Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 30

It was finally here. The week Tess had been dreading. Toronto. Taking a deep breath, she finished packing and headed downstairs. She slept alone last night, leaving a confused and slightly trepidatious Apollo on her front doorstep. She needed to prepare for this trip and she couldn’t concentrate when he was around. He had been awfully sweet, going out of his way to do little things for her. Having her office showered in Asiatic lilies won him huge brownie points in the World’s Most Amazing Boyfriend category but it felt over the top, even for him. Then there was the whole ‘Lingerie-A-Day’ thing where she received a new set of sexy and functional underwear.

She loved everything and Apollo had fantastic taste. He was certainly spoiling her rotten. So, why was there a stone in the pit of her stomach the size of Texas? Was he making up for lost time? God, she hoped that’s all it was, even if she would have to talk to him about toning it down. Her inner bitch reared her ugly head and planted a rather nasty thought in her overactive mind. You know he’s hiding something. That was all it took before she found herself spiraling. Oh God. What if he cheated on her already? What if he was secretly planning to meet that slut again while she was busy during her game?

“Stop it, Tess!” she chastised herself. Apollo had done nothing of the sort. She knew that deep in her heart. “Come on girl, he’s worked way too hard to get you to fuck it all up over some fake ass puck bunny. Just chill the fuck out!” Tess was really good at chewing herself out. She didn’t always listen to her self admonishments but she sure could dish out the lectures. She was currently on the road, heading to the airport to catch the flight to Toronto. Her nerves were well on their way to shot and she was trying desperately to get herself under control. Caught at a redlight, she screamed bloody murder and beat the shit out of her steering wheel.

The light turned green and Tess continued on her way. Smoothing her hair and taking a deep breath, she decided her little temper tantrum did wonders to calm her nerves. She made up her mind that there was nothing to be afraid of, that she could handle whatever the city could throw at her and come out like the classy lady her mother raised her to be. She parked and made her way in, humming to herself as she met her teammates at the gate. A pair of strong arms wound themselves around her waist and pulled her against a very hard chest.

“Hello beautiful,” his voice touched her in her secret places, raising goosebumps along her skin. Tess settled back into the embrace of her super sexy man and sighed happily. “I slept like shit last night, I want you to know,” he chuckled in her ear.

“I’m sorry, babe,” she crooned. “I really needed my space so thank you for letting me have it. I promise you don’t have to sleep alone on this trip.” He flashed her his lopsided panty melting grin and kissed her temple.

“Oh thank God,” he laughed. “I was prepared to camp in the hallway outside your door until you let me in.” She laughed and snuggled deeper. Their flight was called and the players made for the teams’ jet. It was the newest joint investment made between the Sounders and the Fury. Their own private jet with the logo of each team emblazoned on both sides. It was a thing of beauty and much more comfortable than cramming into coach on a regular commercial flight.

Getting settled, Tess looked out the window across the tarmac. “So, which set are you wearing under that dress, ángelos?” Apollo popped the first few buttons on her boho style maxi dress before she could draw her next breath. Gasping, she smacked his hand away.

“Patience, you perv!” she pretended utter outrage but Apollo could see the delight twinkling in her eyes. “I wore the lavender set if you must know.”

“Holy shit, Tess, I can’t wait to see it on you.” He nipped her earlobe, dragging his teeth along the shell and making her shiver. “Never thought I’d be jealous of underwear but thinking about that tiny bit of lace between your incredible thighs is making me hard, babe.” Oh dear God. She’d never make it to Toronto in one piece if he kept up with his dirty talk. They prepared for take off as his hand inched its way under the buttons to palm her breast. Her nipples were immediately hard little pebbles anticipating his touch.

“A-Apollo,” she stuttered. “You have to stop. I don’t want the whole team to see you feeling me up. That’s just for us, my love.” She was already breathless. He reached above his head and pulled down a blanket to cover them.

“Now they will never know. You just have to be quiet.” Somehow all the buttons were undone and his hand was under the lace cup fondling her flesh, pinching her nipple. The fabric of the skirt rustled seductively up her thighs as he pulled it away to get at her needy core. She knew she was already soaking wet. He could make her come just by looking at her. She sighed and laid her head against his shoulder. Her legs parted on their own to make way for his magical fingers. His big body shielded her from the eyes of the others around them. He languidly stroked through her folds, parting her lips to sink into her quivering pussy.

“Hey Apollo!” Blake shouted from a few rows back, no doubt having his hands on Meda the way Apollo had his hands on Tess. He never stopped kneading her flesh. She turned her face into his chest and bit into his well defined pec to keep from crying out.

“Yes, Blakey Poo?” he shouted back. “Are you missing me already sweetie?” He plunged two fingers deep in her channel, kissing the top of her head as he pumped in and out slowly but forcefully. Her hips began to pump in time with the rhythm he set.

“Shut the hell up, idiot,” Blake chuckled. “I’ve told you not to call me that in front of my wife. She might get suspicious.” Apollo snickered when he heard his sister snort in laughter. He felt Tess’s body begin to tighten around his fingers. She was getting close. He pressed his thumb against her clit, causing her to jump slightly. Her mouth dropped into a silent ‘o’ but she didn’t utter a sound. Fuck it wasn’t the sexiest thing he’d ever seen.

“Ok fine,” he huffed. “What do you want old man?” Blake was only a few years older but Apollo loved to tease his brother in law about his age. He leaned down close to her ear. “You’re getting close, baby girl. I can feel your greedy little pussy squeezing my fingers like a vice. You squeeze them just like you squeeze my cock when I fuck you.” She squeaked, clasping her hand over her mouth. He had found her sweet spot and was massaging it. “That’s it babe. Come all over my hand. I want to lick your sweet cream off my fingers.”

She came all right. Hard. Without a sound, her body convulsed violently against him, her hand clutching his shirt like her life depended on it. She was damn near in the fetal position. Apollo licked his fingers hungrily, groaning softly as he tasted her essence. When her body finally relaxed, he claimed her mouth in a passionate kiss.

“Who would have thought purple underwear would turn you into a madman?” she chuckled. Apollo smiled and kissed her again, his tongue swirling with hers.

“Woman the thought of paper bags around you turns me into a madman.”

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