Love Stained

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Chapter 12 - Mother Knows Best

Prince Kyanite POV

“No...” Quinn breathed, barely a whisper.

I could feel her ragged breathing, just like my own. Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She was feeling the effects of being in such close proximity to her mate. She wanted me.

“Yes...” I groaned in her ear, encasing her against the marble pillar.

Just then an epic roar echoed throughout the palace. I felt my body tense, I knew exactly who it was. That fucking Alpha dog was here. He was in my kingdom and he was wanting to take my mate.

“I need you to move away” Quinn breathed into my chest.

I could feel her, still gripping on to my shirt tightly, not allowing me to move even if I wanted to. I didn’t.

“Really? Because your body says otherwise...”

Quinn looked down at her hand and the Alpha’s roar sounded again. She released her grip, her sapphire eyes looking up into mine.

“Let me g-go” she stammered.

My panther hissed.

“Why? So your mutt can go running back to your dog mate?”

I hated the fact that she wanted to go to him, that even with our closeness she was still so far away. I watched her flinch, no doubt receiving a linked communication from her lover.

“He will k-kill you” she rasped.

Was that concern in her voice? Was she worried for me?
I pressed my face into her neck. I felt her shiver under me and her nipples stiffen, my cock hardened in response.

“Maybe I’ll just bend you over that railing now, fill you up with my throbbing cock? Give that dog something he can really be pissed off about”

I stared down at Quinn as she bit her lip. I knew the image of what I was suggesting was exciting her, getting her wet.
Another roar sounded, this one a lot closer. The vibrations caused the pillar at Quinn’s back to shake, I felt her body shudder against me and she pushed her hips into my erect dick.

Fuck. Me.

I was just about to slam my mouth against her’s when Quinn shoved me, sending my flying across to the other side of the terrace. She was fucking strong. I jumped to my feet. My panther was furious, being rejected by his mate because her dog lover was nearby.
My eyes locked on her’s. Was she going to run? I readied my stance, preparing to stop her if I needed to.

She feigned slightly towards the door, making me flinch. She was testing me, seeing if I was going to block her.

“You’re not my mate!” She spat, her voice wavering slightly.

I palmed my still hard cock under my pants and smirked, slowly moving towards her.

“This and the wet patch in your panties says otherwise” I drawled.

Quinn just stood there, frozen. There was an internal battle going on in her head between her panther and wolf. I just had to pray that her panther would win.

“I can feel your panther calling to mine, begging for me to fuck complete the bond. She has been calling to me for weeks, or haven’t you noticed? Too caught up in pining over your pathetic dog mate while he is off gallivanting through the country side? Leaving his horny little slut with no other option but to make herself cum while she lies in bed all alone...”

I was close enough to touch her. I firmly palmed the outside of her shorts, pressing my fingers against her pulsating bud. She moaned in my ear.

Fuck Quinn! I need to fucking take her now.

Before I had a chance to act out on my desires a large black shadow came tearing through the terrace window, glass smashing everywhere, showering down around us. I didn’t have time to shift before the wolf grabbed me, claws piercing my skin and throwing me across into the garden.
I felt my back hit a tree, my ribs shattering. Pain radiated through my body, I just hoped that I had time to recover and shift before the next attack.

I stood up, looking over to where Quinn and the Alpha stood. Her eyes were full of tears, she was crying for him...apologising to him. My panther raged, tearing through my body and causing a violent shift. Before I had time to even think I was thundering towards the wolf. I wanted him dead.
I jumped on him. My fangs slicing through his flesh like a hot knife through butter. I tasted his blood as it filled my mouth. I heard Quinn scream something, but I didn’t care.

I roared out as the wolf spun around, grabbing on to my back. I slashed at him with my claws. There was blood everywhere, at this stage probably an equal mix of both his and mine. We fought aggressively, violently, neither one of us backing down. At this rate we would both die. Quinn would be left alone, maybe to find a bear to warm her bed.

I cried out again as the wolf clawed across my face. I couldn’t see, this was it. This was how I would die.

An epic howl sounded out, the mixture of anger and desperation. It was terrifying. What was that?
Suddenly the Alpha was ripped from my body and thrown across to the other side of the terrace. My eyes took a second to focus and heal before I could take in the sight in front of me.

There stood a beast like non other, like nothing I had ever seen. It was large, not as big as the Alpha or myself...but big enough. It had the most magnificent silver coat covering it’s body. The head of a wolf but the muzzle of a panther. The strong legs and spine of a wolf but the paws and tail of a panther, it was a pure mix of both and it was stunning. Quinn was stunning. My mate was stunning.

I watched as the tribrid turned to the wolf. He snarled at her, showing his blood dripping from them. She turned to me so I did the same. If she thought she could look to him first and not piss me off, then she had another thing coming. I was still going to kill the him.
Quinn could see that neither of us were backing down. She planted her paws, firmly on the ground. She wasn’t backing down either.


We all turned our heads towards my father that stood in what use to be the doorway. He looked fucking pissed and he wasn’t a man that angered easily. My mother stood next to him and behind her was Onyx and the wolf that I had seen talking to Quinn back at the Fern Creek compound.

