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A single mishap is all it takes to change one's life. Amelia Wynters has never been a social butterfly, always avoiding any form of social interaction and with the passing of her parents, she makes caring for her siblings as well as graduating with good grades her top priority. However, fate decides to play cupid as an incident drags two insanely hot boys into her life, bringing along a whirlwind of truths, pain, laughter, friendships, and love. ©2021 SincerelyMarah

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Mysterious helper


A gravelly voice boomed throughout the eerily quiet Wnyter's home, jolting a slumbering Amelia awake.
As soon as Lia's sleep-filled senses registered the familiar authoritative voice ringing outside her room, she instantly bolted upright, wincing as she felt an excruciating pain travel up her back from her sudden movement.
God, this is not what I wish to wake up to.
She chewed on her bottom lip, fighting the urge to cry as she instead let her eyes flit across the sight before her. Books flipped open filled the table, pencil shavings and eraser remnants arrayed a page on the opened textbook.
Amelia sighed as it dawned on her that she had indeed slept while doing her homework. Again.
"Amelia fucking come out here or I'm going to break this stupid ass door down and drag you out myself," The voice threatened, banging repeatedly that Lia thought the door would fall apart any minute.
She lets out a groan as she lifts herself out of the uncomfortable wooden chair, rubbing her sore lower back as she marched towards the shaking frame of her bedroom door.
I'm screwed, she thought as she pulled the rattling door open, revealing a compact raven haired boy, burning holes into her oval face.
"Why are you just answering me?," The looming figure questioned, his thick eyebrows arched into an intense glare, his taut voice booming over Amelia's fidgety form.
"I uh...," She stammers, directing her gaze instead to her chipped, black painted nails.
"Answer me!"
She flinches backwards, wringing her clasped fingers till they were on the verge of dislocation. " I- Uhm- Brother Andrew"
Andrew lets out an animal-like growl as he grips her face, slamming her back first into the wall, taking every living cell in Amelia's body to let out a cry of pain.

"Don't you ever call me your brother, you worthless bitch and you look at me whenever I talk to you." Andrew spat.

With a tight grip on her cheeks, Andrew forcefully lifts her head up, making her shoot open her ocean blue eyes to meet his cold, gunmetal eyes and nod rapidly.

Andrew lets out a frustrated growl, this time releasing his grip on her cheek to which Lia breathes out in relief but her happiness is short-lived when a stinging pain shoots across her left cheek accompanied by a resonating sound.
"What did I just say? Use your words when I ask you a question," Andrew snarled, staring down at his sister's scrawny figure.
"I'm sorry, m-master Andrew." Lia apologizes in an airy voice, keeping her teary eyes trained to the floor.
Andrew ignores her and walks off, leaving Amelia crumbling to the floor and a crying mess.

Ever since the death of her parents, her life has since been difficult. She's had to tolerate her brother's violent outbursts and mood swings. Even though she has had many opportunities to escape and start her life afresh, she couldn't bring herself to leave the only person she's spent her seventeen years around and loved dearly, behind.

She really couldn't.
The only thing Amelia could do was to pray that all her nightmares would be over and things could go back to the way they were.

But she could only hope.

She wiped the dampness with the back of her palm, lifting herself from the crouched position she assumed on the floor and lumbered into her bedroom, slumping down into the wooden chair and stared blankly as fast dropping droplets of unshed tears dampened her homework.

God, everyday she prayed and wished that she had been the one gone and buried six feet underneath instead of her parents. At least, she knows everyone would be happy. At least Andrew would be happy.

"A- Ame-wia, y-you c-c-cry?," A stuttering, angel-like voice inquired, as she tapped Amelia, breaking her out of her thoughts.

Hurriedly swiping away the tears, Amelia angles her body to face the five-year old obsidian haired girl squinting her tiny eyes up at her.

