Love Stained

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Chapter 19 - Into The Darkness

Moira POV

Since the night of his mother’s death, Cassius had been spending almost every waking hour researching and tracking down information to do with Magdalene; the witch who’s help Clayton had enlisted in an attempt to execute his sickening plan.
As far as Cassius could tell, Magdalene was the last real dark witch out there. Her true age and origin were unknown and she could take on many forms, making her incredibly hard to track down. We had assumed after the night at the Orcann Pack compound that Magdalene had gone into hiding. She had used some serious magic but Alessandra had managed to stop her. We thought she would have gone far away to lick her wounds; but as it turns out she was under our noses all along.

“Moira...what does this mean? I thought she was dead” Quinn asked.

“No. Alessandra and Cassius’s attack took it’s toll on her but didn’t kill her. To kill a witch...well, that takes an unbelievable amount of power”

“Who the fuck is Magdalene?” Prince Kyanite asked.

“She is the last known dark witch in existence. She is ancient and powerful and clearly invested in something out here. I’ll need to go see Cassius to know more”

“Well Percy said that she mentioned the Luna. I’d say that’s probably what she’s invested in. I don’t know what possessing my Panthers has to do with it though...”

I watched as Jayce wrapped his arm around Quinn and she leant into him. The way the Prince’s body tensed at their intimacy didn’t go unnoticed by me either.

“In the morning we will go to Eastern Ridge. Moira, you can call Cassius, give him a heads up and a head start into his research. Cameron, go let the fighters and guards know that we are on lock down; no one goes out without my say so” Jayce ordered.

Cameron nodded and left the pack house with Dominic it tow to notify the fighters.


I turned to look back at Quinn.

“Can we speak for a moment? Privately?”

I nodded. I could tell just by looking at her that Quinn had something on her mind. I had a feeling this was going to be a conversation that she didn’t want to risk anyone overhearing, I had just the place for that.

Quinn POV

Moira asked that I accompany her to the clinic, something about needing a hand with some books. I knew that was just a ruse to get me away from Jayce so we could speak privately.
Jayce was not overly impressed but as long as he knew that Kyanite was nowhere near me then he could cope with me being gone for ten minutes.

“Step into my office” she joked and gestured me into her own miniature library.

I sat down on one of the arm chairs and Moira closed the door behind us. I raised my brow as Moira sprinkled some blue power along the bottom of the door.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Just a little something to make sure this conversation remains between the two of us” she answered with a cheeky grin.

After doing her little trick, Moira took up a seat opposite mine. She crossed her legs, hands on her knee, and looked at me. She could tell something was up, was I that transparent?

“What do you know?” I asked her.

I knew that Jayce had mind linked Moira on the way back to Fern Creek, probably the second we got close enough for the pack link to work. If he’d already told her the bulk of it then I wanted to know.

“The it true? He’s really your mate?”

I knew Jayce would have told her, she was the closest thing he had to a mum after all.

“Yes. He is my panther’s mate; just like Jayce is my wolf’s mate” I answered.

Moira nodded, thinking about what I was saying.

“And Jayce mentioned that he had been sniffing around the compound a couple of weeks ago...right around the time your panther was giving you a hard time and not allowing you to shift”

Well I’ll be damned.

I couldn’t believe that I hadn’t made that correlation.

“I hadn’t thought of that” I muttered, “do you think my panther knew before I did? I don’t even understand how that would work”

“I do. So shifters have an animal subconscious. You named yours Rogue, yes?”

I nodded and Moira continued.

“Well, Rogue, is your subconscious for all of your animals; you might look at her like someone with split personalities. She has three ‘personalities’ within her and they couldn’t be more conflicting”

“So why aren’t I having issues with my bear?” I asked.

Moira shrugged.

“There could be numerous reasons. At this point in time your bear seems to be content. Your panther on the other hand... imagine how wolf-Rogue would have felt if you had ignored the feelings you had for Jayce, if you had ignored the bond”

I thought about it for a moment. I remembered how Rogue would barely even let me sleep without plaguing my thoughts with images of Jayce and dreams of the things that she wanted him to do to us. It had been torture.

“She would have driven me insane”

“Exactly right. There is a difference between ignoring feelings for a mate and flat out rejecting them though. When you could smell Kyanite’s scent your panther knew what it was but your wolf was blocking the realisation from reaching you. So your panther rebelled, she refused to shift”

“I partially shifted into my panther and wolf when I was in Panthera” I said, tying to piece together the puzzle.

“Was that after you had acknowledged the mate bond between you and Kyanite?”


“And how has your panther been since then?”

I leant back in my chair, thinking about the pain I had felt from my panther after Jayce and I had sex last night. I’d hurt her. I’d acknowledged the fact that she had a mate and flat out rejected him...then went and slept with my wolf’s mate instead.

