Love Stained

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Chapter 14 - A Gift

Jayce POV

12 days ago...

“ still with us?”

I blinked and looked up at Cassius as he stared at me over the round table in the Eastern Ridge pack house.

“Sorry” I answered, rubbing my eyes, “yes, I’m listening. Please continue”

I had been at Eastern Ridge for the last two days. Several Alphas from surrounding packs had gathered to discuss a developing issue within our region. Wolves had been going missing. To begin with we just thought there was going to be an uprising with the rogues; wolves leaving their packs in order to exact revenge for one reason or another. Clayton was no longer in the picture so there was an opening for rogues from around the area to form a battalion to take down their rival packs.
It happened every few years and every few years the ally packs worked together to destroy the rogues.

But there had been no uprising, no word of increased rogue presence in the forest. The missing wolves had all but vanished.

We had agreed that every pack would increase their patrols and widen their patrol perimeter. We needed to know what was out there, what was picking off our wolves.
I hadn’t told Quinn what was going on. She had been through so much recently, I didn’t want to frighten her when she was trying her hardest to fit in as Luna. Cameron, Dominic and Mason knew; for now, that was it. I knew upon returning to Fern Creek I would need to hold a pack meeting, it was time for everyone to know what was really happening.

I was meant to head back to Fern Creek tomorrow. I was missing Quinn, I hated being away from her.
I sat at the table, jiggling my leg as the Alphas around me discussed their ideas and theories. Something felt off today, I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was nothing to do with what was happening at Eastern Ridge, it was a feeling...a feeling that I needed to go back home, that something wasn’t right.

“The Alpha of Kylo refused to attend. He doesn’t think there is a problem, or if he does; he is just choosing to ignore it” one of the Alphas spoke, breaking my train of thought again.

I noticed Cassius look over to me, his brow furrowed.

“I think we’ll take a break men. Let’s meet back here in an hour to continue this discussion”

The Alphas nodded and one by one left the room, until it was just Cassius and myself.

“Jayce” he said, a hint of concern in his voice, “are you ok? You’ve been distant all day. It’s not like you”

I lent back in my chair and sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“I know. I’m sorry. Do you ever get the feeling that something But you don’t know why”

“You mean here? Is it one of the other Alphas?”

I shook my head and looked at Cassius.

“No. I have an overwhelming urge to go back to Fern Creek. I don’t know why, it’s like my wolf is nudging me to go back”

“You must go then”

I shook my head again.

“No. I’m needed here”

“No you’re not. I can handle the rest here. If your wolf is telling you to go back there must be a reason. You always trust your wolf...go!”

I nodded and jumped up from my seat. He was right. A wolf’s intuition was not something you just ignored, if he was telling me something was off then something probably was.

I shifted the second I exited the Eastern Creek compound and headed towards home as fast as my wolf would take me.
It didn’t take long until I picked up a scent in the forest. I slowed down, nose to the sky, trying to detect what direction it was coming from. My wolf growled, it was coming from the rear of the Fern Creek compound. I started running again, my paws sounding like thunder through the forest floor. I didn’t even bother to slow down for smaller trees, just tearing them down in my path. If something was lurking around near my home, near my Luna, then I needed to get there fast.

The scent got stronger the closer I got. What was it? I couldn’t tell. It definitely wasn’t wolf, that was for sure. It was sweet but the trail was distorted, cutting in and out. It was like listening to a radio with poor reception. I breathed in was male and it was powerful. It was male and it was unmated...and it wasn’t a wolf. Why would an unmated shifter be sniffing around Fern Creek?


I growled again as I reached the rear of the compound. The scent was gone, vanished, not even a trace of it remained. My wolf snorted and I shifted back into my human form, making my way to the front gate. I needed to get to Quinn.

I walked up the steps to my pack house. Luca had mentioned that the Alpha and Beta of Kylo were here on business. The hairs on the back of my neck prickled, Hamish knew that I wouldn’t be here and he had chosen not to attend the conference at Eastern Ridge. Why the fuck were they here?

I stood at the door, I could hear raised voices inside and could feel the anger radiating from both Quinn and Cameron.

“I might ask you to control your Beta”

I recognised the voice of Alpha Hamish. He wasn’t happy. The screech of a chair being pushed out from the table sounded and my heart skipped a beat as I heard Quinn’s voice.

“I’m sorry. I think what my Beta is trying to say is...get the fuck out!”

Good girl.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

“Excuse me?!” Hamish hissed.

“You heard her” I answered, letting my presence fill the room.

My beautiful Luna turned around, I could hear her heart skip a beat as our eyes met.

“Welcome home” she purred.

“Alpha Jayce. You might want to educate your Luna about the correct way to conduct herself in the presence of another Alpha” Hamish said sternly as he sat across the table, glaring at Quinn.

