensitive bud. Her moans steadily grew louder and he knew she was getting close. He moaned against her clit, shattering her.

“Fuck Pollo!” she screamed as her orgasm raged through her out of nowhere. Her body spasmed hard against his face, her fists tangled tight in his hair. He continued to pump and suck to give her every ounce of pleasure he could until her body relaxed into a languid pool around him. Tess lay motionless except for her breathing. She released her grip on his hair. He kissed his way up her body, kissing each nipple and between her breasts before claiming her lips. She could taste herself on his tongue and she moaned in delight.

Apollo gave her little reprieve. Grabbing her knees he pressed her legs wide and plunged deep into her pussy. She was perfectly tight around him, her muscles still spasming from her epic orgasm. “Fuck you feel good, woman,” he growled. “So tight and hot.” His filthy words made her pussy walls contract involuntarily and he sucked in his breath with a hiss. “Do that again.” She obliged, causing his dick to throb inside her. He began to thrust hard and deep, feeding off her moans and mewls. He wasn’t going to last much longer if she kept that up. Between the incredibly sexy sounds and her contracting muscles, he was fighting hard for control.

“Harder, Pollo,” she begged. “Fuck me like you mean it.” Growling, he draped her legs over his shoulders and proceeded to give her what she asked for. “Oh! Just like that, baby! Don’t stop!” He pounded relentlessly into her quaking pussy, the head of his cock massaging her g spot with each thrust. It didn’t take Tess long to reach her peak again, crying out his name as she came undone. She grabbed his ass, urging him to keep going. That was all it took for him to find his own release. He groaned loud as he came violently deep inside her.

“Shit, Tess!” he hollered. His hips moved erratically. He’d never come this hard before and it left his body bereft. As the final wave of his orgasm slipped away, he collapsed on top of her. “Fuck, woman! I love you.” He peppered her neck and chest with kisses. “And to think we’re just getting started.”

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