Love Stained

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Chapter 18 - Remember Me

Quinn POV

“What the fuck Percy? You had better have a good explanation for this” I growled.

The Beta looked around at us, as if he had no idea what had just happened.

“Ahh. I’m sure there is one” he answered, scratching his head, “I just don’t know what it is right now”

“You don’t know? Or you can’t remember?” Jayce asked.

“I can’t remember”

“What can you remember?” I snorted.

Percy looked at me and raised his brow. His face pissed me off, I hadn’t forgotten the disrespect and distain that he’d shown me last time we’d crossed paths.

“I remember you. You ordered me to shift into my human form and even though I didn’t want to, I did anyway. What kind of magic are you using? Tribrid”

Prince Kyanite appeared next to us, his eyes dark with anger. I could tell he wanted to tear Percy to shreds.

“What magic is she using?” He hissed, “more like what magic are you using?”

“What are you talking about cat?” The wolf spat.

“The portal? The red eyes?”

Percy looked confused, he had no idea what Kyan was on about. He didn’t remember anything.

“Right. Well until you do remember you are coming with us” Jayce said.

Percy shook his head.

“To hell I am!”

Wanna make a bet arsehole?

“As your Luna, I order you to accompany us to Fern Creek” I drawled, a smile playing on my lips.

Percy snarled, turning to me with hatred in his eyes.


Dominic met us at the border of Fern Creek territory in a van. The look on his face when he saw that we were all naked, filthy and with the very annoyed Beta from Kylo, was priceless.

“Don’t ask” Jayce grunted as we piled into the vehicle.

“Wasn’t going to”

It probably had to be the most uncomfortable car trip of my life. Thankfully Kyan had a bag of clothes so he was very quick to put some pants and a shirt on. It still didn’t help to ease the tension that I was feeling. I’d let my wolf come to the surface for a very short period of time in the forest. She wasn’t at all impressed when I shifted back to my human state. Now she was edgy, she was frustrated and she was very...very horny. Whenever I shifted into one of my animals I was sure to spend at least an hour in that form. I would run, I would hunt; and then when I’d get home Jayce and I would screw like bunnies.
So now I had to sit still, very still, in the back of a van with two males that reeked of sweat and testosterone...two males that I was biologically programmed to crave. I closed my eyes, trying to flood my mind with some of the least sexy thoughts possible.

“Are you feeling car sick or something? Don’t you dare barf on me” Percy groaned.

He sat on the floor in the back of the van. Jayce and I sat on one side and Kyan on the other. Cameron was smart enough to sit in the front with Dominic.
I opened my eyes and glared at Percy.

“I’m not car sick” I spat, closing my eyes again.

“You ok?”

Jayce rubbed my knee gently with his hand. I bit my bottom lip and pressed my thighs together, even the slightest touch was torture. I opened my eyes and looked up at him.

“Oh” he answered, a grin creeping up on his face.

“How long until we are there ‘driving Miss Daisy’?” Kyanite hissed at Dominic, crossing his arms over his chest.

“What? You mean you don’t know? You’ve spent enough bloody time in these woods recently to have a fair idea”

I nudged Jayce in the ribs, he grunted and crossed his arms. The last thing we needed was an all out brawl in the back of the van.

“We’re here!” Cameron chirped from the front.

Thank Goddess for that!

Kyanite POV

Never had I ever been so happy for a car ride to finish in my life. If I had to sit there for one minute more, directly across from Quinn, while she was clearly extremely horny...I think I would have exploded. Literally.
I could smell the arousal on her.

I gritted my teeth as the Alpha slapped her on the arse on her way out of the back of the van. My panther wanted to tear his arm off. I watched them both pull on some clothes and rolled my eyes at the way he took in her every movement. It was bad enough knowing what they got up to last night, within my palace walls; now I had to stand here, knowing that they were just itching to run off and do it again.
I couldn’t blame him. If I had free access to that arse I’d be all up on it twenty four seven. She definitely wouldn’t be walking as easily as she was now, I’d make sure she limped for days.

“...Prince Kyanite?”

I snapped out of my thoughts and turned to the Beta as he stared at me.

What are you looking at dog?

“...did you hear what I said?”


“No. What?”

“You’ll be staying with me. I’ll show you to your room”

I looked over to Jayce and Quinn, who were quite clearly about to run off to bone. My panther hissed.

“What’s happening with Mr Beta Red Eyes?” I asked, pointing to Percy.

Jayce gripped Quinn around the waste and shrugged.

“I know someone who can unlock his memories. We’ll head over there in ten minutes”

Quinn cleared her throat and nudged the Alpha.

“Make that half an hour” he corrected.

Not if I have anything to do with it.

“No. Why wait? I’m here to find out what’s happening to my Panthers. If this wolf knows where they are then I’m not waiting around to find out”

Quinn shot me a look. If looks could kill then I’d certainly be dead. I’d die fucking happy though.

“Fine” she seethed, pulling herself out of Jayce’s grip, “let’s go see Moira”

Jayce POV


Did he think we were stupid? I knew exactly what Kyanite was doing. He wanted Quinn, I could feel the jealously radiating off him. He was just one giant feline cock block.

“Welcome home!” Moira smiled as she sat down at the table in the pack house.

Her gaze shot quickly to the Prince who remained standing, leaning against the wall near the table.

