Love Stained

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Chapter 11 - A Deadly Dance

Prince Kyanite POV

2 days ago...

I’d stayed away from the tribrid woman for nearly a week. It had all but killed me. The sooner our mages summoned enough power to move Panthera’s location, the better.

I had a duty. I, along with a couple of our best warriors had been patrolling the surrounding forests, making sure any stray panthers were kept safe. But every time I ventured out I could sense her, her panther was calling to me; she knew I was out here. I would find myself getting too close to the compound, close enough that I could smell her scent...mixing with the scent of her rabid dog mate. It was enough to send me insane, or near enough.

I’d lashed out at everyone close to me, of which there hadn’t been many to begin with. Onyx wasn’t speaking to me anymore. Even her best friend Obi would avoid me, and he normally followed me around like a bad smell.

The Alpha was on to me. I knew it. He’d increased the border patrols on his compound and had even been patrolling them himself. What a dickhead. If I had a woman at home like that tribrid I would be more focused on satisfying her needs than concerning myself with the scent of an unmated panther. Maybe he knew it was more than just a horny cat sniffing around...maybe he felt threatened. He should.


Enough was enough. I had enough good warriors that I would no longer be needed to patrol the forest. They would handle it and report back to me. If I stayed in Panthera then I wouldn’t have that added temptation and I wouldn’t end up doing something sneaking into the Fern Creek compound again.



“Nyx. What are you doing?” I groaned, hearing my sister pacing outside my office door.

She jumped. Did she really think I didn’t know she was there? Stupid girl.
Onyx stepped up to the doorway.

“May I speak with you?” She asked quietly.

I looked at the clock on the wall and sighed.

“I have five minutes until I’m needed elsewhere. So you have four minutes to talk. Make it quick”

Onyx nodded and entered my office, sitting down opposite me at my mahogany desk. She looked nervous, biting her lip, picking at her nails. She was nothing like the confident princess that she should be.

“Onyx. I’m waiting” I snapped.

The girl flinched, nodding her head as if to say ‘ok. I’ve got this’.

“So. You know how I spoke to you a little while ago about the shifter tribrid at Fern Creek?”

What the actual fuck?

I glared at her. My eyes flickering with rage at the fact she was bringing up that harpy after I had just decided to never think of her again.

“What about it?” I asked, with emphasis on the word ‘it’, that tribrid wasn’t a woman...she was a thing.

Onyx bit her lip again. The girl was going to make it bleed.

“I know you said you weren’t interested in meeting her...but I haven’t been able to sleep. I know that she is the key to our survival...”

My glare didn’t falter. My sister had better get to her fucking point before I slapped it out of her.

“...I had to at least try. I know you’ll be annoyed, but just give her a chance...”

“Onyx” I growled in a low, even tone, “what the fuck are you saying?”

Onyx broke eye contact with me, looking down at her hands.

“She’s on her way here-”


I grabbed the edge of my desk, standing and flipping it in to its side; Onyx barely got out of the way before the wood splintered down over her chair.

“What the fuck Kyan?!” She squealed, hurrying towards the door.

“Have you no idea what you’ve done?!” I roared.

No. Clearly she fucking didn’t.

I grabbed a lamp from the side table, hurling through the window to the garden below. I ripped the book shelf from the wall and threw a glass orb at the door beside Onyx’s head, a sea of colour shattering everywhere.

“What’s the big deal? She’s no threat to us!” Onyx screamed, “She saved my life...she can save all of us. You don’t even have to speak to her if you don’t want-”

“She’s my fucking mate!” I roared.


Onyx stood staring at me, her face frozen in shock. We stood staring at each other in silence, neither knowing what to say. After a few minutes I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“She is to stay one night. That’s it. I don’t want her anywhere near me. Do you understand?”

Onyx looked at me confused.

“But Kyan. If she is your mate...I don’t understand. You should be with her! Oh my god! She really is the key to saving us...she’ll one day be our Queen!”


The princess jumped back, her large dark eyes filling with tears.

