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My Frozen Heart Begans To Melt

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(*WARNING* This is a gay story, if you do not like or prefer this topic then please move on) This story is about two boys, one who has seen things unimaginable, but real, and another who has left everything behind to be somewhere new. They meet one day in school and over time they fall in love and, if you continue reading on you will find something intriguing, something shall we say... magical.

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1: The Beginning

Saitaro Ciervo (Sigh-tie-ro) (Sier-bo) - Diversity: Asian and Hispanic. Height: 5′11. Age: Sophomore- 16.5 . Type of style: Emo boy. Clothes: He wears a black hoodie with a skull on the front of it. He wears a pair of ripped, black jeans with a metal chain on the belt loops. Hair: He has bob-lengthed, black, straight hair with shaved sides. Eye Color: Golden-Yellow. Piercings: A Septum, a Snake Bite, Gauges, and Ear Cartilages. Personality: Numb, gets angry easily, introverted and, very straightforward.

Oisin Murry (O-Sheen)- Diversity: Irish and Caucasian. Height: 5′5 Age: Sophomore-16. Type of style: Brighter colors. Clothes: He wears a light green and white striped shirt. He wears a pair of light blue jeans. He also has a lot of freckles everywhere. Hair: He’s a Ginger. His hair is short but floofy. Eye Color: Blue-Green. Personality: Ambivert, emotional and, a nervous mess.


POV Saitaro-

Once upon a time, there was a happy prince wi- *record stops* Yeah, fuck that, sup I’m Saitaro, and this is my story. Okay, pretty much, just to sum it up, I am a teenage boy who is a Sophomore in high school that doesn’t socialize with humans. I guess I like to sing, but only when I’m alone, it’s better that way. I prefer to read books and be quiet rather than being with people. None of them have enough common sense for me to be around them, and they are so petty. Well, enough of me, I guess. Let’s get on with the story.

“Okay, so tell me why you are deciding to make me work with these people?” I asked. “Well, I think it would be good for you to work with other people. I know that you don’t like people, but you need to learn how to get along with others. Learn how to stand them. Because if you are ever going to get a job, you’re going to need to acquire this skill.” replied my shitty teacher. “I don’t care about having to work with people, but why do you have me paired with the loudest people in the class. Of anyone you could have chosen, you chose them!?” I question, very pissed off.

“When you get a job, you’re also going to need to learn how to work with people you don’t like.” said my dumbass teacher. “Look, I don’t care about my job right now. I already have one, and I don’t talk to my employees, and I still have my job so, it’s either I work with other people, so I don’t end up yelling at them and get in trouble or, you let me work alone. It’s your choice, not mine.” I say, looking at her straight in the eyes. “Can you please at least try to work with them?” This bitch. “Do you want one of them to have a black eye? You know how bad my temper is. I am quick to punch. It’s a reflex nowadays.” I look her in her eyes with determination and a bit of sass. She sighs, "Fine, I’ll let you work alone, but if you cause any trouble, I’m going to pair you up with them again. Okay?” That won’t be happening, but whatever... “K, Thank you.”

I walk back over to my dark corner of the room and end up getting bombarded by the kids that I worked so hard to get away from. “What do you idiots want?” I ask as I look at them with an annoyed face. “We just wanted to know why you didn’t want to work with us.” said idiot number 1. “Because I don’t want to work with a bunch of loud-mouth idiots.” “WE’RE NOT IDIOTS!” said idiot number 2. “Then why are you bothering me?” “Because we just wanted to know, okay!” said idiot number 1 once more. “Alright, then, now you know, so leave.”

They give me a glare and walk off. Finally god! I thought they were never going to leave. I grab my project and try to find the best subject to have my project as. So pretty much, this class I’m in is a history class, and I had to do a project about somethings history. Anyways, while I was looking, I see ‘The History of Music.’ This is perfect for me because I love music, and it’s the only that doesn’t piss me off. “Hey, Mrs. Starligan?” I asked. “Yes, Mr. Ciervo?” “I want to choose ’The History of Music.’” I say. She nods her head, “Sounds good.” I turn back to my little table, and I put my headphones in and play them loud enough for me to hear them but quiet enough so they can’t be distracted by them. I put my head down and fall asleep.

POV Oisin-

“Have a good day at school, son.” says my father. I nod, and I look at the school. It’s a lot bigger than any of the schools I’ve been to. I start to walk towards it and make it inside. I look around, and it’s way different than anything I have seen before, like, what is the point of these metal boxes?

I shake it off and continue walking so I can find the Principal’s room. I continue to walk until I see a room. I walk into the room so I could ask for directions. “Ello, top of the morning to ya.” She looks at me with a perplexed face, “Top of the morning?” “Yeah, it’s something that Irish people say in Ireland.” said some random kid.

