Destined Together

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Asha and Sakashi werewolf sisters with hidden powers who live on the beach side with their brothers who are alpha and beta of their pack The coast side pack They have a big destiny when the two strongest alphas from the Westside pack come to visit The danger and the path they take to find happiness is a large one

Romance / Fantasy
Asha Maree
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Chapter 1

Today is the day the two strongest alphas come to our pack to discuss something with our brother.
Sakashi and I have been getting ready most of the day to make sure it’s all perfect for their arrival.

“Hey sis wat to go to the beach for a bit before they come?” I ask sakashi as I turn around I see her with black long hair waving over her slim shoulders as her green eyes look up at me.
“Hell yes!! I so need to chill out before these alphas show up!!” Sakashi says excited.
I smile and nod as I look into the mirror at my reflection I’m so self conscious I don’t find myself that attractive as my hairs black hitting my waist and my glowing blue eyes staring back at me. I always thought sakashi was the prettier of the two of us.

“Ready?” Asks sakashi I smile and nod heading to the door as it opens in front of us.
“Where do you two think your going? Ryan asks us. His our older brother the alpha of the coastpack.
“To the beach we need to chill for a bit is that a problem? Asks sakashi, “yes it is I don’t need you two causing any trouble today so please stay here til the party is over and get ready please”Ryan says as he turns around and leaves closing the door.
“Come on let’s go asha we still need some time out!” Says sakashi, I smile and nod watching her jump out the window. I follow after her.

We have arrived at the beach as I set my towel up for some much needed sunbathing, “I’m gunna go for a surf” Sakashi says as she goes slightly wide eyed staring at something at the water. I turn to see what she was staring at to see to handsome guys walking out of the water both of them were tall with dark hair and muscles full of tattoos I could just make out one was a wolf as my mouth drops. “Aren’t they gorguess?”asks sakashi “yeah they are but you better get to surfing if we don’t want our brother finding out we snuck off” I respond as I bury my face in my arms laying on my belly. “Alright I’ll be back soon” she responds running off to the water with her surfboard.

I lay there relaxing as I hear a sudden word “mate”
I look up seeing him one of the man we were just looking at the one with the wolf tattoo staring at me with his green hungry eyes staring at me. Speechless I look at him as I sit up and hug my legs feeling insecure as I say to myself “did i hear him right did he just say mate”
“Yes you heard right names Zander”as he responds looking at me.
I said those words out loud as I cover my mouth “oh uh I’m sorry I uh I’m Asha it’s uh nice to meet you but you sure I’m your mate?” I respond looking at him confused.
“Yes yes I’m sure I could smell you the moment you hit the beach” looks at me as he looks me up and down, “your so beautiful” he says as I get a little more nervous hoping for sakashi to return as I notice she’s talk to the other man that was accompanying Zander.
“Thank you I” takes in his scent as it hits me knowing his right he is my mate “so your Zander who are you exactly where are you from?” I ask looking at him curious. “I’m one of the alphas of the Westside pack and it’s very nice to meet you finally I’ve been waiting forever to meet my mate” he responds as he smiles looking me up and down.
To nervous for my own good I get up grabbing my towel and runs off home shocked.
“Asha wait!”Zander yells goes to follow but he was called back as sakashi is running off after me to come home too.
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