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Mrs. Lincoln

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A young woman named Mary, only about 21 years old, ends up falling in love with Mr. Lincoln. Problems may come in her way but no matter what they are nothing can get between their love. -Most parts of this story are made up but main moments in Abraham Lincoln’s and/or Mary’s life were put into the story, thank you!-

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Time to go see Martha, my sister. She just got married and unlike some people in my family I actually care. You see my parents love each other and that’s great, they just don’t have any left for us. My dad had 7 kids with my mom, then 8 more with my step mom Lily! That’s 16 fucking kids! We practically had to raise our self’s! I was my dads fourth kid and by the time I was only 7 my mom passed away from having her 7th kid. If she didn’t die they would probably be on kid number 16 all on their own, but my dad always needs a side chick so in our whole family he would probably be on number 30! He had cheated on my mom so many times he probably has more than 30 kids by now, my mom just loved him so much that not even that could faze her love for him. “Mary? Mary!” Mary hears as she snaps out of her trance and sees her sister Martha standing in-front of her. “Oh hey Martha!” Mary looks around to see if she can spot the groom. She doesn’t find him but she finds someone even better, her stomach drops and she can feel her face turning red. “Huh looking at Abraham I see.” So that’s his name, Abraham. Not the best name but it could definitely be worse, I wonder what his last name is, I bet it would sound amazing after Mary! “What’s his last name?” Mary finally asks her sister a few hours into the party, “Abraham? His last name is Lincoln, why? You like him?” Martha says with a wide grin, I know what she is thinking about. That maybe- “Maybe in a year or two we will be hearing the wedding bells again!” Martha says jokingly- knew it.
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