“You will stop this nonsense!” Snapped the King, “This Alpha has torn apart half my palace!”

Ha! I hissed under my breath. My father’s anger was directed at the wolf, this wasn’t going to end well for him. Then my father turned to me, fury behind his glare.


“And you! Son. How dare you use Quinn’s being here as a way of claiming something that is not yours to claim! We have been through this!”

Shit. The King had called me out. I was never going to hear the end of this. I’d disobeyed his orders.

“Now” my mother spoke, her voice calm and level, “you will all shift back into your human forms. We will all get some space, gather ourselves and regroup later to discuss how to proceed from here”

My mother was normally a smart woman but she was daft if she thought I was just going to willingly change back into my human form. The Alpha would rip my throat out the second he had a chance.
My mother sighed, seeing that her request was falling on deaf ears.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you the choice”

She gestured to the shadows and one of our mages appeared. She was one of our best. What did my mother have planned?
The mage started chanting an incantation in Latin and I felt my bones begin to break and twist rapidly. I wasn’t ready to shift back yet, I needed my panther to heal my injuries.

I fell to the ground, the pain from my wounds overwhelming me as the adrenaline from my panther began to wear off. I looked up to see where Quinn was and my heart hurt.
She ran over to the Alpha, her lover. She was cradling his face, not even looking at me. I didn’t want to care, I didn’t want to give a shit that she went straight back into his arms. But I did. My panther cried, licking his wounds. She had rejected us.

I turned my back. Ashamed and embarrassed, I didn’t want to see her and I didn’t want her to see me.

I needed to be alone.

I sat in the same spot for what felt like hours. Eventually everyone around me had left, it was just me. I got up on my feet gingerly, wincing as the pain radiated through my whole body. I looked around, the place was a mess. Glass and blood everywhere, it looked like a murder scene.

I walked to the door at the side of the terrace, opening it and stepping into my bedroom. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, I looked fucking terrible. I headed into the ensuite and turned the shower on, stepping in before it had a chance to heat up. I hissed as the water stung my skin before it turned red and circled the drain in a bloody mess.

What the fuck had just happened? I’d screwed up everything and it was all because of that fucking woman.
I’d had a plan. The plan had been to get through today, have a brief conversation with Quinn about the mission and send her on her way. Then I would make sure she held up her end of the bargain while our mages moved the kingdom far away from Fern Creek.

But everything had gone to shit. One look in those sapphire eyes and my plan had been destroyed. I hated her, I hated her and everything that she stood for. She was something that shouldn’t even exist, she was something that Hades had to have created because it sure as hell couldn’t have been a creation of the panther god.

So why did I find myself pining for her? My panther’s emotional pain right now was overshadowing my physical pain. He was distraught, rejected by his fated mate while she went off to lick the wounds of her Alpha wolf.

I pulled a shard of glass out of my thigh and dropped it to the floor of the shower. The thought of her sitting in a room with him, washing him, dressing his wounds...made me sick. Here I sat, on the floor of my shower, alone, while my panther was too heartbroken to heal my injuries.

I heard a knock on my bedroom door.

“Fuck off!” I yelled out, grabbing my ribs in pain as the simple motion of talking hurt my body.

I heard the door open anyway and I groaned as I rose to my feet.

“I said fuck off-”

I stopped suddenly as my mother walked into the ensuite. I bowed my head slightly.

“Sorry, your majesty. I thought you were someone else”

I looked up at the Queen. She stared back at me with a pain in her eyes.

“I’ve brought some things to patch you up. You aren’t healing quickly enough though...”

I stepped out of the shower slowly and took the towel that my mother passed to me. I wrapped it around my waist and sighed as blood began to seep through it from the gashes on my legs.

“Your panther is mourning” she said, guiding me to the bed and gesturing for me to sit down on the side.

“She’s not dead mum” I mumbled.

The Queen smiled and looked up at me as she dabbed one of the deep cuts on my thigh.

“I don’t remember the last time I heard you call me mum”


“No, I miss it. may be a grown man, you may be the future King of Panthera. But you are still my baby boy”

I snorted and my mother shook her head.

“Your actions today were that of my son...not the prince. You acted irrationally and on an impulse. You followed your heart, not your head...”

“Mum I-”

“You did exactly what I would have done”

My eyes widened and the Queen stuck a gauze pad to my wound.

“You are my son, Kyan. You have finally found your mate and you don’t want to let her go. That’s ok”

“It’s not ok” I answered, shaking my head, “she is already mated to an Alpha dog. It’s disgusting. I want nothing to do with her. This is Onyx’s fault, I had it all under control”

The Queen laughed.

“Did you now? Is that why you were sneaking into the Fern Creek compound and spying on her? Is that how you had it under control?”

My eyes widened again. Anything I said about my mother being daft I took back.


“I’m a mother, I know all. I’m also Queen and that too comes with its perks. Now let’s finish getting you patched up. We have a lot to discuss”

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