“She’s hurting”

Moira uncrossed her legs and lent forward, elbows resting on her knees.

“Quinn. You are unique...and therefore, so is this situation that you’ve found yourself in. What happens when this business between Fern Creek and Panthera is over and done with? What happens when Kyanite goes back to his kingdom and your panther is completely without him?”

I’d heard stories about true mates being rejected. The rejection was sometimes enough to send your animal spiralling to the point of going feral, forcing you to shift and never letting you shift back. I’d also heard about the animal subconscious completely shutting down, going into a state of depression they cannot return from.

“I don’t know what to do Moira. I love Jayce with all my heart, he is everything to me. But last night...after we were intimate...I felt hollow. The pain that emanated from my panther was raw, devastating. She is part of me and I’m hurting her”

“I honestly don’t know what the answer is” Moira said, “but you aren’t the only one that is going to be going through this rejection either”


“He despises me and everything that I represent” I answered flatly.

“Maybe he does, but his panther doesn’t. The mate bond is stronger and deeper than any distaste Kyanite’s human side could have for your wolf and bear. Wether he likes it or not, his panther will be feeling the effects of rejection just like yours”

I felt the sadness in me stir. Hearing this upset my panther more. I could feel her, curled up in a ball in the depths of my mind, pining for her mate. I felt horrible for her, I felt guilty, I felt like I was neglecting my child.

“At Panthera, when Kyanite was...close to wolf was furious. She was virtually screaming inside my head, stopping me from doing something stupid”

“Animals are selfish creatures” Moira sighed, “Your wolf doesn’t want to betray her Alpha. But Jayce isn’t your panther’s Alpha. Kyanite is her prince, her mate. If there was a way you could have both...”


How could that even be an option? If I had both I’d surely lose Jayce; if I lost Jayce I wouldn’t survive, he was the love of my life.

“Ok. Well either way you need to talk to both of them. This fire that you’re playing with could have serious consequences for all three of you...but you especially”

“I’m not playing” I cried, “I didn’t make this happen. It’s not my fault...”

“No. Of course it’s not dear. But it has happened and now you need to figure out where to go from here. People are going to get hurt, there’s no two ways about it”

Moira was right, she was always right. Why did this have to happen now? Clayton was dead and I was finally at a point in my life where I knew my place and I found exactly where I belonged. I was absolutely head over heels with the man of my dreams...but now everything had been flipped on it’s head.
It wasn’t as simple as ignoring the feelings I had for Kyan, if I did that I risked destroying my panther or my panther destroying me.

“Thanks Moira. I guess I’ve got a lot to think about”

With that I got up and left, more confused than what I was when I went in.

Kyanite POV

I watched as the tribrid left the doctor’s office. She looked sad, lost. I didn’t want to care, I had other things I should be concerned about; but every time I allowed my thoughts to wander, even if for a second, they always came back to her.

Was she...crying?

Before I knew what I was doing I stepped out, directly into Quinn’s path. She stopped in her tracks and looked up at me before aggressively wiping away her tears.

“Prince Kyanite. What are you doing out here?”

“I’m not a prisoner. I was looking around” I answered.

“Do you think that’s the best idea? Considering...”

“Considering I want to fuck the Luna?”

Quinn’s eyes widened. My comment leaving her speechless.


“You can’t speak like that” she whispered.

My panther loved the way her cheeks blushed when she was close to me, when I spoke dirty to her. My panther clearly just loved being around her but I knew he wanted more; needed more. I took a step closer, expecting her to take one back but she remained where she was.

“Why? It’s true” I replied.

Then I leant down, my mouth inches from her ear.

“I have a feeling she wants to fuck me too-”

Before I even had time to close my mouth, I was lying flat on my back in the dirt, looking up at one very pissed off tribrid. Her eyes were black with anger but I knew it wasn’t just rage flowing through her blood right now. She was pissed off because she knew I was right, she wanted me too.

“...sorry” she muttered.

Wait. What?

I got on my feet, dusting the dirt off my pants. I looked back at Quinn, the anger in her face reverting to sadness.

“What is it? What’s wrong?” I blurted out.

Quinn looked shocked at the level of concern in my voice. I mentally kicked myself for letting my wall drop, if even for a second. She was weakening me, I didn’t have time to be weak.
The tribrid opened her mouth to answer, I raised my hand at her face and glared at her.

“You know what? I don’t actually care. Forget I even asked” I snapped and turned on my heel, walking away.

It took every ounce of will power I had not to turn around and go back to her, not to take her in my arms and kiss her, not to wrap her hair around my hands and breathe in her heavenly scent. But I kept walking, ignoring the painful cries of my animal as the pains of rejection tore at my soul.
Every step I took away from Quinn, my panther retreated further into the darkness of my mind. It was a darkness that consumed me and if I wasn’t careful it was a darkness that would consume Quinn too.

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