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"There was a bride named Elliaree(Ell) who was being forced in a marriage. She is twenty-six years old so her parents aggreed to her wedding because of a money. Then when the day she confront her parents,asked them who's the lucky bastard. They said that they don't know who he is, instead a letter came from her before the wedding day. And she realized that her future husband would be an unknown lucky bastard. When the wedding day came,Ell was surprised for a blindfold proposal. She was being blindfold during up to the end of the wedding. Ell was curious why the man infront of him don't want him to be seen by her but the kiss that landed on her lips still immersed in her heart heavily,left as a hot mark in her mind. Who is he? Then when she woke up late,she just woke up like a queen in a big mansion, surrounded by unknown people within their hold suits in a leather. She tried to find her husband but no one said who he was. All the details are not necessary to tell to her that was Heiden command before he left. In Heiden point of view,he just don't want to let her wife know him because he is afraid that she might be in danger when she will be near beside him. It is better to keep her life more in peace and only secretly love her virtually.The time will come and so he will be there always that's why he's hidding his personality to her even his face but the destiny changed.

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Episode 1: Money brings me a disaster

Daytime on the Peris City and Elliaree is busy on their house working,living her alone because her mother and father went out to talk to someone.

"Oh! What is life like this without money? it's hard to work alone, my life is boring ever and fore---"

She stopped thinking when three knocks from the door being heard.

"The door is open grandma..."she said then two oldies came inside. Her mother is wearing a simple wide dress and a simple classic shirts for her father.

"Oh mother you arrived..do you want water?"she asked her mother

"No Ell,just need a rest, accomplish your tasks and come upstairs so that we can talk together." Mother


Elliaree notice the silence of her father.

"Father,..are you okay?"she asked when his father only stared at the old painting in front of them.

The old painting have a beautiful woman like a goddess that was holding an angel on her arms,a beautiful and adorable baby with a gray birthmark on her back. A gray birthmark of gray rose.

"Nothing, I'm just happy for you."Father

Elliaree mind become curious.

"Why shouldn't you, I'm also always happy to be with you and mother."then a voice came upstairs.

"The two of you come here upstairs.!"Mother

"Coming!"the said in unison...

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