My wolf growled inside, desperately wanting to rip Alpha Hamish a new one. I was a lot bigger and a lot stronger than him, he wouldn’t stand a fucking chance. For now though, it was obvious that my Luna had matters under control. I would let her take the lead on this.

“You’re home early” she said, ignoring Hamish’s comment but not taking her eyes off him. That clearly just pissed him off more.

“I am. Everything ok here?”

“Yes. The Alpha and Beta of Kylo were just leaving” she answered.

Hamish’s eyes darted between Quinn and myself. He was not happy.

“Well. Alpha Hamish, Beta’s been a pleasure. If you don’t mind” I said, signalling towards the door, “Beta Cameron will show you out. My Luna and I have some...catching up to do”

I could tell Quinn picked up what I was putting down. I could smell her scent change as she pressed her thighs together, knowing what I had in store for her.
Hamish went to open his mouth and I shot him a warning look. He knew better than to push me any further. I would deal with him later.

“As you please” he answered gruffly.

Hamish and Percy stood up from the table and made a quick exit from the pack house. I mind linked Cameron to make sure he didn’t let them out of his sight until they were out of the compound.

“The fucking nerve!” Quinn spat.

I looked at her, my amazingly powerful Luna. She was strong and everyone knew it. I had nothing to fear leaving her in charge of Fern Creek while I was away. Not to mention, she was insanely mouthwatering.
Quinn turned to me, her gorgeous blue eyes locking with mine.

“Has anyone ever told you how fucking sexy you are when you’re angry?” I drawled.

“I’m sure Alpha Hamish didn’t think so”

He was a hot blooded male. He thought so.

“Oh I’m sure he did. He is just too pig ignorant to admit it”

Quinn smiled at my attempt to cheer her up and stepped into my embrace, she placed her head against my chest and breathed in my scent and I inhaled hers.

“So why did you come home early?” She asked.

I tensed under her touch as I remembered the feeling my wolf had and then the scent I picked up in the forest behind the compound. Quinn looked up at me.

“What? What is it?” She prodded.

“I just...I just had a feeling” I answered, “I don’t know how to explain it. So I decided to come back. But then as I got closer to Fern Creek I picked up a scent...”

The Kylo Alpha and Beta?” She asked.

I took a step back from Quinn and shook my head.

“No. Not them. I can’t even describe it really. It was as if whoever’s scent it was, was trying to disguise it. I’m not even sure it was wolf...”

I looked at Quinn’s expression. I don’t know what I was looking for really, maybe something that showed she had no idea what I was talking about. If she knew there was a shifter scenting around the compound for her and she hadn’t told me...I’d lose my mind. Quinn was mine, no one else’s.

“I think I smelt it too” she said.

Fuck. Not the answer I was wanting to hear.

“It was at the back of the compound, along the fence line, near the creek. But it dropped in and out, then I just forgot about it”

I could feel my wolf stirring. He was doubting his Luna. I knew better though. Quinn wouldn’t deceive us, would she?

“You forgot about it? What were you doing at the back perimeter anyway?”

Quinn flinched at my question.

“I was enjoying the walk. Why does it matter?”

Last time you were sneaking around back there you jumped the fence and disappeared”

“Why would I try to jump the fence now? I’m not a prisoner, I can come and go as I please. Unless I can’t?”

Quinn crossed her arms over her chest and glared at me. What was getting into me? I trusted Quinn with my life. I had no doubt that something was sniffing around, something that was interested in my mate...but Quinn was non the wiser. I would keep it that way. I sighed.

“Of course you can” I breathed, taking her into my arms, “I just...I nearly lost you once to someone wanting to take you away from me. I don’t want to go through that again”

Quinn looked up at me, smiling as she pulled a twig from my hair.

“You ran here?” She pouted, changing the subject.

I shrugged.

“I wanted to get here quickly. The scent...” I started.

Quinn nodded and ran her hands down the front of my shirt. My skin smouldered under her touch, my wolf suddenly forgetting about the scent and focusing on the delicious woman in front of us. Our woman.

“So you must be very dirty under these clothes” she breathed seductively, letting her fingers trail the hem of the material near my belt.

I hummed and squeezed Quinn closer to me, feeling her firm body up against mine.

“You have no idea”

“Let’s go get you cleaned up then, shall we?”

Quinn took my hand and trailed me along behind her as she sauntered up the stairs. I growled under my breath and reached forward, palming one firm arse cheek in my hand. The chemistry between us was something that words couldn’t describe. I was drawn to her on every level. She was my strength and she was my weakness, I was absolute putty in her hands. I had clearly done something right in a past life for the Goddess to bless me with such a gift. I knew I would spend the rest of my days protecting that gift, even if it killed me.

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