Obscene Gestures

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Chapter 5

Tess was meeting Meda at their favorite little boutique clothing store, The Ballistic Fashionista, to find a dress to wear for Alexis’s birthday bash. She knew Apollo would be there but she refused to snub her friend’s big day because she wanted to avoid him. She could put on her big girl panties for one night and suck it up like a badass buttercup. She would walk into Persephone’s rocking a killer dress in sexy stilettos that made her legs look amazing and own the joint.

The girls were trying on dress after dress, nothing really tripping their triggers. That is until Tess shimmied into a tight fitting deep green number that hugged her curves like an ardent lover. Smoothing the material over her, she walked out to parade it in front of Meda.

“Holy hot mama, Batman!” Meda exclaimed. “You are straight up Jessica Rabbit in that dress, girl! Wow!” Tess giggled and twirled, sashayed and preened. “I. Love. It! You have to get it!” The color of the dress was almost black it was such a deep green but the lights in the salon brought out the green ripples as she moved. It made her hair and eyes pop fabulously and with the right shoes, she knew she would steal the show.

“Girl, I totally love this dress! I feel like a serious sex kitten right now. But,” she hesitated, chewing her bottom lip, “do you think it’s too much?” Meda shook her head furiously.

“Hell no! It’s perfect! I’ve seen Lexi’s dress and yours is pretty tame in comparison. You got the figure, you got the sass, you got the hips and you got the ass! You were born to wear that dress!” Tess threw her head back and laughed at her best friend.

“Ok ok, I’ll get the dress.” She stepped back into the dressing room and sighed. She hung the dress up, shouting to Meda as she got dressed. “I know you are trying on yours or at least you better be!” She heard Meda giggle from the room next to her. Tess gathered her things and the dress. She gave her purchase to the saleswoman and made herself comfortable. “Hurry up, hooker!” she shouted. “I’m getting impatient! Get your gorgeous ass into one of those sexy little numbers and show me what you got!”

Right on queue, Meda came sauntering out of her dressing room. She was encased in a gold sequined halter that wrapped around her waist and snapped at her right hip. She’d paired it with a pair of black satin wide leg pants that flowed to the floor. Scrunching up her nose, Tess eyed the ensemble. “I love it and you should definitely buy it for a hot date with your man.” Meda rolled her eyes and walked back into the dressing room. After four more no’s and two maybe’s, she finally got Tess’s approval.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about!” Meda’s dress was a vibrant shade of blue that really set off her eyes. Her tanned skin and blond hair contrasted nicely, bringing out her natural beauty. She was nothing less than stunning in it. “Oh yeah, girl. You’ll be lucky Blake lets you leave the house with that dress in one piece.” They made their purchases and ambled down the sidewalk to Tess’s favorite shoe store, To Die For. Having found the perfect shoes right away with Tess’s nose for fashion, they settled at a little diner to grab lunch.

The waitress set out their meals and Tess dug in. She was famished, to say the least. She hadn’t had much of an appetite lately so she was glad she finally felt like eating more than a bite or two.

“So Madame Secretive,” Meda started. “Tell me what’s the scoop with you and Nico ‘I’m Too Sexy for My Own Good’ Volkov?” Tess giggled, taking a sip of her water.

“I know right? He is beautiful, isn’t he?” Meda agreed and the girls talked about how gorgeous the blond Russian defenseman was. “I mean, he’s like crazy hot and he’s spent the night in my bed. And yes, girl, he’s even gorgeous in the morning and so freakin’ sexy it should be a crime but…” Tess sighed. “I tried, Meed. I couldn’t even muster up the want to kiss him, just to see if something would happen.” She shrugged her shoulders and pushed her salad around with her fork. “It’s been over a year now, Meda. You’d think I would have made some headway in this whole getting-over-your-asshole-brother thing.”

“Sweetheart, you were in love with him for a long time. Feelings like that don’t turn off overnight or maybe even in a year.” Meda reached out and squeezed Tess’s hand. “You just keep moving forward, honey. The rest will take care of itself. I promise.”

“I know but how much longer do I have to spend being miserable?” The pain in Tess’s eyes was just as fresh as ever and it broke Meda’s heart to see her best friend hurting so badly. “There are so many great guys I’ve run into, Max and Nico at the top of that list. They are all gorgeous inside and out and I’m sitting over here being all stupid and hung up over someone who clearly never wanted me.”

“If it makes you feel any better, he’s not doing so well.” Tess rolled her eyes and snorted.

“Yeah I can see how poorly he’s doing every time there’s a picture in the damn news of him with some fucking bimbo attached to him like a leach. Face it, Meda, he doesn’t care and he never will. That shit he pulled at your reception proved it. It was all an act, meant to get me back under his thumb. The only thing he wants from me is to control me like he has for so long. He’s only upset because I no longer come running when he calls. Well, I ain’t down for that. Not anymore.”

“I hear you, honey and I completely understand how you feel. I’m not trying to make him look like a wounded warrior or something stupid like that. It’s just, I know my brother better than anyone. He’s not the same. That doesn’t mean you should let him close to you again. It just means…ah hell I don’t know what it means. Let’s finish up and go gorge ourselves on some fucking ice cream.” Tess laughed and agreed.

“Best damn ice cream in all of Detroit,” Tess sighed as she took a long lick of her decadent chocolate scoop. “Death by Chocolate in an ice cream? I will die happy.” Meda laughed, enjoying her own cone.

“You coming tomorrow for the BBQ? I can’t believe all seven of us will be under the same roof at the same time! Pop is going all out, he’s so excited.” Tess nodded between licks, her mouth too busy savoring the chocolatey goodness to waste time on words. “Good. Yia Yia is still trying to sneak little Kostas into our bedroom!”

“Oh my God, really?” Tess giggled. “I love that little round woman! She’s determined to get you pregnant, isn’t she?” Meda nodded.

“Yes she is. We’ve told her I want to play for ten years before we start popping out babies. By then, we will both be ready to retire and can devote our full time to raising a family. Do you know what she said to that?”

“I hesitate to ask.”

“She said the longer I waited the more my uterus would shrivel up and die.” Tess barked out a loud laugh.

“Thirty two is not old! I think it’s the perfect age to start a family. You will both be financially stable and like you said, be able to devote yourselves full time to raising your children together. I think it’s an awesome plan.”

“Everyone but Yia Yia thinks so. She practically called me crazy and accused me of ending the Dakiedes dynasty because I refuse to get knocked up right now.”

“She’s too much, Meda!” Tess was bent over laughing so hard, tears were rolling down her cheeks. Meda joined her and before long, they sank down on the nearest bench until their laughter died down. “Ending the Dakiedes dynasty. That’s epic.” Tess shook her head. Elena Stavros Dakiedes was a pint sized pistol and much beloved by her family. But when she got something in her head, she didn’t let go until she got what she wanted. It was going to be awesome watching the tiny terror try to convince Meda to start popping out babies before her granddaughter’s career in the NHL was finished.

“I love her but she’s about to find out I’m just as stubborn as she is. There will be no babies until I am done in the NHL. End of discussion. For today anyway.”

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