Obscene Gestures

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Darius strolled into the emergency room of Gateway Medical Center holding a towel to his head, his knuckled bleeding onto his white shirt. Even covered in blood with a shiner coming on, he was one sexy motherfucker. Giving the nurse at the station a panty dropping smile, he leaned on the counter.

“Oh my God you’re Darius Dakiedes!” the young woman spurted out. “Oh you poor thing! What happened to you?” Darius shrugged.

“I got into a little fight. I think I need stitches.” The young woman fumbled to get the paperwork he needed to complete together on a clipboard.

“Right this way, Mr. Dakiedes,” she said, a nervous giggle escaping her lips. She led him to a room and closed the curtain. Biting her lower lip, she slid the clipboard onto his lap. She put on a pair of gloves and gathered a tray of items she needed to clean his wounds. She leaned over to pull the towel away from his head, making sure to brush her breasts against his arm.

“Nurse Howard,” a stern voice made the girl jump. “I believe you’re stationed up front tonight. I suggest that’s where you go. Now.” Darius looked up, locking eyes with the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. It was the woman he’d spotted at the game earlier. Her blond hair was pulled back in a bun sitting lopsided on the top of her head, her cornflower blue eyes spitting daggers at him.

“Y-yes Doctor,” the nurse scurried out of the room. Shaking her head, the woman approached him as she put on a pair of latex gloves.

“All right, let’s take a look at that.” She was no nonsense. She removed the towel, throwing it into a biohazard bin. She examined the cut across his eyebrow and on his cheek. “You’ll need stitches on your cheek but your head wound is superficial.” Normally any woman this close to him was panting and breathless. Not her. She wasn’t phased at all. Finishing her examination, she laid a clean bib around his neck. She rattled off a bunch of questions that were probably on the papers he needed to complete. He answered them, never taking his eyes off of her.

The doctor began to clean his wounds, preparing for the stitches. “What’s your name?” he asked, his voice deep and velvety. She didn’t register he’d spoken.

“Dr. Cummings,” she said quickly. “You need to remain still, Mr. Dakiedes. I can glue the head wound but I will need to actually stitch your cheek. If you move, it will scar.”

“Thanks for the warning, doctor.” She turned his face to the side and brought down a bright light. The curtain moved and another nurse came in. The beautiful doctor began speaking.

“Laceration to the left temperal area four centimeters from the hairline. Shallow in nature. Glued shut rather than stitch due to the superficiality. Laceration to the left cheek, two centimeters below the occipital bone, looks to have been made by a jagged instrument. Cut to the fatty tissue, requiring four stitches to close. Prep suture kit please.” The nurse nodded and handed the kit to the doctor.

“Is that…” the nurse stuttered. Sighing, the doctor spoke sharply.

“Yes, it’s who you think it is Nell. However, his celebrity status holds no pull in my ER. Right now he’s just another patient who needs to learn from his stupidity.” She pulled a thin needle and punctured a small vial of liquid. Darius assumed it was a local anesthetic. She tapped the syringe, bleeding any air out. “This may sting a bit.” With no warning she injected his cheek, causing him to curse.

“Fuck!” He fisted the bedsheet under him. As quickly as he’d felt the burning sensation, it was gone and the pain in his cheek subsided to nothing. He swore he caught a smile lifting the corners of the doctor’s supple mouth. She continued without a word, stitching the wound closed on his cheek.

“All done. Those stitches need to come out in seven days so go see your regular doctor to have them removed. We’re done here.” She threw the supplies she’d used away, peeling her gloves off as she went. Pulling on a clean pair, she took his hand in hers. She cleaned his knuckles and checked for swelling. She quickly bandaged his hand and dropped it back on the bed.

“Can I come see you to get them out?” Dr. Cummings rolled her eyes. She turned her piercing gaze to him, an elegant eyebrow raised.

“I am an ER physician, Mr. Dakiedes, not your personal doctor. I suggest you take better care the next time someone comes at you with a broken bottle.” She turned and walked out, tossing her gloves in the bin by the curtain. Darius smiled, wincing as his cheek pulled. He looked at Nell.

“How did she know I was cut with a broken bottle?” Nell shrugged, giving him a goofy smile.

“She’s damn good at her job and you aren’t the first bar brawl she’s treated.” Nell took some information from him and entered it into her portable nurse’s station. “She’s a huge Natives fan too, believe it or not. She’s at every game she can go to when she’s not working. She was at today’s game, as a matter of fact.” Nell chatted some more before she released him to go home.

“Hey Nell, what’s her first name?”

“Leeda,” Nell said absently.

“Leeda,” he whispered. He had to find a way to see her again. She was the first woman who hadn’t fallen all over herself to get close to him. She’d treated him like he wasn’t worth her time. She was immune to his charm and he found himself drawn to her. He finished his paperwork and dropped it at the front desk, giving the young nurse a wink as he strolled out. He hailed a cab to take him to his penthouse apartment, his mind on Leeda. She was insanely beautiful. She was covered in that damn white doctor’s coat so he had no idea what she looked like beneath it.

He’d caught sight of her earlier at the game while he was warming up on the ice. She was sitting behind the players box in a Natives ballcap, her blue eyes scanning the arena waiting for the action to start. She was completely into the game when it began, yelling and screaming like a true fan. It was a startling contrast to the no nonsense doctor he’d met in the emergency room. Entering his apartment, he threw his keys on the counter and headed to the shower. Now that he knew her name, there was no stopping him from wooing the stoic doctor and making her his. Smiling, he stepped into the hot water and formulated his plan. The gorgeous doctor wouldn’t know what hit her.

Holy shit, she just sewed up Darius Dakiedes. Leeda made her way to an empty bay to catch her breath. God, did he have to be so sinfully gorgeous with a body made for sin? And why did he have to be such a player?? Because guys who look like a sex god always are, she thought to herself. Taking a deep breath, she smoothed down her scrubs and coat and walked back into the busy bustle of late night ER. Soon enough, she lost all thoughts of the devilishly handsome Natives player. A multicar crash had brought in an onslaught of trauma victims that needed her attention. There would be plenty of time for her to think about him later. She put on her game face and took charge.

Her shift had been grueling but thankfully, no one had died on her watch. She always hated when death claimed someone she fought so hard to save but it was part of the job. That never made it easy to stomach for her but it was what made her a compassionate doctor. She slept like the dead, only rousing when the annoying buzz of her doorbell sounded repeatedly. “Hang on!” she shouted. “I’m coming!” She pulled her robe haphazardly around her and trudged downstairs. Ripping the door open, she was handed an envelope and the offender disappeared.

Grumbling, she made her way into the kitchen with a wide yawn, her mind on coffee. She threw the envelope on the counter and started the pot. While she waited for the heavenly brew to percolate, she tore open the envelope. A short note with a VIP season pass slipped into her hands. For taking such good care of me, I’d like to take good care of you. Come to the game tonight. DD Snorting, she slapped the note and pass on the counter. She had a pretty good idea what he meant by taking care of her. Well, he was in for a huge surprise and so was his massive ego.

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