“Don’t you get it? She is the Luna of a wolf pack! What do you think would happen if I followed through with the bond? How do you think the wolves would react to that? Do you think that would bring us closer together? Do you think that would bring peace?!”

I saw the realisation spread across Onyx’s face as she took in what I was saying. This tribrid mutt was just another whore that demanded a war be fought over her. Not a fucking chance was I going to let Panthera fall because the Panther god had decided this mutant was my destiny.

“Do you understand?” I snapped, throwing my arms up at my sister.

She silently nodded.

“Good. Now get the fuck out before you fuck something else up”

I’d spent the rest of the day in my wing of the palace. I had cancelled all of my meetings and told my parents that I was unwell. They weren’t overly impressed that I was missing the dinner to welcome Luna Quinn into the Kingdom. They had no idea.

I had called upon my trusted mage again to cloak my scent, the last thing I needed was for the tribrid to smell me again. If she figured out that the scent lingering around her compound had been a panther, it wouldn’t go down awfully well.

It was night. I sat out on my terrace, taking in the light of the moon and listening to the sound of the water trickling down the small waterfall in my garden. I was trying not to think of Quinn but when her scent suddenly caught my nose, I knew I was in trouble.
I stood up, walking down the steps and into my garden. I inhaled deeply, her celestial musk filling my lungs. She was out here somewhere. The palace gardens all entwined, the palace surrounded the gardens instead of the other way around.

My body, as if having a mind of its own, followed the scent. Pushing through the overgrown trees and vines, stepping over logs and plants, leaping over rocks and stones; until I came to the dining hall terrace...and there she was.

I knew I should leave. I knew I should turn around and go back to my wing, staying there until she was safely back in Fern Creek...but I couldn’t. I stared at her. She was standing out on the terrace wearing the most beautiful dress I had even seen. She looked like a sapphire Angel. Her body had nothing angelic about it though, the way the material clung to her breasts made my cock harden. I could see every inch of skin on her back and the slit was just begging me to pull it to the side and bury my face between her legs. I knew she was naked under that dress...teasing me, taunting me...testing me.

I raised my brow and breathed in. What was that? Her scent had changed and it was driving me crazy. She was aroused, I could smell it. I watched intently as her breathing laboured and her nipples hardened. I rubbed the front of my pants, my cock was hard and uncomfortable. What was she thinking about?

The sapphire Angel crossed her arms over her chest, hiding her perk breasts from me. My panther huffed in disappointment. She looked sad and somewhere deep in my cold heart, I wanted to see her happy.

I could feel the mage’s cloaking spell fading. I was letting my emotions take over, once again I was letting this woman control me.
She closed her eyes, breathing deeply, her nipples pressing firmly against the flimsy material of her gown.

She’d picked up my scent.

I quickly moved backwards into the garden when I saw her descend the stairs towards me. It was like she was in a daze, letting her panther guide her as my scent brushed up against everything I touched. I passed the turquoise Panther God fountain and concealed myself behind a tree, my back pressed firmly against it. I closed my eyes, focusing on the hatred I had towards the mixed breed instead of the lust I felt towards it’s heavenly shell.

I had worked hard my whole life, walking in the footsteps of my father, the King. I swore an oath to protect the Panthera Kingdom from anything and anyone, to protect it and it’s people with my life. Now this abomination had sauntered into my life and threatened to destroy it all. I couldn’t have it, she was toxic and her being here could only bring harm. She needed to go!

I felt the mage’s spell solidify itself to my body as my hatred extinguished the burning lust that threatened to melt it.
I clenched my fists and stepped out into the open to see the beast sitting on the side of the sacred fountain, her fingers in the holy water.

“What the fuck are you doing here? Mutt

Her eyes shot open, her poisonous sapphire orbs staring at me, daring me to break the mage’s spell. I glared at her in disgust. What kind of sick game were the gods playing? Fating this creature to me.

“I...fresh air...” she stammered.

Stupid bitch.

“No. What are you doing here? At Panthera”

“I was invited...”

