Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 19

Tess had three more days to prepare for the charity game. She spent more time pounding the ice than she did pounding her smoking hot boyfriend. She poured every ounce of herself into perfecting her game, even dragging her best friend into her training. Apollo spent time with her as well, slapping pucks at her left and right. She still wasn’t happy with her speed but she couldn’t let that get in her head. She would get faster the more she practiced.

“Tess babe! Give it a rest!” Meda slumped against the net. “You are going to kill it! I promise!” Tess shook her head vehemently, slugging water down her throat and slamming her bottle back in the holding slot on the net.

“I just need a bit more speed, Meed. Hey! That rhymes!” Meda rolled her eyes.

“Honey you aren’t going to get any faster in the next few days, you know this. Your skills are on point. Don’t overdo it or you will be worthless. You know what your dad always said.” Tess sighed and leaned against the net.

“Don’t do overkill because it will keel you over,” Tess said, dropping her voice in an imitation of her dad. Meda laughed. “Corniest damn line ever.”

“Yes it is but doesn’t make it any less true. Come on. We’re calling it a day and going for some wings and beer.”

“If we must.” The girls skated off to the locker room. After a refreshing shower and dressed to kill in figure hugging jeans, the pair headed to Mickie’s. They were meeting their men there. Anytime the four of them got together, there was no telling where the night would lead. Tess was determined not to make it a bender because she still had a game to prepare for. Strolling into the Irish pub, she found herself wrapped tightly in the arms of her man. A heated kiss later, she sat breathlessly at the bar. Blake was still ravishing Meda’s mouth and didn’t look like he had any intention of stopping.

“Burgers and beers, Marcus my love!” Tess hollered.

“Hey! None of this ‘my love’ stuff unless you’re talking to me.” Apollo slapped her ass and nuzzled her neck. Tess giggled, running her fingers through his thick black hair. “I love the way your ass looks in these jeans.” He grabbed a handful and squeezed, nipping her ear.

“Animal,” she giggled as she slapped him playfully in the chest. “Save it for later. Right now, your woman needs to eat and refuel.” She slumped into the barstool next to him, sighing deeply. Marcus set a cold beer in front of her. Winking, she blew him a kiss and took a long pull. The burgers were served a little bit later. She didn’t even bother to taste it she was so hungry. She simply inhaled. When she finished, she sighed in satisfaction and laid her head on Apollo’s shoulder. He gave her a kiss on her head.

“Feel better now, babe?” he chuckled. “Did you even taste that burger?”

“Don’t need to,” she yawned. “Shit! I’m beat!”

“Well you’ve been working hard, Tess. I’m surprised you’re still standing.” His hands felt amazing stroking her back. Nodding in agreement, she snuggled into his chest. She had been working hard. Having finally sat for longer than fifteen minutes, she could feel the exhaustion in her bones.

“I just want the team to do well at the charity game. I have been overworking myself though. I will admit that.”

“Bout fucking time, you dork,” Meda threw a fry at her. “You are going to do amazing, Tess. The whole team will. These boys won’t know what the fuck hit them when the Fury takes the ice.”

“Is that right?” Blake rumbled in Meda’s ear.

“Ya damn skippy, Blakey!” Tess exclaimed. Blake just smiled at her, shaking his head. “And don’t you boys go thinking you need to take it easy on us because we’re women. We will surely kick your asses for that bullshit.” Blake laughed and threw his hands up in surrender.

“You get no mercy from me, Red. After playing with the Duchess of Death here, I know how ferocious women can be on the ice.” Marcus was leaning on the bar laughing with his friends. Sean came barreling out of the back with the remote in his hand. He turned the channel to ESPN and raised the volume. All eyes were on the commentators, one of whom was Damon Dakiedes. They were discussing the influx of women’s hockey teams popping up all over the country.

“Damon, your daughter has started an avalanche in women’s sports. She made history last year as being the first female to be signed to an NHL team. She’s a beast out there!” Damon chuckled.

“Yeah she is, Rick. She plays better than her brothers, I dare say. I’m very proud of her. She’s an amazing young woman and a hell of a hockey player.” Damon turned his eyes to the camera. “Sorry boys,” he chuckled. Rick chuckled along with him.

“Let’s talk about the Fury. With Meda’s foundation backing this new women’s team and the daughter of the late, great hockey legend Yadkin Pritchard manning the goal, there are now twenty two teams total with possibly more on the way. I’m blown away by this! How do you think the upcoming season will go? Do you think the ladies can live up to the hype?” Damon scratched his chin in thought.

“Well, Rick everyone said a woman couldn’t play a ‘man’s’ sport like hockey and my daughter is breaking records all over the place, holding her own. I have no doubt these ladies will be just as fierce. I believe they will do more than live up to the hype. I believe they will put the entire wide world of sports on its ass. There’s no holding them back. I’ve watched the ladies of the Fury practice and I can’t believe how quickly they’ve come together as a team. It’s definitely something you won’t want to miss.”

“I’m definitely looking forward to it. We’ve never seen anything like this before. Female athletes all over the globe are busting through age old rules and demolishing this whole ‘girls can’t play with guys’ idea. As a father of a female athlete, I am very excited to see where all this goes. It’s certainly opened doors for my daughter. She’s now thinking being a professional athlete is a viable career choice. And this daddy will be behind her all the way.”

“I’m very proud of the barriers Meda and Tess have broken down. One of my favorite things to watch after a game are the young women who now have a positive image of a successful powerful woman in sports. Meda takes time with all of them and I expect Tess will do the same. Hell, she’s already been out pounding the streets in our communities around Detroit working with the kids and encouraging them to chase their dreams. Just look what she did a couple months ago. She got two sporting goods giants to donate over a million dollars worth of sports equipment, hockey equipment, to our inner city youth so no one would have to say ‘I can’t play.’ I swear that girl could charm the skin off a snake!”

“I agree, Damon,” Rick laughed. “I had the chance to meet her and she’s a powerful force, that’s for sure.” Rick stacked his papers, setting them neatly in front of him. “So really, how did you get Karina Hamilton to agree to be head coach? For those who don’t know, Karina is a two time gold medalist for the US Women’s Hockey team. People still talk about her shut out streak during both the 1998 and the 2002 Winter Olympics. She still holds the record for most shut outs as a goalie. Not even the guys have beaten that record.”

“I remember watching both of those Olympic games. Karina amazed everyone, including me. I was glued to those games, not wanting to miss a minute. So, when Meda brought the idea of the Fury to the Foundation board, I thought Karina would be the perfect fit. She’s tough but fair, she works hard and her coaching abilities are top notch. She was just a natural choice. I’m just glad she agreed to take the job.”

“Oooh I think Daddy D has a crush on Coach,” Tess giggled. “It will be interesting to see if Coach can resist all his silver fox hotness.” Meda threw another fry at her friend, giggling in the process. The show ended with a huge plug for the new women’s hockey league, the WNHL. The girls were over the moon.

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