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Not again

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Extract: Her lips gently touch mine in a passionate kiss, both of us tasting like the alcohol we had just consumed. I close my eyes as I wrap my arms around her neck kissing her passionately, knowing I'll regret this decision in the morning. I feel her pin me to the couch we were both sitting on, my hands going into her platinum blonde hair and her hands traveling to my freckled waist. I suddenly felt something, sharp teeth biting my lip... I pull away from her, blue lust blown eyes meeting with wide, frightened brown eyes. "You are a vampire" ~~~ Lydia is your ordinary girl. She has wild curly brown hair, freckled face and glasses. Her 'secret'? She is a vampire hunter. Her father was, her mother was and the list goes on. Call it a family tradition if you want. But with new times come new measurements. England, especially London is filled with vampires. So where do you go if you are a hunter, London. She moves to a new school, luckily not alone as she had her best friend Sorin with her. But what happens when she meets Amista? The gorgeous platinum blonde haired student council president. Her whole world gets messed up as she discovers more about this mystery girl that is willingly donating her blood to the filthy scams she swore to destroy. What happens when Lydia realizes that Amista isn't everything she says she is? Will their love crumble? Or is there more?

Romance / Fantasy
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Hellooo💕❄ This account is dedicated to most of my OC characters while I finish my fanfic on Wattpad so hope you enjoy this. Just a fair warning as you could read from the summary this is LGBTQ as well as blood warnings (I mean this is a vampire book-), if you dislike these topics then please leave the book now as this might be unsettling to you. But for in case I am going to put warnings in the beginning of each chapter. Also updates are going to be slow but I promise I am going to work on it. Now that it's out of the way let's continue😁

Unknown's POV


Why does it always end like this...?

I lifted the small garage that lead to my storage full of things I hold dear. I cough a bit as the dust filled my nose and then my lungs. Damn why don't I clean this place more... Just as I looked around I remember why I don't come here anymore. I felt my throat swell and my chest tighten as I look around my storage space. It really doesn't get any better does it... Is this the world's way of giving me the middle finger for thinking I can take the easy way out.

I sigh and turn on the light before closing the garage again. I dusted off some ornaments getting dust all over my fingers. I wipe it off against my baggy jeans. I can hear my biological mother lecture me in my head. Why do I even care? The bitch has been dead for centuries. I snarl at the thought. I look around the garage space smiling as memories consumed my mind, though it wasn't a happy smile, it was more a sad smile.

You see I believe in soulmates. No not because I am a hopeless romantic. It's because whatever God that is out there keeps sending the same human my way and every goddamn time I fall in love with her. And every goddamn time she dies and I stay alive, on this planet to mourn. Then the cycle just repeats itself again and again till you have a whole fucking storage room full of your memories with her. I growl wanting to smash everything in this whole room but I knew I will just hate myself for it later as it is the only thing I have left of her, except of course the knowledge I'll meet her once again. I simply just sat down in the middle of the room trying to decide where to place the memories of her this time.

As my eyes scanned the wall I can't help but remember her fondly. She always had curly brown hair and recently started wearing glasses (she has always complained about her eyesight being weak though). She had pearly white teeth and a beautiful smile. I can't help but laugh softly as I thought about how happy-go-lucky she always was. How she always came to me for help, how she always greeted me with a hug or a smile. I would give anything to just hug her. But as you can tell from the fact that I am in a storage closet with all my belongings related to her, she died again. After all mortals don't live very long, do they?

Okay if it isn't clear yet I am a vampire who keeps falling in love with a mortal. My backstory is unknown to many and I like to keep it that way. It started off as just keeping small ornaments in a closet somewhere to remember her by. Now over the centuries it got too much for a single closet so my dad (not biological but it's the only man I'll ever call dad) bought me a storage closet to keep it in. I soon find a small space for it as I sit close to it, unpacking all the ornaments and placing them on the ground.

I first took a look at the photos. I had the famous haircut that was made famous because a character from my mortal's favorite show, 'Friends' made it popular. Meanwhile my girlfriend had her curly and frizzy hair that was neatly braided in a Dutch braid. My girlfriend had on a beautiful long dress on while I had on light blue baggy jeans, a white tank top and my plait jacket around my waist with it knotted together in the front. I smile and held the pictures close to my chest. I start sticking everything on the wall with much effort.

Once I was done I looked at the rest. One of them was a camera that we used to develop all these photos. I smile placing it on the nearby table. You see I made a section for every century so I knew where to look if I wanted something. I look at the other things. The diary we owned together. We wrote in it every time we got chance. And then finally a small locket with a picture of her in it. I smile sadly placing it all where the section was marked. I then made a section for the next century...


I marked it with a smile as I looked around the room. There was paintings, photos, objects scattered everywhere with a specific date marking it all, keeping it nice and organized. I soon felt small tears drip down my face. Why does he make my life hell? Why does he want to hurt me and her? Why does the world hate me? Why do they take away the one thing I swear to protect? Why do they take away the one thing that makes my life worth living? I crawl over to a chest, opening it and pulling out a white wedding dress drenched in dried up blood, it was from the first ever life my girlfriend and I had. The first memory I kept of her. She was killed on our wedding day (mind you it was very much illegal and I had to pretend to be a man to marry her). It had to be one of my fondest life with her, that's why I keep this precious ornament locked in a chest hidden from everything else. I held it close to me sobbing into it as memories of that night swarmed my mind.


"I swear I will be fine babe," her American accent chirped happily. I roll my eyes. "Please don't go, maybe we can go camping by ourselves later," I begged her as she sighed kissing my forehead, hugging me close to her. "I will be alright, it's just a few weeks of camp council then I will be back in your arms again. Can my little daisy wait for me for that long?" She teased as I pouted looking away but hid a small smile. She has called me Daisy since she discovered I like wearing flowers in my hair. "Fine... Promise you won't be that reckless my dear," I looked at her as she nodded happily kissing me deeply. I kissed back happily pulling her in closer as I pinned her down in the bed. It's a surprise that she hasn't discovered my fangs yet. She smiled happily and smoothed my hair. "You will wait for me right?" She asks as I smile and nuzzle into her neck having to stop myself from drinking from her. "Always and forever..."

End of Flashback~

That was the last time I saw her. After a week or so I get a call from her mother saying she has been murdered by a killer that attacked the cabins at night. Her mother who was clearly hysterical said it was almost like a real life Friday the 13th, obviously trying to lighten the mood but instead we both just started sobbing not even caring that we were both still on the call. She ended the call first after saying sorry for my loss and I spent the rest of the night crying as my papa tried to calm me down. He has been here for me since I was a young vampire.

So it didn't surprise me when I felt strong arms pick me up and holding me close. I cried into his chest as he carried me to the car holding me close and telling me to let it all out. "It's time to go...we should get out of here soon anyway," I nodded in response letting him put me in the backseat and starting to drive to the airport. I held myself close and cried into a blanket papa gave me. It was normal for us to skip town after being there for 25 years and then getting new identities when we go to a new nation. That's how being a vampire works these times, change your identity every 25 years to not look suspicious because vampires are killed. I looked out the window staring at the bright blue American skies. Grey, cloudy skies of Britain here we come...

I sigh as I cuddle into the blankets, now over my waterworks, just twirling my dirty blonde hair between my fingers knowing once I get to England I have to dye it and probably let it grow longer. I this time just glared into the nothingness as my thoughts travelled through my head. This time unlike all the other times she didn't grow old, she didn't doubt that I wasn't normal for not aging with her, this time she died young. I only knew her for three years this time.

And it's all because of him...

And he's becoming better at this cat and mouse game of ours...

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