“You shouldn’t have come” I spat.

I looked her up and down without meaning to. She was a poison apple, she looked delicious enough to eat but I knew that would be the end of me. She crossed her arms over her chest, a hint of defiance passing over her goddess-like features.

“Mind your own fucking business” she hissed.

Fucking what?!

My nostrils flared. I clenched my fists at my side. How dare this vile being speak to me like that, in my fucking kingdom. Only she had no idea who I was...
The woman stood up and slid her hands seductively over her dress, straightening the material. She held her head high, her blues locking with my greens.

“Who do you think you are?” I growled, taking a step towards her.

The tribrid stepped back. I smirked at how easily her panther was submitting to mine.

“You will leave in the morning. If I see you again I won’t be held responsible for what I do to you...mutt”

The woman closed her eyes and I breathed in her scent, my body leaning dangerously close to her’s. the anger in me reduced to a simmer and in that moment I wanted to do nothing else but kiss her.


Before I could make a fatal mistake, I was gone. Leaving the woman standing there, alone and scared.


Present day...

I hadn’t slept at all last night. Every time I closed my eyes images of the woman passed through my mind. Her body made me hot, made my testosterone levels soar. I wanted to dominate her, I wanted to make her scream my name.

I also wanted her to leave this place and never return.

I stepped out of the shower, the cold water dripping off my body. I had been hard all night. I’d pumped my cock, milked myself dry...but nothing eased the need that burned inside my body. The fact it was my hand wrapped around my shaft and not her’s...I needed her.

There was a knock on my door and I groaned, draping a towel around my hips and hissing painfully as the material brushed against my sensitive tip.

“Who is it?” I snapped.

“You father”


I opened the door, bowing my head slightly as my father stepped past me and into my room.

“Sorry your majesty” I apologised, “you could have summonsed me, save you the trip to this wing of the palace”

“We summonsed you to dinner last night but you didn’t show...”

I nodded.

“Yes. I had meetings all night...”

“I thought you were unwell”

Shit again.

“Sorry. Yes, that’s right”

The King hummed and paced around my room. Why was he here? He never came to see me.

“Are you sure it wasn’t just because you were too scared to bump into you mate?”

Fucking Onyx!

I readjusted my towel and cleared my throat.

“It seems the princess can’t keep her mouth shut” I muttered.

“Luna Quinn is a powerful ally of ours. She saved your sister’s life and with her help we may be able to get to the bottom of what has been happening to our panthers. That is the mission isn’t it? Or have you forgotten?”

I clenched my jaw. I had been avoiding the tribrid because I hadn’t forgotten the mission. I was doing all of this for the kingdom, not for myself.

“No sir. I definitely have not forgotten the mission. I need a clear mind, the...Luna...doesn’t allow that”

The King chuckled and indicated to my towel.

“I noticed that when you opened the door. Have you not forgotten? Your mother and I were the last true panther mates of Panthera. I know the needs, the temptations that come hand in hand with it”

“With all do respect, your majesty, mother is a panther...not hybrid creature. Also, the tribrid is already an Alpha wolf”

The King nodded, picking up the disgust in my voice.

“That is precisely why you cannot act on your needs. Luna Quinn is here for business and business only. Your dealings with her will be strictly professional. Do you hear me?”

My dealings with her?

“I’m having nothing to do with her. She doesn’t know I’m her mate”

“And we will keep it that way. Keep your scent cloaked and your dick in your pants. Act like the future king, not some hormone driven teenager”

I sat in my throne next to the King. I was seething, partially because of the order my father had given me and partially because that woman clearly hadn’t heeded my warning and was still in Panthera.

The doors to the throne room opened and Onyx basically skipped inside. Wait til I got her on her own, sneaky little bitch. She went and took her seat next to the Queen and then my eyes were automatically drawn to Quinn...the pariah.

I watched as her eyes widened and her scent changed. It was a combination of fear and...arousal? My dick twitched in my pants and the air around me thickened. How the fuck was I suppose to work alongside her when all I wanted to do was tear her clothes of and bury myself to the hilt in her tight, dripping pussy?

