Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 35

The second game against the Smoke was a close one. The Fury barely pulled off the win. News from the league directors was that Devereaux had been suspended indefinitely for his show of piss poor sportsmanship. The Smoke players were fined ten thousand each for starting the brawl and had to issue a public apology to the Fury for their actions. This did not go over well with the Smoke, especially Jen Puckett. She apologized to everyone but Lucy, still sore over Lucy’s tryst with her sister’s boyfriend.

The Sounders lost their second game but pulled out on top to win the third. Both teams came home with the win for the series. Tess was just glad to be getting the hell out of Toronto. She was already packed and waiting downstairs for Coach Lubeck to release the Sounders from their press conference.

“You know it’s only a matter of time before he gets tired of you,” a sneering female voice sounded in front of Tess. Looking up from her phone, she spotted the redhead who had caused all the trouble with Apollo. Lifting a sculpted eyebrow, she looked the woman up and down in disdain. She shrugged and went back to her phone. Not bothering to look up again, Tess began to speak.

“I’ve known Apollo all my life. There’s no one who knows him better than me. I know how to make him laugh, how to make him smile and how to make him come so hard he forgets his own name. I know what makes him happy, in and out of bed. You only made it to the elevator before he came after me. He left you high and dry,” she snarked with a sly smile, “to chase after me. Do you know why that is?” The woman scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Oh good!” Tess clapped her hands and giggled. “You’re going to let me tell you.” She stood to her full height, towering over the other woman easily. “Because I’m the real deal, nothing about me is fake. Not my boobs, not my ass and definitely not my hair. I mean, seriously girl! Who did your color? Your blind grandmother?” Rolling her eyes, she continued. “I know who I am and I know what I’m worth. Apollo will never tire of me because he’s realized I’m worth keeping. So you really should ask yourself this question, toots. Are you a woman worth keeping? Because the bitch I’m looking at now looks like a five dollar hooker waiting for a rich John to sweep her away. Girl this ain’t Pretty Woman and you sure as hell ain’t Julia Roberts.”

The woman’s eyes rounded in rage, her hand flying out to slap Tess. Tess easily caught her hand and held it tight. “Now, sweetheart, that’s probably not the smartest thing you could ever do.” She gave the small hand a hard squeeze, delighting in the woman’s yelp of pain.

“You bitch!” she yelled. Tess sighed in exasperation and crossed her arms over her chest.

“Honey look, this is getting really tiresome. Apollo is mine. You tried your best but you lost to a better woman. Me. Your little trick was a good one but it wasn’t enough to break us up. All it caused us was a tiny hiccup that was easily smoothed over. He’s still my bae.” Tess shouldered her bag, getting ready to head to the bus that would take her to the airport. “I do have to thank you though.” The woman looked at her in shocked confusion. “We are stronger than ever thanks to you.” She dipped closer to the woman and lowered her voice. “And girl I won’t even get into how intense the makeup sex was. Earth. Shattering!” she giggled.

A pair of muscled, tattooed arms snaked around Tess’s waist. Apollo nuzzled into her neck, nipping her earlobe. “There’s my beautiful girl,” he murmured. He looked up, acting surprised to see the redheaded harpy. Blake and Meda, along with Ethan were behind the couple, all glaring at the other woman. “You ready to go home?” Tess purred and kissed his lips softly.

“I’m beyond ready, babe.” She turned to the woman with a shit eating smirk. “I’m sorry, honey I didn’t get your name. Oh that’s right. I didn’t ask.” She took Apollo’s hand and led him out the doors to the bus. The woman stood there fuming, her face almost as red as her fake hair. Apollo swiftly slung Tess over his shoulder and smacked her ass before taking a playful bite. Tess squealed and burst into laughter. He deposited her into his lap when they got on the bus, stealing her mouth in a heated kiss.

“You are unbelievably sexy when you’re putting someone in their place. I could have stripped your fine ass down right there in the hotel lobby and had my wicked way with you.” He growled in her ear, kissing his way down her neck. “Turned me all the hell on watching you dominate that harpy.” Tess giggled as she shivered. Turning her head, she kissed him sweetly, laying her hand on his cheek to caress his skin.

“Listen, babe, we still have to talk about what happened. This time I was the idiot who didn’t appreciate what she had and I’m so sorry I hurt you.” Apollo pressed his lips to hers.

“I understand, baby girl. I really do. My past is the reason you freaked out. I was hurt but honestly there’s no one to blame here but me. If I hadn’t spent all those years acting like an asshole with women, that whole scenario would have gone differently.” Tess stared into his blue eyes, captivated by the sincerity and love that shone in them.

“I do love you, Apollo,” she whispered softly. “With all my heart.” Taking a deep breath, she gave him a brilliant smile and snuggled into his lap. “You want to hear something crazy?”

“Probably not but I’m too curious now to say no,” he chuckled.

“After having seen the woman up close and way too personal, I have no idea why the hell I ever thought she was competition. I mean, really! Could her boobs be any more fake? Seriously! They look like overinflated bouncy houses and they aren’t even the same size!” Apollo roared in laughter.

“Only you would notice her tits were lopsided, babe. God I love you!” He planted sloppy loud kisses on her cheeks in between bursts of laughter. “You are it for me, Tessandra Pritchard. I am ruined for all other women and I couldn’t be happier about that.”

“Oh my GAH!” shouted Meda. “Get a room you two!” She threw her head back and cackled. “I’m gonna die from all this syrupy lovey dovey sweetness!” Meda made gagging noises, sending everyone into fits of laughter.

“Yeah well suck it up buttercup!” Tess shouted back. “Payback’s a bitch for all those times I had to watch you shoving your tongue down Blakey’s throat…or was that your hand down his pants? I can’t remember.” The bus howled in laughter, including Blake and Meda. The teams finally arrived at the airport and the players bustled to the jet on the tarmac. The trip home was spent with raucous amusement, dirty jokes and incessant teasing. Ethan seemed to be fitting right in but it was no surprise there. It was also no surprise that Lucy was doing her damnedest to charm his pants right off him. He was always a charming bastard, his blond hair and blue eyes magnifying his natural charm. The dimples didn’t hurt either.

It was late evening when the teams finally made it home. Not even bothering to unpack properly, Tess left a string of her belongings as she meandered upstairs to her bathroom. She was going to take a nice, hot bath and then have wild, hot sex with her man. Apollo stood leaning on the frame of the bathroom door, watching Tess move around. By the look in his eyes, she wasn’t getting any sleep tonight. Smiling wickedly, she flung her bra over her shoulder and shimmied out of her barely there underwear. This set was mint green with tiny pink rosettes.

“Damn woman you look edible,” he growled.

“Well then come and eat, big boy.”
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