Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 23

“Oh my God, you guys!” Lucy came barreling back into the locker room. “We have our own puck bunnies!” She was jumping up and down, squealing. The girls laughed, trying to get her to calm down enough and explain what she meant.

“Um no offense, babe but women don’t really do it for me,” Sam chuckled. “Now long, tall and thick dick are right up my alley.” Lucy laughed. Tess turned to Lucy, a grin on her face.

“Meda calls her fans her hockey hunks. I like that a lot better than bunnies.”

“That’s fucking brilliant!” Lucy exclaimed. “That describes these fine specimens of the human male waiting outside for us. FOR US!” She flopped down on the nearest bench, releasing a huge sigh of satisfaction. “Man I love this job!” The room erupted in laughter.

“Well, let’s get our asses out there and see the man candy!” Courtney giggled. “Why should the dudes have all the fun?” She elbowed Tess’s ribs and winked at her. “We can’t all have a smoking hot Sounder for a boyfriend. Damn girl, how do you handle all that gorgeousness? He’s literally sex on legs, babe!” Tess broke out in loud laughter.

“Yeah he is but don’t tell him that. His ego is big enough, Court. I’ve known him practically all my life, our dads having played together most of their professional careers. I’ve been in love with that sexy fool for years, girl. He finally got his head out of his ass and realized how amazingly awesome I am.” Courtney snickered, grabbing her bag and hoisting it on her shoulder. “I’ll be sure to introduce you guys at the party tonight.”

“That’s cool and all, sis but how about you introduce me to the single ones? I mean, there’s not a Quasimoto among them! They are ALL hot!”

“You got it babe!” Tess strode out into the hall and sure enough, it was packed with gorgeous men everywhere. She stopped to greet new fans, fend off dates and wandering hands, taking pictures and finally leaving the arena. Apollo was waiting for her at her car. His eyes were heatedly tracing up and down her body.

“Damn baby girl you look good enough to eat,” he grinned, “and I plan to, many times tonight.” He wiggled his eyebrows, grabbing her close and nibbling her neck.

“Mmm great way to greet your woman, babe. I just might let you do that,” she giggled. “You’re looking quite delicious yourself, Pollo.” His suit fit him perfectly, spread just tight enough to show off his physique. Getting in the car, Apollo drove them to Persephone’s with his hand lazily tracing circles on her bare thigh. She felt his fingers inching under the hem of her dress. “Don’t you even think about it, boy. I will not go to this party looking like I got finger fucked in the car. You can do whatever you want when we get home.”

“But babe,” he pouted adorably. “Just a little touch?”

“No sir. I don’t care how cute you are when you pout.” Chuckling, he lifted her hand instead to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

“Ok fine, bossy. I’ll wait. But I won’t like it.” He parked and escorted her through the throngs of reporters and news stations. Karina was handling the press blitz like a champ, winking and waving her players inside. Damon stood next to her with Coach Lubeck. Tess led Apollo through the doors to the upstairs party area. It was already in full swing, with bunnies and hunks in tow. Sam and Courtney had already found their company for the evening and it looked like Lucy was well on her way. Making their way to the bar, they ordered their drinks and found a quiet booth to grab a bite and relax before they started in on the festivities.

Tess excused herself to the bathroom, planting a kiss on Apollo’s upturned lips. Sighing, she walked into the ladies room. Finding a stall, she took care of her business, the smile never leaving her face. There were several women surrounding the sinks and reapplying their makeup in the large mirror. She washed her hands, ignoring them. She knew who they were and she found she didn’t care. Her man was off the market and she knew she had his heart. His days of going through the bunnies like water were over. She felt secure now because he had spent the last year and a half proving himself to her, that his love for her was real and deeper than the ocean.

One of the women stopped her as her hand landed on the door handle. “Hey! You are Tess Pritchard!” Tess turned to the woman, nodding her head.

“The one and only,” she chuckled.

“Oh my gosh! You are like my favorite girl player. I didn’t think women could play hockey like that but you guys were amazing!” Tess’s eyebrows lifted in surprise. Getting praise from a bunny? Had that ever happened before?

“Well thank you. I hope you will come watch more of our games. So which player are you here with?” The girl snickered and tossed her blond hair over her shoulder.

“Oh I’m not one of them,” she said, nodding her chin in the direction of the other women still primping. “I actually love hockey, just never played. I’m not very athletic if you can’t tell.” She was a little curvy but Tess didn’t see anything wrong with her. “Can you believe I love football and baseball too?” Tess laughed. She liked this girl.

“What’s your name?”

“Lolita,” she said, rolling her eyes. “My mother had high expectations when she gave me that horrible name. You can call me Lo. Most people do.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lo.” Tess extended her hand for a shake. She opened the door and the girls talked as she walked back to Apollo. She stopped midstride when she caught sight of him with some bimbo coming close to crawling in his lap. “Hang on to that thought, Lo. I got some balls to bust.” Lo’s eyes widened and she stepped away from Tess, trying to melt into the shadows. Tess stalked toward the booth, her eyes digging holes through the bitch trying to claim what was hers. “Hey babe, everything all right?” Apollo turned pleading eyes to her, praying she wasn’t angry with him.

“Yeah I’m sorry ángelos,” he croaked out. Clearing his throat, he tried his best to disengage from the platinum octopus. “She’s not taking no for an answer.”

“Well that’s just too bad. Here, honey, maybe I can persuade her.” She parted her lips in a wicked smile, turning her fiery gaze to the woman in question. The woman visibly gulped. “Hard of hearing, sweetie?” The woman shook her head. Tess placed a finger on her chin, drawing her mouth down in a frown. “Hm. Do you speak English? Oh that’s silly of me to ask. Of course you do.” The woman was frozen in fear. “Maybe you just need to hear this from me.” Tess stepped close to the trembling woman, coming nose to nose with her target. “Get. Off. My. Man.”

The woman immediately let go of Apollo and staggered back a step. “Apollo Dakiedes is mine, sweetie. He will not be fishing in the slut pond anymore. So just run along back to your fellow sluts and spread the word. I catch you near him again and I will rain hell all over you. You understand?”

“Ye-yeah,” the woman stuttered. She stood there looking at Tess, not moving an inch.

“Well? Get the fuck out of here before I change my mind and beat your ass just for the hell of it!” The woman went scurrying away. Apollo whirled her around and devoured her mouth in a hungry kiss.

“Fuck you are sexy when you’re pissed.” He continued to kiss the breath out of her, only stopping when she was out of oxygen. “You have to know, baby girl, I had nothing to do with that. I was waiting for my goddess and she just came out of nowhere.” He tucked a loose strand of red hair behind her ear. “I’ve already got the most beautiful, perfect woman in the world. None of these bitches will ever compare to you.”

“Ya damn skippy,” was all she said before she claimed his mouth in her own hungry kiss.

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