Love Stained

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Chapter 2 - Resistance

Quinn POV

“Alpha Jayce. You might want to educate your Luna about the correct way to conduct herself in the presence of another Alpha” Hamish said sternly as he sat across the table from me.

I stood firm, my eyes darkening momentarily at his words. I felt Jayce approach me, I could sense the anger radiating from his body. I knew that he wanted to rip this Alpha a new one, literally, but I also knew that he wouldn’t. It was obvious that Hamish and Percy were wanting us to prove a point, and that point was that I was an unfit Luna for this pack and that me, being a multi shifter tribrid, was hindering Jayce’s ability to be a level headed Alpha wolf.

“You’re home early” I said calmly, my eyes not leaving Hamish’s.

“I am. Everything ok here?”

“Yes. The Alpha and Beta of Kylo were just leaving”

Hamish’s eyes darted between Jayce and myself, his anger simmering.

“Well. Alpha Hamish, Beta’s been a pleasure. If you don’t mind” Jayce said, signalling towards the door, “Beta Cameron will show you out. My Luna and I have some...catching up to do”

The tone of Jayce’s voice made me press my thighs together, his double meaning not going unnoticed.
Hamish went to open his mouth and Jayce shot him a look. As far as looks go, it was one that not even I would argue with.

“As you please” he answered gruffly.

The two men stood up and stormed out of the pack house. Closely followed by Cameron who was not to let them out of his sight until they had safely exited the compound.

“The fucking nerve” I spat, finally releasing the breath I had been holding.

I turned around to look at Jayce. His eyes were dark as he stared at me, his gaze moving up my body. I bit my lip, the heat of his stare making my body do all sorts of things in response.

“Has anyone ever told you how fucking sexy you are when you’re angry?” He drawled.

“I’m sure Alpha Hamish didn’t think so”

“Oh I’m sure he did. He is just too pig ignorant to admit it”

I smiled at Jayce’s attempt to cheer me up and stepped into his embrace, placing my head against his strong chest. The beat of his heart did it’s job to calm me and I breathed in his intoxicating scent.

“So why did you come home early?” I asked, snapping out of my trance.

Jayce tensed under my touch and I looked up at him. His brow was furrowed and I could see the slight clench of his jaw.

“What? What is it?” I prodded.

“I just...I just had a feeling” he answered, “I don’t know how to explain it. So I decided to come back. But then as I got closer to Fern Creek I picked up a scent...”

“The Kylo Alpha and Beta?” I asked.

Jayce stepped back from me and shook his head.

“No. Not them. I can’t even describe it really. It was as if whoever’s scent it was, was trying to disguise it. I’m not even sure it was wolf...”

I suddenly remembered the scent that I had picked up when I was at the creek, I had completely forgotten about it until now. I’d just figured that it was going to match up to our visitors but it didn’t.

“I think I smelt it too” I said.

Jayce looked at me, studying my face for a moment. I could tell something was bothering him.

“It was at the back of the compound, along the fence line, near the creek. But it dropped in and out, then I just forgot about it”

“You forgot about it? What were you doing at the back perimeter anyway?”

I flinched inadvertently at Jayce’s question. Why did it matter what I was doing at the perimeter? This was my home, I could go wherever I wanted.

“I was enjoying the walk. Why does it matter?”

“Last time you were sneaking around back there you jumped the fence and disappeared”

“Why would I try to jump the fence now? I’m not a prisoner, I can come and go as I please. Unless I can’t?”

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at Jayce. We stood there for a moment, no one speaking, then Jayce sighed loudly and his eyes softened.

“Of course you can” he breathed, taking me back into his arms, “I just...I nearly lost you once to someone wanting to take you away from me. I don’t want to go through that again”

I was going to ask Jayce to elaborate but I had learnt just to back off when he was in a mood like this. I knew his fear of losing me was irrational. I was strong, stronger than any wolf out there. No one was taking me away from here without a serious fight...or a serious army.

I looked up at Jayce, smiling as I pulled a twig from his unruly mop of black hair.

“You ran here?”

Jayce shrugged.

“I wanted to get here quickly. The scent...”

I nodded and ran my hands down the front of his shirt.

“So you must be very dirty under these clothes” I breathed, letting my fingers trail the hem of the material near his belt.

Jayce hummed and squeezed me closer to him.

“You have no idea”

“Let’s go get you cleaned up then, shall we?”

I took Jayce’s hand and he trailed along behind me as I waltzed up the stairs, my hips swaying seductively. I heard Jayce growl under his breath and felt his large hand palm my arse cheek.

That’s a boy.

I lent into the shower, reaching forward to turn the water on. I could feel Jayce’s hands on my body, reaching around to undo the buttons on the front of my shorts. I felt the material slide down my legs and kicked the shorts to the side as they hit the ground. When the water was the right temperature, I turned and faced my mate. He was perfection, everything about him screamed Alpha male. The way he walked, the way he talked, the way he took control. I loved everything about him, even his moods and stubbornness.

I gripped the bottom of my top and pulled it over my head, then followed with my bra and g-string. Jayce watched every move I made, like a hunter, studying his prey. I stepped towards him, my skin heating under his hooded gaze, and began undressing him. The entire time Jayce didn’t move a muscle, apart from lifting his arms and feet to allow me to remove his garments with ease.