“My dear, Quinn. Are you alright?” My mother asked, her voice full of concern.

Yeah, she’s just creaming in her knickers over your son.

Quinn’s eyes shot to the Queen, seemingly snapping her out of her trance.

“Sorry. Yes I’m fine” she answered and straightened her shoulders, “still adjusting to the humidity I think”


The Queen frowned at Quinn’s answer. No doubt she knew the real reason.

“Very well” my father spoke up, “Quinn, I’d like to introduce you to our son, Prince Kyanite of the Panthera Kingdom; heir to the throne”

Quinn refused to look at me, making me more pissed off than it should have. I heard Onyx clear her throat and Quinn looked to her then slowly averted her gaze to me.

Game on.

“An honour to meet you Luna. Welcome to the Panthera Kingdom”

I was impressed with how it came out. There was no hint of desire nor animosity, my father would be proud.

“An honour to meet you too, Prince” she answered.

Her voice gave no indication that she had ever seen me before. She was a good liar too. The corner of my lip twitched, unintentionally giving her a smirk.

“Kyanite is not only the prince of Panthera but also one of our most prized fighters. He has fought many battles against wolves and bears alike. When we mentioned that you were here to potentially assist us with creating peace between wolves and panthers...he insisted on meeting you”

I clenched my fist and Quinn raised her brow at me. If only my father had known that I’d warned her off last night, hardly the actions of someone that insisted on meeting her in this formal setting.

“My son will be king one day” my mother added, “because of this we have decided that he will work alongside you in discussions to bridge this divide. A prince and a Luna, two royalties, working hand in hand to create a safer future for both species...”

The tribrid shook her head and looked to the Queen.

“Your majesty...Astrid. I fear I have already been away from my pack for too long, they’ll be wondering where I am. I really need to return. I can come back though...after speaking to my Alpha”

You mean after fucking your Alpha. Stupid whore. How dumb did she think I was? She had no intention of coming back. She would go back to her Alpha dog and notify him of our secrets...then they would continue picking off our panthers, one by one, until there were none left.
The Queen opened her mouth to speak but I couldn't help myself.

“Return to your pack? Why? So you can tell them all of our secrets and therefor put my people at risk? Not a chance. We will send Obi to pass a message to your Alpha and you can remain here to do what you promised my sister you would do”

The cunning bitch looked stunned, she looked to my sister and then to the Queen.

“I think what my son is trying to that we are more than happy to notify your Alpha of the proceedings. It will save you the journey home only to have you come back again. You’re in safe hands, my dear. Kyanite will ensure that”

I couldn’t help the smile that played on my face with the thought of her in my hands.

“There are no safer hands than my own” I drawled.

“Disrespectful fucking mutt!” I roared at the maid that delivered me my message.

She shook in her shoes, tears welling in her eyes.

“Piss off. Go tell Stan to bring that Tribrid here! Now!”

The maid ran off, terrified of her prince’s temper. I didn’t blame her. Already Quinn had the ability to bring the worst out in me. She really was poison. All I had asked was that she join me for a short meeting to discuss how to move forward with the mission, the stupid slut couldn’t even make it to a meeting on time.

I stood by the entrance to my wing of the palace, tapping my foot impatiently. My scent had been successfully cloaked, all I needed to do was not let the siren’s powers overwhelm my ability to think straight. I had to keep my hands to myself.

Just then I saw the butler and the tribrid approach. She thanked him kindly and he made a quick exit, not wanting to become another victim to my wrath.
Quinn turned her body and looked at me. She looked stunning, even in a simple singlet and denim shorts, she was breathtaking.

“Been waiting long?” She asked, giving me the most epic smile I had ever seen.

She was being smart. Suddenly all I wanted to do was pull down those shorts and smack her arse until it was red raw.

“Well?” She asked, tapping her foot on the ground, looking fucking adorable.

Fuck. This needed to stop. She was fucking with me already. Disgusting poisonous dog.

