Hate to Love

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I was looking at the tall black haired woman leaving the spot. Good riddance I thought. She was always terribly negative, I could not stand it.

“You had to annoy her.” Jasper said, turning to me.

I could see that he was disapproving all the way to Hell but I did not care. I would not change my attitude towards our future Gamma. She needed to grow up.

“You know she’s annoying and I don’t like the mate topic anyway.” I said.

I had a good reason to hate it too. I knew who my mate was already even if she was unaware yet. That was weighing enough on my mind as it was. I did not need these two to talk about it.

“You could have just said so. One day, you will have to tell her you know.” He sighed.

Over my dead body. I would never tell her the truth, not if I could avoid it.

“I don’t think that would change anything.” I said, gritting my teeth.

I knew what I did and why I did it. Alice did not need to concern herself with it.

“I think you’re wrong. Let’s not go back on this topic. Let’s go back to the Pack House. I needed her to come with us but you just had to annoy her. Now that means more work for the both of us.” He frowned.

“It’s not like we need her anyway.” I shrugged. “We can take care of it.”

“Sometimes I believe you do this on purpose when you notice that she's upset.” He said, narrowing his eyes at me.

“As if.” I said.

Jasper eyed me suspiciously but did not push further. We walked back together to the Pack House where work was awaiting us.

We would not be fully Alpha and Beta until Alice was of age. We needed our third head before we would be able to lead the Pack replacing our parents. I was not too eager for it but it was inevitable. Alice was three years younger than we were and in two days, she would turn 18, which meant that she would be ready to lead with us.

“See all this load.” Jasper sighed. “It would have been quicker with her.”

“Quit whining and let’s get to it.” I told him, taking the papers in my hand.

It took us all day again to deal with all the paperwork. That was exactly the reason why I did not want Alice to come with us. She would have been glaring at me all day and I could only take so much for one day.

I went back to my house on the edge of the woods after work. I loved to be alone. I could finally have some peace. Soon I wouldn’t be alone anymore though. True. Soon I would have my mate.

I remembered all those years ago when Alice wanted to be my mate. That was a funny memory now. It was during the summer vacations and she was around six, dressed in a little pink dress with pigtails. Charles, her brother and I were playing football in the garden behind their house. She ran to me and I made her fly because she loved it. Then she turned cornflower blue eyes on me to say.

“You’ll be my mate when we’re older right Julian?” She said to me her little blue eyes twinkling.

“That’s not how it works.” I chuckled “But there’s no one I would want more Alice.”

I was only nine at the time but I meant it, Goddess, I meant it. She was the only girl I did not think was irritating. She was fearless and she could keep up just fine with our games. Charles always said that she would be stronger than him and maybe he was right, I could not deny it now that she was almost of age. She was by far, the strongest female in the entire Pack.

I grabbed a beer from the fridge and went to sit on the porch. I liked to do that when the night was falling. Everything was so quiet around me, I liked that a lot. The wolves were bugging us all day because we were their new leaders and sometimes I just wanted to not hear them anymore. It would get more animated once I get a mate though. I sighed at the thought. Why could I not keep that out of my head? My wolf reminded me why, because we knew. We knew for three years now who our mate was. Stop thinking about that. I pleaded with myself.

I drank my beer and went back inside to get to bed. I would need some sleep if I wanted to be efficient in the morning.

The two days leading to Alice’s brithday passed in a flash and I was now debating if I should be going or not. As her Beta, I had been invited even if I knew that she did not want me there. Maybe I should just drop the gift and go home. Yes, that I could do.

I walked to her house and found that the party was on already. Trust the young wolves to want to party all night long. Celebrating their Gamma’s brithday was a big deal after all. She would be the third, a high rank for such a young wolf but I knew that she had trained for this since her brother disappeared. Her father did not let her rest until he deemed that she was ready.

I entered the house and braced myself for the next thing to come. I opened the front door and the smell hit me like a train. My wolf became restless so we would follow it and it led me to the kitchen.

There she was, preparing plates of meat probably for the barbecue. She lifted her blue eyes on mine and I saw surprise followed by powerful anger as she recognised me.

“No way…" She said.

Here we go.

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