Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 28

Game night for the Sounders. Denver was holding nothing back, especially with Julian leading the charge for the Goldrush. The Fury sat in the fan seats, having met the Blaze at the dividing line. It wasn’t a bad view but it wasn’t center ice. It gave the women the chance to see their men in action as well as critique their game. Tess sat next to Khadezia, watching her boyfriend and best friend zip around the rink. Apollo took a hard check from his brother. The jumbotron caught the wicked grin as he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth.

“Girl, he’s hella fine,” Khadezia chuckled. “Oh damn! Gave it right back too! They always like this?”

“Oh yeah. You should see when they are all together. It’s a friggin’ free for all.” The boards rattled hard as Meda defended her partner in crime but double dishing the punishment to Julian. “Yeah! That’s my girl!” she shouted. “You know, you should be out there too Kay.” Khadezia settled back in her seat, crossing her long legs at the ankles and stretching them out.

“That’s my goal, Tee,” she sighed. “Until Meda Dakiedes came on the scene, I never thought I’d ever get the chance. Now I can really think about it and hope for the best. My husband ain’t too thrilled about it but he can suck it. He thinks I need to be more of a ‘lady’, if you get what I’m saying.” Tess nodded.

“I get it. He thinks you need to be at home, birthing babies and tending house.”

“And it’s a goal, folks! First goal of the game goes to the lovely Meda Dakiedes, the Golden Goddess, with an assist from her twin brother Apollo. The Demolition Derby is out in force tonight!” Tess was screaming wildly, cheering her ass off.

“Damn she fast! She ever been clocked?” Khadezia laughed.

“No but she should be,” Tess giggled. “That girl was born with hockey skates on, I’m convinced. We played together all our lives but she’s way above my talent paygrade. But, you won’t meet a bigger hearted woman than her and she’s humble. Yeah she knows she’s a badass but she doesn’t flaunt it in your face. I love working with her.”

“Yeah I can see that. Who knows? Maybe one of these days we will face each other on the ice. Now won’t that be a game to remember?” Khadezia’s brilliant smile lit up her whole face. Tess could totally see the two women tearing it up on the rink, evenly matched and filled with fierce determination to be the best.

“You two would set the fucking rink on fire,” Tess laughed. “And I would watch every second of it! Your dream may not be as far away as you think, babe. Every major hockey team will be watching you play. Daddy D is already chomping at the bit to draft you. You and Meda together on the same team would be…wow I don’t even have a word for how epic that would be. Seriously, though I fully expect you to get tons of offers before the season is over. You’ll be playing in the men’s league.” Khadezia narrowed her eyes as she watched the game, her arms crossed over her chest as she took in Tess’s words.

“That would be something,” she murmured. “I keep thinking back to when I first started playing. Black girls playing hockey was unheard of. Mostly it’s basketball but I was never any good at it, not like my cousins. We were poor though, you know? Moms didn’t have any money for anything. We relied a lot on the system plus whatever shit job she could find. I was selling dope when I was eleven so we could eat, got busted at twelve and spent time in juvie. That’s where I fell in love with hockey.”

“Holy shit, Kay,” Tess breathed. “That must have been rough. Makes me realize how fortunate I am to have grown up with good parents in a good neighborhood. I mean, I got nothing to compare to what you’ve been through.”

“It’s all good, girl. I’m actually glad you don’t. I wouldn’t wish that neighborhood on my worst enemy…ok maybe I would but I’d do it in secret.” Tess burst out laughing. She really liked Khadezia. She was going to see it the woman was drafted by the NHL but her talent would speak for itself. “Besides, I got lucky too. Juvie opened my eyes to a lot of things so I really can’t bitch. Too many sisters go down that road and end up dead or worse. That’s why I agreed to work with your foundation. I came from nothing and now I have something, you know? Got to let that work for my people.”

“You are one hell of a woman, Kay,” Tess grinned. She squealed and threw her arms around her new friend and gave her a fierce hug. “I’m so glad we met! I know we got dinner plans but how about you come with me to meet the gang? We can grab burgers and beers together and you get a double dose of Dakiedes man candy. You can feel free to leave the antiquated husband at home.”

“He ain’t even here so I’ll take you up on that offer. Says he can’t bear to watch his beautiful wife act like a beast. He keeps messing around like it’s 1950 and he gone find his punk ass alone. I ain’t got time for that macho bullshit.”

“I hear you, girl,” Tess high fived her. “He really should support you. This is history right here. HIS-STO-REE! He should be strutting around like a fucking peacock because his beautiful wife is such a badass.” She rolled her eyes. The two laughed and talked, cheered and jeered the rest of the game. The Goldrush barely pulled off a win. Tess knew Apollo would not be happy he lost to Julian but hopefully a good burger and a couple cold beers would settle him down.

They met the twins and Julian, along with a couple of his Goldrush buddies at a bar not far from the hotel. It was nothing fancy but Julian swore the burgers were the best in Denver. Since the guy was serious about his burgers, Tess trusted him to be right. Julian, ever the flirt, took Khadezia’s hand and placed a lingering kiss on her knuckles.

“I know this is going to sound really cheesy but I’m going to say it anyway,” he grinned. “You are one smoking hot badass!” Khadezia threw back her head and laughed.

“Boy you better go on,” she giggled. “I’m a married woman.” She took the seat Apollo pulled out for her. When she was settled, she winked at Julian. “But you ain’t wrong.” The table laughed along with her. Of course, the talk around the table was hockey. They compared notes on each team’s games, leveled up some bets on who would win the next round and how long it would take for the NHL to snatch Khadezia up from the women’s league. Then the talk turned to the foundation and Khadezia’s involvement.

“Girl, I cannot wait to get started!” Meda squealed. “You want to hit Denver or Chicago? Your choice. You start where you think you can make the most impact.” Khadezia sat back, rubbing her full bell and taking a draw off her beer.

“I want to start in my old neighborhood.” Tess and Meda looked at each other, confirming their suspicion. “And before you say anything, I do not care if the Blaze drops me because I’m not starting here. My heart is in West Garfield Park. My fam is there. I told you I came from nothing and now I got something. I’m not saying they don’t need me here but I gotta go where I gotta go.”

“I agree, Kay and the Blaze won’t drop you. You’re their star player and biggest draw. They won’t even fuss. If anyone can make them see the light, it’s you.” Plans were made to begin the layout of the outreach for the following week after both teams came off the road. There would be a seven day break before the games picked back up and it was prime time to start laying the groundwork. The crew finally called it a night as there was another round of games the next day. Both teams would be playing – the Fury in the afternoon and the Sounders in the evening.

Tess and the twins escorted Khadezia to her room with the girls hugging each other. Apollo led Tess to her room and Meda made her way to her husband. Apollo was worn out from the game but that didn’t stop him from wanting to mess around. Tess kept it strictly oral and proceeded to blow his mind while she blew his cock. After their antics, neither of them remembered when they fell asleep.

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