“And you are?” She asked, sniffing the air.

“Prince Kyanite of the Panthera Kingdom” he answered formally.

Moira raised her brow and looked at me then back to the Prince.

“Prince Kyanite. Kyanite, as in the gem? Prince, as in the heir to Panthera?”

The Prince rolled his eyes and nodded.

“My mother is quite fond of gems, and yes, I am the heir to Panthera”

He was named after a...gem?

I snorted, earning a glare from Kyan.

“Do you have a” He snarled.

“No. Just admiring your name. Cute”

“Fuck you. Go drink some toilet water”

“Enough!” Quinn growled, glaring at the both of us, “you’re acting like a couple of children”

Quinn as right. I hated the way that arsehole was making me act. He was jealous but so was I. No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the image of my Luna melting into his hands, wanting him to fuck her. Who was to say that it wouldn’t happen again? Especially in her current state.

“Alright. So who is having issues with their memory?” Moira jumped in, completely ignoring the testosterone fuelled immaturity in the room.

“That would be me” Percy muttered, raising his hand.

“Ah. Beta Percy. Let’s have a look shall we?”

Moira stood up and walked over to Percy, placing the back of her hand on his forehead as if she was checking his temperature. She smiled and nodded her head.

“Good” she said, “this shouldn’t be hard. There doesn’t appear to be any residual magic in you. Cassius has given me a brief run down of what to do. I should be able to release those memories”

Should be able to? So there is a chance you can’t?” Percy asked.

Moira shrugged her shoulders.

“There is also a chance I could cause your brain to explode within your skull but something tells me that is a risk the Alpha is willing to take”

She wasn’t wrong.

Moira pulled a moonstone out of a small velvet bag and handed it to Percy.

“Hold this” she said.

Percy took the stone tentatively and Moira walked around, standing behind his chair and placing her open palms at the side of his head, not quite touching his temples.

“Now I want you to close your eyes and think back to the last thing you remember. I’m going to mutter some stuff that won’t make any sense whatsoever...and we’ll see what happens”

“Convincing” Percy groaned.

“Shut up and do as she says” I snapped.

Percy closed his eyes and sighed, leaning back in his chair. Moira closed her eyes too and moved her hands around in small circles next to his head while she spoke in riddles. I knew Moira had been doing a bit of work with Cassius. It wasn’t exactly magic that she was dabbling with, more energies and auras and tapping into the power of the Goddess.

We all sat there in silence for several minutes as Moira did her thing. Just when I thought nothing was happening, Percy suddenly opened his eyes and sat up straight in his chair.

“Oh shit” he exhaled, his eyes were wide like he had seen a ghost, “I remember”

Moira stopped her actions and retrieved the moonstone from Percy’s shaking hands. Quinn gripped my hand. Whatever it was that Percy remembered, it terrified him. I almost didn’t want to ask.

“Well?” Kyanite spat impatiently, “spill”

“Hamish and I were grabbed when we were heading back a week ago” he started.

He was staring off into the distance as if he was watching his memories playing back in his head like a movie.

“We tried to shift but for some reason we couldn’t. It was wolves that grabbed us” his eyes widened more, “one of the wolves I recognised from a nearby pack...but it was like he was just a shell, the wolf I knew wasn’t in there. They had glowing red eyes, void of humanity. They dragged us into a bright light, a portal? Then we were somewhere else, like a cave; big, dark and cold”

Percy grabbed his head in his hands and groaned.

“Do you need a break?” I asked, he looked like he was in physical pain.

“Fuck that. Keep going!” Kyanite hissed.

“There were wolves and...panthers. I don’t know how many. Their eyes were all red. But then there were some others, off to the side, chained up. Their eyes were normal. There was also a woman...she was powerful...”

Percy shook his head, pulling his hair.

“Hamish made a move, he ran at her, tried to kill her. It was obvious she was the one that had fucked up these shifters. She killed him...the woman killed Hamish. She clicked her fingers and my Alpha was dead”

Clicked her fingers? That was some power and dark magic that Percy was talking about. A rogue mage? I had never heard of a mage that could kill an Alpha wolf just by clicking their fingers though.

“What else do you remember Percy? I know this is hard but if you want revenge for your Alpha, then we need more”

“I was frozen, I couldn’t move. The woman and a wolf were talking, his eyes were normal...he wasn’t possessed. They seemed close. Then she started chanting something. I could feel my free will seeping out of my body and into the ground...and then I was blank. The next thing I remember was being back in the forest with all you lot”

Whoever this woman was she had clearly possessed Percy and these other wolves and panthers, but why? What could she possibly be up to? Who the hell was she?

“Percy. Do you remember what the wolf and the woman were saying to each other? Anything at all?” Quinn asked gently.

Percy closed his eyes tightly, his jaw clenched and knuckles white.

“Something about needing more. She called him...Brax. He mentioned Fern Creek and the Luna”

I looked over to Quinn but her eyes didn’t leave Percy. I noticed Kyanite was looking at her too.

“...he called her a name. What was it? M...Madeline? No. What was it? Oh! Magdalene, he called her Magdalene!”

“Oh shit”

We all stopped and looked to Moira. The colour had drained from her face.

“Who’s Magdalene?” I asked.

Moira dropped down into a chair and looked up at me.

“She’s a witch. She was Clayton’s witch”
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