Beauty and The Wolf.

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We lie down on the bed facing each other. How did I fall so in love with him? He kidnapped me... yet, here I am, looking at him like he is the most priced possession I have. He is. Piper had to go through the highs and the lows with William before she really trusted him. Her love for him is unmistakably real... There are things that might destroy it though. Will their true love last and overcome the hardships or- Is there a person that will wreck it all?

Romance / Scifi
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Chapter 1

Sunday morning. Great.
Today is one of the many, many times I have to hear my bestfriend Tiffany and her boyfriend arguing. This always happens.

Her boyfriend's name is Derek and he's a fucking dick to her all the time.
He hits her when he doesn't get his way or when he is angry at something. I have been trying to get Tiffany to ditch him, but she says that she has no choice but to stay. Why? I have absolutely no idea, I have never asked, So... I should just ignore the fights.

The reason I hear the fights day and night is because I live with them in their luxurious apartment.

I live with them because my mom left me with my dad when I was fourteen years old. She ran away with her Boyfriend to Mexico and hurt me in the process. The things she told me before she left still haunt me.

I left my dad because he is very aggressive. He never treated me like his daughter. Since I was little, he always hit me when I didn't do what he said or when I did things wrong. Eventually Tiffany noticed bruises and made me tell her what I was going through.

At first, I said that I tripped multiple times. She didn't believe me so she blamed Jake. That was enough for me to tell her who it really was.
She told me I could stay in her apartment as long as I wanted. Weeks later, I packed all my stuff and left before my dad came.
I've lived here ever since.

"Derek, I'll clean it up! Now leave!"

"If I weren't late, I'd be strangling you right now!" Derek shouts.

I hear a door slam and then I sigh.
This guy really has anger issues! Tiffany should leave him! Why can't she? Because of money? Probably. she doesn't go to school anymore, she left after our Junior year.

I immediately feel guilty of the way I'm thinking about her. It's just so frustrating to watch her suffer thanks to Derek. We are like sisters, we only want each other's happiness. That's why she let me live with her... for my happiness.

I dont know how to make her happy though. I sigh.

Minutes later, Tiffany shouts:

"Piper! Jacob is outside waiting for you!"


I stand up from the chair, grab my bag and practically sprint out of my bedroom towards the main door.

After saying goodmorning and waving goodbye to Tiffany, I open the door and close it behind me.

"There's my girl."

Jake is leaning his back against the wall, smiling. He holds his phone in one hand and a bouquet of flowers in the other. I smile.


"Are you ready?"

"For what?"

"The best day of your life."

I nod cheerfully.

"But after you take those flowers inside and we go get breakfast at Starbucks 'cause I'm starving. Ok?"

"Ok," I say.

As soon as we enter to Starbucks, Jake gets in line to order our food, and I take a sit at a table. We've come to Starbucks so many times that Jake already knows what I like.

Jake and I have been dating for three years, since we were fifteen. He's a couple of months older then me but... who cares?
I don't.
"Two brownies and an oreo crumb frappuccino for the most amazing and pretty girl in the world," Jake says as he hands me my food.


He smiles and sits down across from me.

"So... after this, where are we going?" I ask casually.

"Mmm, you'll see."

I roll my eyes smiling. He has always been like this, so mysterious. I like it.

He is so cute. His hair is blond and his eyes are brown. He dresses with button down shirts and denim Jeans, the way someone would dress if they worked In an office. I like that about him, even though that's no the style I like on boys. His hair is perfectly combed always, it never gets messy but it's actually kind of hard to stroke his hair thanks to the gel he uses.

"Piper, I have something to tell you," Jake says.

"Ok. Tell me."

"Hold on. I'll tell you in the car, c'mon."

It must be something important because he looks serious.

We throw our trash away and walk towards a blue Honda, his car. Just as Jacob is about to open the door for me, someone pulls me back from my hand and wraps his arms around me.

As soon as his arms made contact with my skin, I felt sparks going up and down my body.

I gasp loudly.


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