I let my eyes take in Jayce’s naked form. I chewed my lip and felt my nipples harden. His abs, his arms, his chest and the way it moved with his heavy breaths...the man was a god. I moved my gaze higher and my eyes met with his. They were black, his wolf was ready.
I stepped backwards into the steam of the shower, my eyes never leaving Jayce’s. I let the hot water run over my body. I moved my hands slowly, letting them slide over my skin; down my arms, over my belly and lingering on my breasts.
I heard a deep growl reverberate from Jayce and then he was in the water with me. He towered over me, his sheer size completely shielding me from the cascading water of the shower.

I gasped as Jayce grabbed my upper arms, pinning them to my sides. His mouth landed on mine with force and, groaning, I opened my lips to accomodate him. His tongue darted inside, meeting mine, I moaned louder as I felt his rock hard erection pressing against my stomach.

I need you” I rasped into Jayce’s mouth.

As if that had been all he needed, Jayce grabbed my arse and lifted me up. My legs encircled him, holding his body firmly against mine. Jayce’s mouth met mine again, his kisses hard and desperate. I reached between our bodies until I found what I was after. Gripping with shaking fingers, I guided his long, hard shaft between my legs until I felt it press against my opening.

“Fuck me Alpha” I breathed heavily against my mate’s mouth.

Without a second thought Jayce growled, slamming my body down. I screamed out as he tore through me. He slowed his breathing and stilled his movements, giving my body a chance to accommodate his size. After a moment I leant my head into his neck, softly nibbling on his ear, letting him know I was ready. I began moving my hips, backwards and forwards, round and round. Jayce gripped my arse harder and lifted me, sliding my body up and down on his dick as if he was using me just to pleasure himself.
I could feel it inside me, building. With every movement, every thrust, I came closer to reaching my climax.

Sex with Jayce was like nothing I had ever experienced. Our bodies fit together effortlessly, we were perfectly in tune with each other’s wants, each other’s needs.


I screamed out as Jayce’s pace quickened, thrusting into me harder and faster. I met his speed, my fingernails piercing the skin on his back as he drilled into me. I knew I was close.


Jayce roared, grabbing a fist full of hair and pulling my head back. He bit into my neck, pumping into me as he found his release. That was all I needed to find my own. I screamed out, my whole body shaking and vibrating as we came together.


I sat down on the yoga mat in Moira’s lounge room. I winced at the firmness of the floor, trying to ignore Moira’s raised eyebrow.

“A bit sore” She asked.

“Something like that”

Thankful for no follow up questions, I crossed my legs and waited for instructions. Moira withdrew the moonstone from the small black bag and placed it in my open palm.

“Now, I want you to close your eyes. Focus on the moonstone, the weight of it, the coolness of it, the way it feels in your hand”

I did as Moira said. Blocking out everything around me and emptying my mind until there was only me and the stone.

“Imagine the stone is part of you. Feel the power of your wolf flowing through your blood. Feel the power of your wolf flowing into the stone, now the power of the stone flowing into your body”

I breathed deeply. In and out. In through my nose, out through my mouth. I felt my wolf connecting with the moonstone, bonding with it and harnessing its energy.

“Good. Now keep your eyes closed. I’m going to take the moonstone for a moment but I will give it back. Just keep breathing the way I taught you”

In. One two three

Out. One two three

In. One two three

“Ok great. Now I want you to shift into your wolf but be sure to remain in this tranquil state. Keep breathing”

I did as Moira asked and shifted into my wolf. I no longer felt the pain of the shift and it was over within mere seconds. I continued to meditate, keeping my wolf calm and focused.

“Now feel for the moonstone. Feel it on your body and feel that connection that you felt before”

I knew the moonstone hung around my wolf’s neck. I could feel it’s energy pulsating through my body and becoming part of me.

“Good. Good. Now imagine your front, left paw. Picture it in your mind. The shape of it, the colour, the size. Everything about it. Once you have that image perfectly in your mind I want you to slowly imagine the paw transforming. The shape changing, the size changing, the texture of the fur changing...until you see it’s not a wolf paw anymore, but a panther paw”

I did everything Moira asked. I could see and feel my wolf’s paw like my eyes were open and I was looking right at it. I focused on the change. I focused on the paw transforming into a panther’s but something was fighting against it.
I closed my eyes tighter and clenched my jaw, trying hard to keep my breathing level, calculated.

In. One two three.

Out. One two three.

A wave of nausea threatened to throw me off but I pushed it to the side. The sharp ache in my head pulsated in my temples but I willed it to go away. Just when the image in my mind started to change, something in my subconscious made it violently disappear, along with a feeling like someone shoved a hot poker straight between my ears.


My eyes snapped open and I screamed out in pain, my body shifting back into my human form. The pain in my head was intense, like my brain was going to explode. I lay on the floor, my body convulsing as I spewed up the remnants of my dinner on the mat in front of me.

“Quinn I’m so sorry”

I could faintly hear Moira soothing me as she gently stroked my hair. This had been worse, more intense than any attempt at a partial shift that we’d tried before. Usually I felt unwell, had a headache, and was unable go through with the shift.
This time is was different, it was like Rogue was refusing to let me do it. Or that part of her wanted it and part of her didn’t, like she was fighting with herself; tearing herself apart in my head.

Something wasn’t right. I opened my eyes and looked at Moira, I could tell that she knew it too.

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