“As if it wasn’t enough, the King making me work with you, but now I have to put up with your tardiness and disrespectful attitude too? You are a poor excuse for a Luna” I answered, voice void of emotion.

“Your sister was right. You are a jerk” she spat.

My panther stirred at the thought of Quinn and Onyx talking about me. I wondered what had been said. I turned to walk away.

“Come with me. Like it or not, we have business to tend to”

We walked through the many halls and foyers of my wing. I could feel Quinn get more and more tense the further away we got from the main area of the palace.
She asked me where I was taking her. I wanted to take her to my room and fuck her on my bed, cover my sheets in her scent...but I didn’t.
She was nervous around me and I loved it, my panther loved it.

I took the tribrid out on to a terrace. It was my favourite area of my wing. I had always been drawn to water and here I had my own waterfall and small river. I couldn’t help but notice Quinn’s face light up when she saw the garden that extended off the terrace.

“This is my wing of the palace. No one will disturb us here”

Quinn nodded her head then mumbled something about the garden being lovely. I stared into her sapphire eyes, she seemed sad, lost.

“You should never have come here” I said, the words falling from my mouth before I could stop them.

“You already said that, last night. Remember? I would be back home now too...if it weren’t for you!”

I wanted to tell her. I wanted her to know how fucking hard she was making life for me, but I also didn’t want to give her the satisfaction. I had to focus on why we were here. The mission.

“You really think you are the key to bridging the gap between the wolves and the panthers?!” I hissed.

“I don’t know”

You don’t fucking know?! Then why the fuck are you here?
I cursed under my breath and pinched the bridge of my nose. The woman would be the death of me. I walked off into the garden, needing some kind of clarity...or revelation. Then I thought of something.

“Show me” I said, looking back over to Quinn.

She looked at me confused.


I rolled my eyes and gestured to the empty space in front of me.

“Show me your panther”

“No” she answered flatly.

I raised my brow, I knew exactly why she wouldn’t show me. My panther knew it too.

“I want to see it. Shift”


Game on.

“You expect me to put my trust in you...a multi species mutt...and you won’t even shift into your panther?”

She glared at me. She was angry. That’s exactly what I wanted.

“My sister might worship the filthy ground you walk on, but I’ll need a little more convincing. Shift!”


I laughed and shook my head, slowly approaching Quinn. If anger wasn’t going to awaken her panther then I would need to take a different tactic.

“I knew it. You can’t. You’ve been too focused on keeping your flea ridden little dog happy that you’ve neglected your panther. Tell me, has she completely blocked you yet? Or is there still a little bit of her clinging on to your worthless subconscious?”

With that I knew I had struck a chord. She was pissed. I could smell the blood on her hands from her nails digging into the skin. The smell stirred my panther more, he was struggling to keep calm.
I move closer to her, not being able to stop myself. I reached my hand out, tracing my fingers lightly down her arm. The feel of her skin under my touch made my body begin to heat.
Up until now she had been just out of reach...a mirage, but now she was tangible.

Quinn closed her eyes. She breathed in deeply, I allowed my scent to cover her, to envelope her. There was no going back now.
Her eyes shot open, her sapphires full of shock and disbelief.

“It was you” she breathed, barely a whisper.

“Of course it was me. It was always me” I answered, letting the words caress the vision in front of me.

I took another step in towards Quinn and she took one back, her spine pressing firmly against the cool marble pillar behind her. She was so submissive in this moment, her panther might as well have been lying on its back. I took another step closer, caging her like an animal.

“So” I groaned, grabbing a fist full of Quinn’s soft hair and palming it into my nose to take in her delicious scent, “are you going to show me your panther? Or am I going to have to tear it out of you?”

I felt her quiver beneath me. Her breathing was heavy and her heart beat rapid. I felt the Tribrid’s palm press against the material of my shirt and waited for her next move. Then it happened, instead of pushing me away, Quinn tightened her grip on my shirt, holding me close.

My panther purred. She knew. She knew I was her mate.

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