Love Stained

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Chapter 10 - A Prince’s Pariah

Prince Kyanite POV

12 days ago...

Too many panthers were going missing. Too many. After my sister had returned home in one piece and ensured us that her captor had been killed, we were certain the disappearances would stop. But they didn’t.
This week alone we had two vanish, a husband and wife that left the safety of our kingdom to go sight see...fucking idiots.

I had wanted to seal the kingdom completely, so no civilian panthers could leave at all. My mother disagreed though. That was typical of her, she was so caught up in their rights that she was blinded to the fact that we would be doing it to protect them.

My sister had come to me upon returning home from her...capture. She babbled in my ear about a solution to our problem. That there was a woman, a multi species shifter tribrid.
Onyx was convinced that this mutant could be what we needed to bridge the gap between all species, but more importantly the gap between the wolves and panthers.

The idea was preposterous. Wolves and bears could not be trusted. The idea of there being a woman out there that was a combination of all three species only made be think that she was dangerous. Women were dangerous enough on their own without the added factors that she had.
How many wars had been fought over women? How many Kings and Alpha’s had found their demise over the idea of their fated pussy?

Not me. I had no true mate, not many panthers did. There were fuck all of us left. I knew every panther in Panthera and none of them lit a fire in my soul that would indicate they were fated to me.
Sure, I fucked plenty of the she-panthers, I was the Prince. I could have whoever I wanted, whenever I wanted. But if a female ever came between me and doing what was right for my Kingdom...I would always choose Panthera.

Having said that. The idea of this tribrid intrigued me. It intrigued me enough that it had me wandering through the god forsaken forests surrounding Fern Creek, hoping that maybe I would catch a glimpse of her as she ventured out, away from the safety of her pack.

I had my scent safely cloaked by one of the mages back home. As long as I stayed out of sight then no wolf would be the wiser that I was here.
As I neared the back of the Fern Creek compound something caught my nose.

What was that scent?

I inhaled deeply, drawing it into my lungs. Until now, all I had been able to smell was the vile stench of wet dog...but this was musky, heady, with a floral undertone. It was heaven.
I noted the direction the breeze was coming from. The scent had to be coming from the compound. What did they have in there?

I climbed a tree at the back perimeter, it was large and with enough foliage to hide me from and prying eyes. Underneath the tree ran a beautiful creek that disappeared underneath the fence of the compound. I reached the top of the tree and peered into the glorified dog run.

That was when I saw her. The most beautiful woman I had ever seen. She knelt at the creek on the other side of the fence. She dipped her hands in the water, splashing her face.
I felt my body heating as I took in every inch of her. Her skin was tanned, her body toned, her legs long and curvaceous. Her clothing didn’t do much to disguise the perfect roundness of her arse or the way her breasts moved as she did.

Fuck. I was getting hard.

I watched as she splashed more water on her face, she closed her eyes, her breasts rising and falling as she breathed in the warm afternoon air.
Then she stopped. She stood up, sniffing the air around her.


I was sweating. I was aroused. Yes, my scent had been cloaked before leaving the Kingdom but magic could only do so much to disguise the aroma of an unmated panther prince.

The woman faced my direction for a moment, my heart stopped. Her eyes were the colour of sapphires, ice blue and beyond breathtaking. I was use to being surrounded by precious stones, but these were indescribable.
I rearranged my swollen package that was uncomfortably rubbing against my thigh and began to lower myself down the tree. The last thing I needed was for the woman to see me and alert the rabid dogs of my presence.

I followed her scent along the fence line for a moment, savouring every last drop before I needed to leave.
One thing was for certain. I would be back.


The following day...

I couldn’t sleep at all last night. Every time I closed my eyes I could see her, I could smell her. I had pumped my cock until my wrist was sore, it didn’t help. I had even dragged one of the maids into my room, fucking her face whilst imagining it was the woman with the sapphire eyes. That didn’t help either.

I needed to see her again and this time I was prepared.

Not only was my scent cloaked but my body was too. The mage who’s help I enlisted was not stoked with the task, he thought a panther prince sneaking into a wolf’s compound was a suicide mission. Unlucky for him I had some dirt on his past that his wife wouldn’t be too fond of reluctantly, he helped me.

I climbed the same tree that I’d used yesterday and managed to get over the fence without a worry in the world.


I could smell her already. My panther had memorised her scent, he could single it out from all the disgusting scents around this place; her’s was intoxicating. I followed my nose, making sure I stayed light on my feet. I knew I couldn’t be seen but I could still be heard.

I ended up towards the front of the compound, I could see the gate from where I was. It was guarded by several wolves. I smirked, stupid dogs didn’t even realise they had the prince of panthers right under their pathetic noses.

I closed my eyes. Breathing in the woman’s aroma, I looked straight up at the double storied house next to me and I knew she was in there. I honed my senses, I could hear water running, her scent was damp with steam. She was in the shower. I felt my cock twitch.

No. I had to focus. If I let my lust take over, like I nearly did yesterday, then the magic would evaporate in my body’s heat. I needed to stay in control.
I looked up to a window, I knew it must have been where she was as the glass was foggy with condensation. The water turned off. I clenched my fist, trying not to imagine her naked body stepping out of the shower, water dripping down that beautiful tan skin.