Amelia places the little girl into her lap with a fake smile plastered on her face and gives her a slight tickle causing the little girl display her missing teeth as she giggled. "No princess pickle, princess Red isn't crying. Princesses don't cry remember"

The little angel nods happily before planting a wet kiss on Amelia's tearstained cheek and runs out the room when she's told to get dressed for school.

Amelia takes in a deep breath and rises from the chair, staggering into the bathroom and hurriedly bathes before emerging with a pink fluffy towel wrapped around her body.

She prods towards a full length mirror, staring at her wet form as she scanned for any possible fresh bruises and sighs when two raw horizontal lines etched across her left cheek comes within her eye view.

She huffs out a sigh of anguish, well known to the fact that she had to cover yet another scar. She slipped into a red plaid shirt, white boyfriend jeans paired with white sneakers.

She then brushed her wet platinum blonde and red tinted hair, letting them fall in their natural waves before turning her attention to her face. There are a good number of things that Lia hates and that includes wearing make-up but in this situation she didn't have another option.

She's never had any in the first place.

Opening a mini makeup bag, she fishes out a concealer tube and a bottle of foundation and set to work, applying amounts decent enough to cover any visible traces of his handprint.
She checks herself in the mirror once she's done and internally applauds herself for a good work before grabbing her bag and exiting out of her room and into the living room, where two identical girls are sitted with their backpacks on and their obsidian hair braided into haphazard pigtails, each munching on a piece of toast.

"Riley, Bailey, are you both set to go?," Lia asks, approaching the twins as they both nod and finish eating before standing up and following their big sister.
Once they arrive at the kindergarten, Lia helps Riley put on her glasses and kisses both of them goodbye and watched as they skipped hand-in-hand into the school grounds.
Amelia smiled, the memory forever captured in her heart before turning and heading towards her own school. She had almost reached the school's gates when her stomach decided to rumble, causing her to turn around and make a pit stop at her favorite diner.
"Don't worry belly, you'll soon be fed." She mutters to her belly whilst patting it as she walks into the small shop, the smell of fried foods wafting in the air causing an uproar once again in her stomach, gaining the attention of some nearby customers.
Amelia's cheeks flushes at embarrassing sound and she avoids any eye contact, making her way to the unfamiliar looking woman stood behind the counter.
"Welcome to Lily's diner. What would you like to order?." The female spoke monotonously, chewing loudly on a piece of gum as she stared blankly at Lia, waiting for her to place her order.
Amelia, however wasn't paying attention to what the bored-looking woman said but instead had her eyes glued to the neatly arranged deliciousness before her.
At this point, Lia seemed like someone who had been starved for a long time. But she wasn't to be blamed, she was hardly ever allowed to eat food at home whenever Andrew was in his usual sour, violent mood.
The now annoyed waitress, clears her throat, snapping Lia out of her sugary daze. " Would you rather order or just stare at the glass all day?"
Embarrassment cakes Lia's cheeks for the second time as she mutters an apology before placing her order of an Americano and chocolate donuts.

"That'd be $15." The woman—Diane, it read on her name tag replied, placing a styrofoam cup and a brown bag in front of her.

Lia fishes her wallet from her pocket and freezes once she realizes there isn't any money in it.
This was the height of her embarrassment. She chuckled nervously, sliding the empty wallet back into her pocket and stares at Diane.

"Are you going to pay or keep laughing like a psycho, you're holding up the line!," Diane snides, disgusted by the fidgeting teenager.
"Uhm I forgot my money at home," Lia whispers, so only Diane and her could hear, her cheeks flaming with each word.
"Oh well, I'm sorry you can't purchase on credit" Diane tsks with an amused undertone and stretches her hand to withdraw her order.
Amelia lets out a sigh of defeat and turns to leave, when a hand firmly grips her by her elbow, bringing her back.
"Here, take it," Her savior says in his deep, octave voice handing her the Americano and donuts.
"Keep the change." he tells Diane.
Amelia lifts her head to thank her savior but catches a glimpse of his leather jacket and black hair, exiting.
He was gone just like the wind. And she never got to say thank you.

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