Love Stained

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Chapter 17 - Send My Regards

Kyan POV

Even with my own private fucking wing of the palace I still knew what that tribrid whore and her dog were up to. I could feel it within every fibre of me. My panther was fuming.
The only positive thing to come out of it though was that my panther’s rage allowed him to finally heal my body. A hurting, sulking panther refused to heal but apparently a violently pissed off panther was a different thing.

I’d completed an official handover to my second in charge in the Panthera army. I’d told him that I would be in continuous contact regarding any developments from Fern Creek.
I’d packed a bag of clothes and necessities, I was ready for my descent into Hell.

I approached the area of the Kingdom that had the strongest magical pull. It was where us Panthers went when we wanted to break through the cloaking spell and step out into whatever land our Kingdom was currently sitting in. There was another ‘exit’ within the army training facility but I refused to let an Alpha of a wolf pack in there.
I could see Quinn, the Beta and Jayce already standing there, waiting for me.

Good. I hope they’ve been waiting for hours.

Quinn wasn’t facing me but I swear I saw the lean muscles on her back tense as I walked towards them. The dog had seen me though. He glared at me over his bitch’s shoulder and lent down, kissing her on the side of the neck.


“Right” I spat, startling Quinn and making her jump out of Jayce’s arms - this excited me more than it should have - “let’s go”

I closed my eyes and envisioned our destination. I felt the pull of the forest, the sound of the birds, the breeze rustling through the trees. I also pictured the three...mutts...that I needed to take with me. For half a second I nearly only pictured Quinn. How tempting would it have been to vanish from Panthera with her, right in front of lover boy’s eyes. He’d lose his fucking mind; but then I remembered the lecture my father had given me, and thought better of it.

I opened my eyes and with a satisfied huff saw that we had all successfully reached our destination.

“That shit still trips me out” the Beta muttered.

“So we are going to walk until we reach the border of Fern Creek territory, then a car will collect us and take us the rest of the way” Jayce said.

I knew we weren’t going to shift and run to Fern Creek. Sure, it would have been a darn sight quicker, but without our humanity to guide would be a fucking shit storm. My panther would want to fuck Quinn and kill Jayce. Jayce’s wolf would want to fuck Quinn and kill me. The Beta’s wolf...well I’m sure he’d want to fuck something too, maybe himself, but he’d also want to kill me. Quinn would want to fuck both Jayce and was almost tempting to do it, just to see who came out on top. Either way, there would be a lot of fucking and a lot of killing.

“Ok. Let’s start walking then” Quinn said, breaking me away from my thoughts.

We had been walking for a few hours. No one had said a word. The forest was quite dense where we were. We had to spread out to a degree so we could weave between trees and shrubs. I noticed that the Alpha always had one eye on the tribrid. It was like he thought that she was going to disappear in front of his eyes or something.

Every now and then I found my eyes wandering over to Quinn. There seemed to be something off about her today. I couldn’t put my finger on it but whatever it was it had my panther on edge.
I had to bite the inside of my cheek several times to stop myself from asking what was wrong.

Why the fuck should I care? Stupid tribrid home wrecker.

“Do you smell that?” The Beta asked, stopping and looking around.

“Smell what?” Quinn asked.

“Wolf” Jayce grunted.

I snorted. So?

“This whole fucking forest smells like wet dog to me”

My response earn’t a glare from Quinn, it was the first time she had acknowledged my existence today.

The Beta and Alpha looked at each other, something passing between them. They were mind linking.

“Quinn come here” Jayce said, “stand with me. We’re not alone”

I noted that Quinn rolled her eyes but did as her Alpha ordered, like a good little mate.

Our mate!

“What is it?” She asked.

The Beta looked slightly pale, like he’d seen a ghost.


Who the fuck is Beth?

“Beth?!” Quinn repeated, wide eyed.

“Who’s Beth?” I asked, curiosity getting the better of me.

Neither Alpha nor Beta cared to answer, so Quinn did.

“Beth was Cameron’s mate”

“Ok. So is she a crazy ex or something? Because you’re all acting fucking weird”

“She’s dead” the Alpha answered.

Oh. Yep, that would do it.

Cameron POV

“Because the Beta fucking killed her! Isn’t that right, Cameron?

We all turned to the venom filled voice that echoed through the trees. There was a wolf standing there in his human form, his eyes black with pure hatred and rage. His scent filled my nostrils, he smelt like Beth. How was that possible?

“You killed her. You snapped her neck and left her to rot” the wolf growled, his fists clenched at his sides.

“Who are you? Why do you smell like her?” I asked.

The wolf laughed. There was no humour in his laugh, it was evil. It was dark.

“You don’t know who I am? What was the last thing you said to Beth? Wasn’t it that you were going to send me her regards?”

My wolf stirred inside me. I thought this fucker was dead.

Brax” I growled, taking a step towards him.

I stopped as I felt Jayce’s hand on my shoulder.

Beta. Something is off here. Don’t go playing into his hands.

Jayce was right. Something was definitely off.

“So” the wolf snapped, “here I am! Send me her fucking regards! What? You just forgot about me? I’ve been waiting...waiting for you to exact your revenge for stealing your mate. But she wasn’t yours, was she? She was fated to me! And you fucking killed her!”

