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Jade Monet looked at the crumpled newspaper in her hands and felt sad. She walked over to the window and reflected on her picturesque surroundings. She had always loved pretty Tirk with its pretty, petite parks. It was a place that encouraged her tendency to feel sad. Then she saw something in the distance, or rather someone. It was the figure of Liam Cox. Liam was a delightful and charming A-list celebrity and a coward with a fragile heart despite his domineering countenance. Jade gulped. She glanced at her own reflection. She was a smart, special and with terrible drinking habits But not even a smart person who had once helped a puny injured bird recover from a flying accident, was prepared for what Liam had in store today. The rain hammered like smiling koalas, making Jade lonely. As Jade stepped outside and Liam came closer, she could see the zealous smile on his face. Liam gazed with the affection of 3709 popular powerless pigeons. He said, in hushed tones, "I love you and I want love." Jade looked back, even more lonely and still fingering the crumpled newspaper. "Liam, how could you," she replied.

Romance / Drama
Sylvia Kingdom
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Forged on the northern side of a sea, is the metropolis of Ahemil. This metropolis wasn’t built by a sea by accident, as it has ancient histories, which is of a great importance to the people of Ahemil and its success.
The metropolis itself looked impressive. With its redwood rooftops, maple wood walls and the native bird species, Ahemil had the most glamorous atmosphere. The main attraction is the graveyard, which was built 100 years ago and designed by dwarves. I found that most impressive and yet strange.But my happiness didn’t last the whole trip. As my big sister and I were returning after a very meaning trip, it was actually my sisters business trip and I tagged along. I remember the song that played on the radio, it was a windy afternoon and I remember putting down the window to stick my head out like a dog on a road trip.
“Be careful not to fall out” my sister Becca teased,
“don’t worry I’m fine” I replied as I sat back down, “can I drive?” I asked expecting a no for an answer
“sure when we reach the next stop” Becca answered smiling at me.
I was surprised “really? Oh cool”. I just got my drivers license and I’d been practicing real hard on our street. The next stop was 2 miles away so I still had time to prepare myself. I sat back and closed my eyes nodding my head to the song that was playing and also stopping myself from laughing at my sister singing the wrong lyrics to the song.
“its, think hard but don’t think long not think has it’s going ding dong” I blurted when I couldn’t take it anymore,
“that’s what I said” argued my sister
“no it’s not” I replied smiling at her,
“it’s too fast that’s why you couldn’t hear me well” she still argued
“fine continue the song”
“so you can laugh at me, not a chance” I laughed loudly
“see you didn’t say the right thing, how do you always do that?”
“I never hear what they say really I just enjoy the rhythm”.
As we were enjoying our time teasing each other, we didn’t notice the truck that came out unexpectedly from the right and crashed into the car, the sudden impact threw the car to the edge of the road the car broke through the bars used to demarcate the road fro the rocky valley leading to the sea, the car was hanging any slight movement and it would drop. I gained consciousness and realised my sister was covered in blood, she was the subject of the impact as it was applied on her side
“Becca, Becca please stay with me I’ll go get help, I struggled to open the doors but to no avail. My sister finally groaned in pain “Jade are you okay?”
“yes I’m fine, you’re really hurt don’t talk I’ll figure out something” my mind was blank I couldn’t think straight seeing my sister I this state made my mind and my heart go into a frenzy
“Jade listen to me carefully” my sister said as she picked her words one after the other “ take my bag, in it are very important documents keep them very safe and don’t tell anybody about them okay?” I looked at her as if I didn’t understand what she was saying because I honestly didn’t understand, why was she talking about some documents when we were about to die?
“now take my bag and go look for help I’ll be right behind you, we can only leave here on at a time. Use my shoe to break the window Jade you have to hurry” without thinking I did what my sister said and broke the windshield of the car then I tried climbing out but the more I moved the more unstable the car became
“I can’t do this” I said as I stopped moving.
“you can just keep on going” my sister said in an assuring tone
“but if I do the car would fall off and you won’t make it”
“don’t worry just keep on going without looking back and I’ll do the same, trust me” with the encouragement I kept on moving despite the rickety sound coming from the car and finally I got to the end of the car, as I jumped off the last strap holding the car broke and down it when tumbling into the valley with my sister inside and it ended with a loud bang from the explosion.
I just stood there lifelessly. My sister was gone, right before my eyes and it was all my fault.
I opened my eyes and the bright light blinded me and I thought I was in heaven. I tried to stand up but it was like my whole bottom side was not there, I couldn’t move at all
“she’s awake” I heard a voice call out. When I opened my eyes I could see faces looking down at me
“are you okay?” Andre my elder brother asked. As my vision cleared I realised that the faces were those of my siblings.
“What are you all doing here? Are you all dead too? I asked in an unsettling voice “Where am I?” I asked as my head became fuzzy and I couldn’t think straight and I became very sleepy. My eyes closed back. The doctor came rushing in, he examined me.
“she just woke up for a brief moment but her vitals are normal she just needs to rest.”
I woke up the next day very weak, my brother was sleeping beside me.
“Andre” I said with my weak voice and moved my hands so I could hold him. He jumped almost immediately startling me.
“are you okay Jay?” He asked
“I’m fine” I replied as I tried to sit up
“Are you sure you are okay?” He looked at me with a lot of worry in his eyes. I nodded
“Andre, Becca…she” “shh it’s okay everything is going to be fine” as he stopped me from continuing. Still in my dreams, that scene plays over and over and over.
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