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Take My Breath Away (Summers Love Series Book 3)

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Twenty-two year old Valentina McGuire returned home to Travis Springs after completing her Bachelor's Degree in Fashion Designing. Her mom wasn't keeping well and her father, the sheriff of the town, Phil McGuire couldn't cope up on his own anymore. It was at a wedding that she met the sinfully gorgeous Brody Summers, who was an Architect managing their family construction business with his brothers. His bad reputation with women, his playboy good looks drives her far away from him. Brody doesn't know failure. He is hit hard by the girl who's oblivious to his charms. Will he be able to win her over or will he be forced to forget Valentina forever when his past catches up and he has no choices? Read on to find out what happens to Brody Summers. How he copes with his fate?

Romance / Drama
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"Bro, it's been so long dude. Let's get laid tonight. Lucas got married and now Brian will too," said a twenty year old Bronson Summers to his older brother Brody Summers who was five years older than him.

Living in their grandpa's ranch in the small town of Travis Springs in Hays county, Texas, they didn't have a lot of choices though. They knew the girls there and they're already done with the available ones who were ready for a night of fun.

"Yeah, Bron, let's go to Austin," suggested Brody. They grinned happily at each other. Their oldest brother Blade was too goody to be real, making their dad, Jamie Summers so proud of him. Their mom, Daisy Summers had left all hope of getting these two serious and rope them into the family's many businesses; construction, floriculture, and horse training and sale, amongst the main ones.

After Lucas, their neighbour and friend married their cousin Brittany, they were heartbroken. Lucas was as old as their cousins Briar and Bryce. Brody was all the more depressed when Brian, Brittany's brother announced his marriage to Briella, Lucas's cousin.

He had left his ways two years back and tried to take an interest in the family business after completing his MS in architecture. Now he felt as frustrated as Bronson after Bryce, his cousin too found his love. He was busy chasing Ivory, Briella's best friend. His twin brother Briar found solace in the bottle, but what about them?

So after dinner, both boys sneaked out to their trucks and drove to Austin. In half an hour they parked in front of a night club and went in together.

"We'll go home separately once we're done," said Brody looking around to see if anyone caught his eye.

"Yeah," said Bronson as they approached the bartender and gave their orders.

They sat at a nearby table and looked around. Both with their drop dead gorgeous looks never faced failure. Women flocked to them like bees to honey. The waitress approached them wearing a tight red blouse with the first three buttons open, showing her big, rounded boobs and a tight mini skirt. She winked at Brody and bent over on the nearby table, showing off her red thong clad butt.

"She's mine," hissed Brody, excited to have found someone to take out his frustration.

She came over to their table with their orders."Here you go, boys," she said placing the drinks on the table. She then came and sat on Brody's lap. "The name's Cathy, my place or yours?" She asked in a nasal tone.

"Yours," he said.

"I get off in fifteen minutes," she said, getting up and winking before going about her work, swaying her hips more than necessary.

"That was easy," said Bronson with jealousy.

"Good luck baby brother," Brody said, gulping down his drink.

After fifteen minutes, Brody left in his truck with the girl, Cathy. Bronson was busy getting a lap dance from one of the club girls and he didn't disturb.

The girl took him to her humble one roomed apartment on the outskirts of the city. "Make yourself comfortable while I change," she said going into the bedroom and locking the door.

The door opened and she emerged wearing a red babydoll dress. She called him into her bedroom. They had their night of fun. Brody got up to leave when she was asleep, leaving a lot of money for her. It seemed she needed it. As he was leaving, his eyes fell upon her books. So she was a student. He wore his clothes and left.

He drove straight home and took a shower and went to bed.

Two days later it was Brian's wedding. It was a family affair with no outsiders invited. After the wedding ceremony they were to gather at Brian's new house for a gettogether to congratulate the newlyweds. He was busy with the drinks when he saw the sheriff Phil McGuire arrive with his wife Chloe and their twenty-two year old daughter, Valentina. Lucas and Brian had specially invited them home to congratulate the wedded couple for whom the sheriff had done so much.