“I thought you were dead” I answered flatly.

I didn’t know why I was even bothering to offer this arsehole an explanation. Beth was a traitor to her pack, the penalty for treason was death. She paid her penalty.

“I thought I was too” Brax growled, “I felt like I died, the moment I watched her neck break in your hand. Did you know we wanted to wait? We wanted to wait to complete the mating bond once all the fucking drama with Clayton was over. I didn’t want him using her to get to me, I was trying to keep her safe...”

I heard Brax’s voice break slightly, his rage was strong but I could hear the pain breaking through. I hated the guy, I hated him for what he did, for what Beth did and for what they both made me do. I also, in this moment, felt bad for him. He lost his true mate, the one wolf in all the world that was destined to be his.

“So. Why don’t you just call it even?” Jayce asked, “you and Beth were working against us to steal my mate. Beth was a traitor to her pack and Cameron killed her for her crimes. You know pack law, there was no avoiding her punishment”

Brax laughed again and shook his head.

“Oh it’s far from even. The only reason I haven’t killed you already is because we have so much more planned for you...”

What the hell was he going on about? Who was ‘we’?

You couldn’t kill him if you wanted to!” Quinn hissed, “You attack a Beta and you’re attacking the whole pack. You’d be dead before you even got close”

I knew Quinn would single handedly kill Brax’s wolf when she was in her human form. She was insanely strong but from the look on Brax’s face her comment didn’t phase him at all.

“And this must be the elusive Luna tribrid I’ve heard so much about. She was are powerful”

“Beth never got to see even half of how powerful I am. I can reunite you with her if you like...just come a little closer. I’ll make it quick”

It was clear to see that Quinn hit a nerve. Brax, for a second, looked like he was going to shift and attack us but something stopped him. He took a deep breath, exhaling slowly to reign in his wolf.

“I wasn’t talking about Beth” he sneered, “I’ve met someone even more powerful than you. She also is seeking revenge...probably not someone you should have pissed off”

I felt like this arsehole was speaking in riddles. Why had he even bothered stopping us if he didn’t intend on attacking?

“Tell me Alpha” Brax spat, looking to Jayce, “How did your meeting go the other day? Did you get to the bottom of those missing wolves yet?”

Mother fucker.

“Or you haven’t...and that’s why you’ve resorted to working with the feline brigade...”

Jayce POV

The Prince hissed and Quinn put her hand on his shoulder. It shouldn’t have pissed me off, but it did. I didn’t want her touching him, even if it was to prevent him from doing something stupid.

“He’s not worth it” she whispered, before removing her hand.

“You’re responsible for the missing wolves?” I asked with a hint of disbelief behind my voice.

“The wolves...the Panthers...all of the above” Brax laughed.

The Prince growled and ran forward towards the rogue wolf. I saw something in the trees move. This was a trap.

“No! Stop!” I yelled.

But it was too late. Three wolves ran out of nowhere, one of them biting down and the prince’s leg and dragging him back into the trees. The other two wolves advanced on us.
Within seconds we all shifted. Quinn’s silver wolf looked at me, fire in her eyes.

I’m going after Kyanite!

Before I could have a chance to argue I was pounced on by one of the rogues.

Quinn POV

I wasn’t even thinking, I just knew I had to help Kyanite. I tore through the trees following the trail of destruction left behind by the rogue wolf. I squinted, focusing through the dense forest.

What the hell is that?

There was a glow emanating through the trees and the wolf was dragging Kyanite straight towards it. It didn’t take long before I caught up the the rogue. Kyan was gripping on to it’s head while it still had its teeth embedded in his leg. For whatever reason Kyan hadn’t shifted into his panther but I didn’t have time to worry about that.

It was obvious now as we got closer that the glow was some kind of portal. I watched as Brax jumped into it and the rogue wasn’t far behind. I only had one chance at this; I lunged forward, grabbing the wolf’s hind leg in my jaws. The wolf howled, letting go of Kyan and turning to attack me. It’s eyes were startling, they were bright red, I’d never seen anything like it. It was like it was possessed.

I planted my feet on the ground and snarled at the wolf, daring it to challenge me. This was hardly going to be a fair fight. Something in the wolf’s eyes flickered; it was like the redness flashed to black and then back to red again. Something was wrong. I listened to my wolf, she could feel an energy, an energy that was possessing the rogue in front of me. The wolf snorted and shook its head, why wasn’t it attacking me?
I needed to try something.

Stand down.

The wolf’s eyes widened. It had heard my mind link. How? It’s eyes flickered black again. It was as if it was fighting some kind of internal battle.

Stand. Down!

The wolf growled and scratched the dirt in front of it.

As your Luna, I command you to stand down!

The wolf’s ears pricked up and suddenly the red vanished from its eyes. What the hell did I just do?
I shifted back into my human form. I could see Kyan out the corner of my eye, he was injured but otherwise alright.

“Who are you?” I asked the wolf as is continued to stare at me, “shift into your human. That’s an order!”

The sound of bones breaking and twisting echoed through the trees and the wolf took on it’s human form. Jayce and Cameron came running up next to me and stopped in their tracks when they saw the person standing in front of me.

“Isn’t that-?” Cameron started.

“Beta Percy of the Kylo pack?” I finished for him, “I believe it is”

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