How To Be Straight

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Dear friend,

Hello. You probably know by now what has been going on in this school. You have probably noticed that many students came to school yesterday with dye in their hair and the day before dressed as the opposite gender.

We are all fighting for equal rights. We believe that it is only fair that if most everyone else gets to go by their correct pronouns, everyone should be, even if their preferred/correct pronouns are not those under which they were born that they were born expecting to be called.

We also believe that our school focuses so much time teaching about straight and cis people who have changed the world. While these people are no doubt amazing, and need to be and deserve to be celebrated, there are also many wonderful and powerful LGBTQIA+ persons people who changed the world, especially those who paved a path for all of us today.

Even if you do not fully support our cause, we believe that you take for granite cannot fully appreciate how hard it can be, and how out of place we often always feel. It is very hard in school and in the world in general as it is, and all that we are asking for is a schoolwide rule that requires teachers to respect which names and pronouns we prefer and for more LGBT content to be learned celebrated in our school.

There have been so many amazing people who have come before us, and we don’t see why we shouldn’t acknowledge those who were born the wrong sex, or who like the same gender, or both, or no genders.

Thank you for hearing us. We ask that you join our protest against these injustices.

A friend

I wrote a draft of the letter in my notebook, and then copied it onto twelve pieces of paper (9 classes plus a couple extras just in case). I sent a picture to Gracie, who said it looked good. Everyone else sent theirs to me before they copied them and let me review them. Most were good, but I corrected a couple of bad words or too intense/angry phrases. We were a calm, peaceful protest, I explained multiple times. We were not trying to hurt anyone. Play nice or we won’t get anywhere.

I didn’t sleep very well that night.

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