“That is true, ma’am.” She looks at me surprised, “So you’re from Ireland? That’s cool! May I ask why you have walked into my room?” “Oh! Yes, I came in here so I could get some directions to the Principal’s room.” “Oh, is that so? Well, just take a right then, go straight then, take a left, and the Principal’s office should be on the right.” I nod and take her directions.

I finally get to the Principals office after 20 minutes of looking. I walk into the office, and I ask to see the Principal. They ask me why I am visiting, and I tell them that I am the new student. They told me to sit down and wait, which I did, and I took out my drawing book while I waited. I was in the middle of drawing a deer, furry emperor. I don’t know, really, but, as I was drawing it, the Principal scares the Ginger out of me. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to scare you, young man.” I give her the okay sign as I try to catch my breath. I pick up my stuff and follow her after I do so.

“So, young one! Welcome to Soulivain High School! I am so glad to have you here and to think that you came from Ireland. What is Ireland like? If I can ask.” I nod and say, “Ireland is a lovely place. It has a lot of water surrounding it, and I used to go fishing a lot. The schools were smaller than this school so, I got pretty confused. But, I like it here so far.” She smiles and looks through her drawers, “That’s great! Now let’s see, where is your schedule? Ah! Here it is. Here I can walk you to your first class if that would make you feel any better.” I shake my head and say that I think it would be best to do this alone, so I learn quickly. She agrees with me and tells me just to go up the stairs. I say my goodbyes and go on my way.

I think I found the class, I was supposed to find class 204 and~... this is it! I walk into the classroom, and I tap the teacher who is supposed to be... Mrs. Starligan. “Oh, hello, Oesin.” It’s Oisin, not Oesin...” “Oh! I am so sorry. Welcome to my classroom, Oisin.” I nod my head. She tells the class who I am, and I introduce myself. “Okay, what do you like to do?” “I like to listen to music, and I like to draw.” She smiles, “That’s great! I’m going to have you work with Saitaro. You’re quiet so, he shouldn’t make a big deal out of it. Hopefully....”

She points at him, and I look at him. He was sleeping, “O-Okay.” I walk over there and sit on the opposite side of the table, not wanting to wake him up. I take out my drawing journal and continue working on my deer, furry thing. “What are you drawing?” I hear a guy say with a tired voice. I jump and look behind me to see the kid sleeping just a few seconds ago. “H-H-How did you get from sleeping to standing right behind me so fast and quiet?!” “I have my ways.” He says with a smirk. I catch my breath and turn back around, “I’m drawing a deer, furry emperor.” “My last name is ‘deer’ in Spanish.” I turn around with a smile on my face, “My name means ‘Little deer lord’ in Irish!” “Wait... really?” I nod aggressively.

He smiles and pats my head. “How coincidental, ya know what? I like ya kid, yer cute.” I blush a bit and look down again. We continue talking until the end of class, “Oh, hey uh Sai?” He stops and turns around, “Yeah, kid?” “I just wanted to tell you that I am your project partner. If you don’t mind, that is.” He smiles and walks away. Before I can leave the classroom, the teacher stops me, “He must really like you!” she says with a shocked face. I look at him and look back and ask confused, “Why do you say that?” “I have never seen him smile before. This is the first time ever!” I’m shocked I really made a guy who I only talked to for an hour smile for the first time.

I smile, “Sai! Wait! I need your help!” He stops as I try to catch up, “I... need your help... getting to my n... next class. Please?” He laughs a bit. Everyone stops talking when they heard him laugh. I start to hear whispering like, ‘Did he just laugh?’, ‘How did that kid make him laugh?’, ‘Who is that kid to him?’ I start feeling a little overwhelmed with all the whispering, and he notices that I look scared. “Hey, you good? It’s just a little bit of whispering.” I look at him with a look of anxiousness. He grabs my hand and brings me into the boys’ room.

He made sure no one was in there and locked the door. He bent down a little bit and made eye contact with me, “You okay, kid?” he asks, a little concerned. I nod. He gives me a bit of reassurance to know that he is a little worried about me and that I am the first person to ever make him smile, at school at least. “Hey, Sai?” “Yeah?” “How come you smile when you are with me?” He was going to answer but then stood up and, look away from me a little.

I grab his face and turn it towards me, “Why?” he looks at me, a little surprised, and grabs my hands. He moves them off his face and softly holds them. His hands are really soft, “I don’t know... it’s just something about you that makes me want to smile.” When he said that, it made me blush a little. I nod and hold his hand back. “I understand. That's good to know, but you’re still going to have to help the little Ginger Bread Man to class.” We laugh a bit and get going to class. I figured out that I have all of my courses with him. This is handy because I probably would have had to take an entire year simply to remember where I am going because this place is so big. I skip behind him, trying to keep up as we walk to our next class.

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