Just then the window opened and my jaw dropped to my knees. There she was, a goddess. I watched her close those flawless sapphire eyes softly and breath in the warm air. She was naked, her breasts perfect and round. I imagined that they would fit nicely in my hands as she sat on top of me, bouncing on my cock.


I was losing it. I hadn’t anticipated that I would see the woman naked. I didn’t know if I had the will power in me not to tear into that house and fuck her brains out. I knew every wolf in here would tear me to shreds...but it might be worth it.

I saw something in her expression change. She could smell me. She had the same look on her face that she did yesterday. How the fuck could she still smell my scent?!
The woman disappeared suddenly from the window and within a minute she was bursting out the front door. My heart stopped, I held my breath. If she got any closer she would bust me and I’d be dog food.

I focused on my breathing, slowing my heart rate, controlling my panther. I could feel the mage’s magic regaining its hold.
The woman breathed in the air around her before turning and breathing in again. I watched as a wolf approached her, eyeing her behaviour quizzically.

“Everything ok?” He asked.

The woman jumped. Turning to the wolf. I wondered if this was her lover, my panther hissed internally.

“Yeah. I just thought...never mind. I thought you were with Jayce today” she answered, her voice silky and soft.

Jayce was the name of the Fern Creek Alpha, if I remembered correctly. The wolf nodded and kicked a rock on the ground.

“Yeah. I was. He’s just gone out to run some errands”

The woman raised her brow and snorted.

“Since when does Jayce run errands?”

The wolf shrugged.

“Hey. If your lover boy wants to pick up his own dry cleaning then I’m not going to argue with him. He’ll be back soon”

Lover boy?! She was fucking the Alpha?! I felt my blood start to boil. What the fuck. Why did I care if this woman had a lover? Why was it pissing me off so much?

“So if Jayce is...out, what are you doing here?” She asked.

My eyes were drawn to her lips as she spoke and all I could think about was how they would feel around my dick.

“No reason” the wolf answered quickly, “what had you running out here? All wet hair and no shoes”

The woman scratched her head and looked around, for a moment I felt like her eyes landed directly on me.

“I thought I could smell something but I think I’m losing my mind” she muttered.

I didn’t hear another word that was said between the two. She had smelt me, I knew it. The magic that the mage used was strong, I couldn’t understand how a woman could still pick me up through it. I moved away from the house, I needed to regroup. I needed to get away from her so I could hear myself think.

I sat on the other side of the back perimeter fence for what felt like hours. Every scenario had gone through my head but I always ended up at the same conclusion.

That woman was the shifter tribrid...and she was my mate.

The word ‘mate’ left a bitter taste in my mouth. No longer did I think of that woman as a goddess but now as a pariah. She was venom, she was dangerous. She had already made me let my guard down and she didn’t even know I existed.
I splashed the water from the creek on my face, thinking that maybe the coolness would bring with it some clarity. How could I let this fucking happen? I knew that I needed to get away from here, never come near Fern Creek again, forget that this harlot ever existed...but how could I?
I would go to sleep every night with the image of her naked body in my mind, her Alpha wolf making her scream his name when she should be screaming mine.

I clenched my fists. I knew what I had to do. I needed focus, I needed my head in the game if I was ever going to get to the bottom of what was slowly picking panthers off one by one. While this abomination of a creature was walking this earth I knew I would never have that focus...she would be my only focus. She needed to die.

I approached the Fern Creek pack house again. It was late, the moon high in the sky. My stomach turned, knowing what I was about to do. I pushed the pathetic, weak thoughts out of my mind. She was nothing to me, she was a catalyst to my demise...nothing more.

I stepped up on to the veranda, my pace faltering as her mesmerising aroma filled my nose. I approached the door, my hand grabbing on to the handle. I needed to be in and out fast, I could approach her from behind and slit her throat before she even knew I was there.
My panther whined just as I was about to twist the handle. I had never felt my panther in pain before, not like this. I sighed, leaning my head against the wood of the door. If I murdered cold blood, what would that mean for my panther?
I had heard stories about shifters losing their fated mates, even before completing the bond, the pain that it caused them was like no other. Some shifters even being driven into insanity, forced to take their own lives just to ease the pain. I couldn’t risk that. I couldn’t.

Just then I heard a movement inside and the woman call out.


Wrong mate.

I could feel the woman approaching the door. I needed to get out of here, I needed to go back to Panthera and forget about this toxic animal.
I retreated from the veranda with the intention of heading straight to the back of the compound. Instead, I found myself watching as the woman opened the front door, stepping outside and looking around.
She headed down the stairs and over to the neighbouring house. She knocked on the door but there was no answer, she looked through the window. I watched her, I stared at her. I wanted to hate her, to be disgusted in her with every fibre of my body; but instead I wanted her. I wanted to run my fingers through her hair, to feel her skin under my hands, to feel her lips under my lips.

A breeze picked up and the leaves at my feet swirled around and drifted towards the tribrid. She shivered, pulling her cardigan tighter around her body. She turned and started heading back towards the pack house...then she stopped.

Fuck. Not again.

Her head snapped in my direction. It was as if she knew I was there. That was it, I had to leave. It was now or never. I made my way as quickly and quietly as I could to the back of the compound, making my way over the fence. I dropped to the ground, my heart beating rapidly in my chest.

That had been too close. This could never happen again.

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