Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 32

“Jesus these broads are tough!” Courtney sagged into the players box. She’d already taken a few hard checks to the boards after the puck was dropped. A huge ugly bruise was blossoming across her chin from the last one. Toronto’s Jen Puckett had delivered a hell of a drive into the board, nearly flattening the young center.

“Just keep your head in the game and your eye on the puck, Court,” Karina said. She was in full coach mode, her eyes narrowed and focused on the ice. “They’ve put a target on your back tonight, kid so you have to stay alert.”

“Yeah I kinda figured that,” Courtney muttered. A rap on the plexiglass behind her had her turning her head painfully. It was her mom. She spoke rapidly to Courtney who nodded in agreement. When she finished speaking, she blew her daughter a kiss and told her to promptly kick Jen Puckett’s ass back to Manitoba. Courtney laughed, wincing with pain as her chin throbbed and returned her mother’s kiss.

The Toronto Smoke were pulling out all the dirty stops. “Fuck!” Karina cursed as one of her wingers, Rinda Burnham, took a face dive into the Fury’s goal post. She’d been tripped by one of the Smoke’s ‘goon squad’. The woman was out cold and the game stopped. Karina was furious. “That’s a fucking game ejection penalty, ya dick!” she yelled at the referee. “Pull the damn footage!” She was glaring daggers at the grinning coach of the Smoke, Carlton Devereaux. He was a slick bastard and she knew it. His favorite type of hockey was the old school hockey where players just beat the shit out of each other and hoped to score a goal. There was no finesse or real skill in his players, just brute force.

The footage was pulled and sure enough, the player that clocked Rinda was ejected from the game. Karina smiled sweetly and blew a kiss to a now fuming Carlton. With a saucy wink, she whirled to the crowd and threw her hands up in the air. The crowd went wild, cheering for the Fury. Word from the locker room came that Rinda was fine but would be out for at least six games while she healed. She had a concussion and a broken nose. Sam was pissed to say the least. She’d taken Rinda under her wing like a little sister. Karina pulled Sam aside as the game resumed.

“Accept no defeat,” she said, a hard edge to her voice. “You get out there and play those bitches like you own them.” With a wicked grin, she slapped Sam’s shoulders. “Legally, of course.” Sam grinned back and hit the ice like a hurricane. After what happened to Rinda, the Fury got fired up and brought the heat to the Smoke. They were all over the Smoke like flies on shit, not letting up for a single moment. Tess played harder than she’d ever played but the adrenaline coursing through her veins made for the best game of her entire career. She even assisted on two goals.

The last two periods were a game winning shut out. Where the Smoke came out strong like gale force winds, the Fury beat them at their own game pulling out a record twelve to two score. When it came time to line up and shake hands, the Smoke begrudgingly went through the motions. Until Jen Puckett took a swing at Courtney. That was all she wrote. Courtney ducked in time, only to hammer a right hook into Jen’s chin. The free for all was on. It took all the referees and the men from both teams to break up the brawling women. They were finally corralled in their separate locker rooms, tempers definitely flared to a blazing inferno.

“What the fuck is wrong with those bitches?” Tess huffed. She was nursing a busted lip and bruised knuckles. She’d gotten a few good licks in defending her teammates. Karina stormed into the locker room in a blind fury. She was enraged. The team wasn’t sure who the object of her anger was so they remained quiet.

“This is bullshit!” she yelled. “We are all being fined for that shitstorm!” She was pacing back and forth, her jaw ticking as she ground her teeth. “Ladies,” she said after taking a deep breath. “Good fucking game!” The locker room erupted in cheers, a collective sigh of relief that Coach was not angry with them for participating in the fight.

“So, we get fined for a fight we didn’t start? Is that what I’m hearing?” Tess questioned. Karina nodded, shoving her hands into the pockets of her black slacks.

“Just another reason to hate Toronto,” Tess said, shaking her head in disbelief. “I for one will happily pay the fine twice to see Courtney deck that Puckett woman again. Nice right hook, girl!” she laughed.

“Thanks,” Courtney beamed then winced and grabbed her jaw. “She hits like a pussy anyway.” The women laughed and congratulated each other on the win. “Hey Coach! Any word on Rinda? Is she back at the hotel?”

“Yeah, I had Trolley take her once she was declared unfit to play. She should be resting now. Poor thing will probably have to watch the rest of the series from her bed.” Yikes.

“I’ll make sure she doesn’t do anything stupid, Coach,” Sam offered. “Little Sis will be up and playing in no time.” Rinda was just nineteen and the youngest player on the team. Sam took it as a personal offense Rinda got hurt on her watch. “Shoulda been watching her better anyway once I got the feel of those ass munchers.” She threw her gear against her locker, scrubbing her hands down her face.

“Hey Sam it’s not your fault, girl,” Tess said. “Those bitches were out for blood. I’m not surprised. Their coach is the biggest prick on the planet. He ‘retired’ early when my dad busted his knee on the ice for playing dirty. Tried to take out my old man and was taken to school.” Sam laughed and yanked her undershirt over her head.

“Wish I could have met your old man, Red. And I would have really loved to see him school Dick McWanker.”

“Oh my God, Sam that’s awesome!” Tess was doubled over in laughter. “Dick McWanker. Now I’ll never call him anything else!”

“Neither will I,” Karina chimed in. “I might just let that little gem slip accidentally on purpose during the press conference.” With a wink, Karina left the girls to get cleaned up. Tess and Sam were killing themselves with laughter, tears pouring down their cheeks and clutching their stomachs.

“Stop!” Tess begged between giggles. “I can’t breathe!”

“I think I just peed myself,” Sam giggled back. One look at each other sent them into another storm of hysterical laughter. As the laughter finally died down, they lay across the bench exhausted but happy. They hit the showers and quickly dressed. Tess was anxious to join her man and dish the dirt with her BFF. Giggling again, she couldn’t wait to share the whole Dick McWanker thing with Meda. Sam sure missed her second calling, comedienne extraordinaire.

“Come on, Sam! We gotta roll! I’m starving here!” Tess hollered at her teammate.

“Yeah yeah keep your panties on, woman!” Sam swung around the corner and grabbed her bag. Heading out the door, she hollered at Tess over her shoulder. “Well move your ass, Pokie B. Slow! I thought you were starving!”

“You ass,” Tess giggled, scrambling out the door and into the waiting arms of Apollo. Kissing him noisily, she wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Well you’re in a good mood,” he chuckled. “I figured you’d be all pissed and sexy, ready for some angry fucking.” He wiggled his eyebrows, grinning salaciously as he nipped her ear.

“I’ll tell you at dinner. For now, just remember the name,” she looked at Sam, trying not to burst out laughing again, “Dick McWanker.” Apollo’s cute little confused pout was her undoing. The women erupted in laughter again, walking together out of the arena.

“You two are having way too much fun,” he grunted, rolling his eyes at their silliness.

“You are so cute when you’re confused, babe." He growled in her ear.

"I'll show you cute, smartass. Just wait until we get back to the room" Tess winked at him, putting an extra sway in her hips as she walked ahead of him.

"I'm counting on it."

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