The moment Valentina entered the room, Brody's eyes popped out. She was too gorgeous, with her cascading blonde locks, shining like gold in the afternoon sun, her twinkling blue eyes looking like sparkling crystals. Her innocent heart shaped face with flawless porcelain skin tone made her almost ethereal and gorgeous beyond words. Brody went up to her and held out a chair for her. She looked up at him and smiled, saying a soft, "Thank you."

The sheriff introduced his family and everyone gathered to congratulate the wedded couple and give gifts.

Appetizers and drinks were being served to all on the huge backyard, where seating arrangements were made for all. Soft romantic music flowed which was manned by none other than Bronson. After the newlyweds first dance, Bryce danced with Ivory, Lucas with Brittany and grandpa with grandma. His mom and his aunt Olivia who was Bryce and Briar's mom were busy chatting with the sheriff's wife, Chloe McGuire while Valentina quietly sat with them, listening.

Brody went to Briar, Blade and Bronson and announced,"She's mine. Don't even think about it," he said, smirking as he approached her for a dance. They glared at him, sending daggers with their smouldering jealous gazes.

"I'll die a bachelor, that's for sure, cheers to Cliff Richard's 'Bachelor Boy'," Briar said grumpily and went to join his dad for a drink.

Blade and Bronson sighed heavily and went to handle the music and help themselves to the mouthwatering appetizers.

Valentina got up from her seat and went to get a drink. Brody felt the time had come for him to approach her. He went up to her as she suddenly turned and the drink she was carrying spilled onto his tuxedo. Uh oh, that would leave a stain.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, I I, here, let me clean it up," she said as she held his hand and led him to the washroom. Brody loved the feel of her soft smooth hands in his. Like a lovesick puppy, he followed her. She searched the bathroom and took out a can of Oxy Magic which was kept along with laundry detergent supplies.

She came close and caught his lapel and sprayed the solution onto the stain. Brody's eyes were hypnotised on her. She was more beautiful from so close. It seemed that he was mesmerised by the girl. She picked up a toothbrush and gently scrubbed for a few minutes. Brody didn't want this to end. He was too engrossed in her to know what she was doing. His whole concentration was on her soft body close to his, her breath on his neck.

"There, it's done. Leave it for a few minutes and the stain will go. You can dry clean later," she said, satisfied with her handiwork. The moment she looked up, she blushed at the sinfully attractive man, who kept staring at her with his ocean blue eyes. From the time he pulled her chair out for her, she was acutely aware of his hot gaze.

"Thank you, Valentina," he whispered, his hand going to her waist. She looked up helplessly, her eyes wide, as she put her soft hands on his chest to put some distance between them.

"Tell me Valentina, If I ask you for a dance, will your dad shoot me at the spot?" He asked softly, his eyes not leaving her upturned face even for a single second.

"He might," she said, trying to suppress a grin.

"In that case, we have to risk it and see. So, will you dance with me, Valentina?" He asked, smiling.

" I don't dance with strangers," she said calmly, a smile hovering on her lips.

"Indeed, you don't. Well, let me introduce myself. I'm Brody Summers, MS in architecture, twenty-six years of age, single, hardworking and very interested in you," he said emphasising the last part. She blushed to the roots of her hair. How desperate can a person be?

"Well, I'm not, so maybe later if I ever be," she said, pushing him and returning back to the backyard. It was already evening and dinner was being served. She hurriedly sat beside Brittany and the kids.

Brody couldn't believe that a girl could be so oblivious to his charms and his sinfully gorgeous looks. He returned to the party determined as ever to win her, to make her his. He had been playing with the girls in town as well as in Austin where he attended college. He had never been turned down in his entire life. Women couldn't resist his charms. What happened to this girl? Was she interested differently? No, not possible.

He sat down to dinner absentmindedly, staring every now and then at Valentina as she grinned at Brittany's kids. Blade nudged his shoulder, "Little brother, how'd it go?" He asked with a smirk, knowing full well that he'd been dumped.

"You know how it went. She turned me down," he confessed.

"When did that ever stop you? Pursue," Blade said as they both smiled at one another.

So, with a new determination Brody started his mission, 'Win Valentina McGuire'.


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