the day mirasol left

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The day mirasol left, nobody shed a tear. Nobody asked where she is. Nobody looked for her. Nobody was worried about her. Nobody knew she left. Nobody knew she's gone. Forever. I should've known.

Romance / Drama
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She was loud. She belongs in the noisiest group in our class. She's smart and outspoken. She always has an opinion about everything. She loves correcting her friends' grammatical errors. She's friends with the boys.

She's almost friends with me.

She does things like it's the last time she's doing it. She reads books like her breath belongs in the odd smell of the old pages. She tells stories like she lived the characters' lives. She laughs at things like it's the first time something in her life has been that funny.

She looks at me like she's asking me to save her from monsters I never knew existed.

And when she vanished one day, nobody looked for her. For she vanished like the fading sound of her crispy laughter when she catches me staring at her.

Nobody was worried about her whereabouts. For she never let anyone worry for her when she was still here.

Nobody cried for her. For nobody has seen her shed a tear when she was still here.

Nobody thought that she left. For she has all the reasons to stay here. Quality education. A big circle of loving friends. Fun.

Am I never a reason to stay?

Until we realized she's gone. Forever.

The day Mirasol left, nobody knew she did.
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