Love Stained

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Chapter 21 - I’m Ok

Quinn POV

A fucking army?!

“She plans to do what?!” Cameron asked, I guess hoping that maybe he heard wrong.

“How do you know this? How do you know that’s her intention?” I asked.

Gretchen stood up and went to the large desk behind her. She unlocked a small cabinet underneath and pulled out a book. The book looked old. It was small but thick and bound in leather. Gretchen brought the book to the table and put it down in front of Jayce.

“A journal?” He asked, opening it up.

“Yes” answered Farley, “I have had this journal in my possession for a long time and only read it recently because of who your Luna is”

My ears pricked up. Why would reading this journal have anything to do with me?

“Why is that?” I asked.

“It was your Great Grandmother’s”

My heart lurched in my chest and my mouth went instantly dry. I looked at Jayce, suddenly wishing I was sitting next to him so he could hold my hand or put his arm over my shoulder; but instead he was sitting next to Gretchen.

How do you know that? I don’t even know who my grandmother was...”

Jayce slid the journal across the table to me and I opened it, running my fingers over the ivory pages.

“I know because she gave it to me. You see, Quinn, I am of great age and with great age comes great secrets. I swore to your great grandmother that I would keep this safe and not even I, myself, would read it until I knew the time was right. I had no idea back then what she meant by that...but then you came along and I just knew, I knew it was that time”

“And you’ve read it?” I asked.

Farley nodded slowly and removed his glasses. He rubbed his eyes and sighed.

“Yes. I believe it will answer many questions that you have about what you are”

I looked up from the journal to the old wolf.

“How? Only my mother could answer those questions...unless...”

Oh my goddess.

I felt Kyanite’s hand rest gently in my shoulder, causing a small fire to ignite in my subconscious.

“She was a tribrid too” he finished.

I turned my head, my blue eyes locking with his green. He was genuinely happy for me, there was a warmth in his face that I had never seen before.


I heard Cameron yell out but before I even had a chance to breathe Kyan was ripped from his chair and pinned against the wall behind us. I gasped and jumped to my feet. Jayce had thrown him against the wall so hard that the plaster caved in behind his back.
Kyanite hissed, reaching his arms forward and grabbing Jayce around the throat. Jayce growled, his face partially shifting and his jaws snapping at Kyan’s face.

Cameron and Cassius leapt over the table and attempted to pull Jayce off the Prince, only to be thrown across the other side of the room. Jayce was raging. I could feel his anger flowing through our bond, he was going to kill Kyanite.

“Stop Jayce!” I cried.

I placed my hand on his back. He didn’t turn towards me but the snarl that erupted from him had my wolf wanting to cower in a corner and submit to her Alpha.
I looked to Kyan’s face, he was in pain, but he too was being controlled by anger. I watched in horror as Jayce’s jaws snapped closer to Kyanite’s face and then saw how Kyanite was trying to partially shift his hands around Jayce’s neck into claws.
They would kill each other if someone didn’t stop them.

“Someone do something!” Moira screamed, “I didn’t even bring sedative! Shit!”

Suddenly Kyan screamed out in pain, a guttural sound that made my stomach turn. His claw had slipped, slicing Jayce’s neck but in turn allowing Jayce to move closer and clamp his teeth down on to Kyan’s shoulder. Kyan’s eyes widened as blood poured down his chest.

No! Mate!

Jayce! Please let go!”



The voice that tore from my throat didn’t even sound like my own. Everyone in the room stopped...including Jayce.
He growled, his Alpha wolf fighting my command.


Jayce opened his mouth, Kyanite’s body left to slide down the wall, leaving a smear of crimson behind. The Alpha turned his head sharply to me, his face shifting back to normal but his eyes remaining black.

“You dare command me?!” He snarled.

I took a step backwards. Jayce had never looked at me like that before. He was both angry and disappointed, like he couldn’t believe I would ever try something like that on him, my mate, my Alpha.

“You obeyed her” Moira gasped.

She was right. I knew there was no way Jayce would have released Kyanite if he didn’t have to. Somehow my Luna influence worked on him too.

Jayce’s jaw clenched and he looked down at Kyan, who’s shoulder was already beginning to heal.

“Lucky for him then isn’t it?” He spat.

Kyan tried to laugh but ended up coughing. He winced in pain and looked up at me.

“I knew you couldn’t bare to see me hurt. For the record, though, I had him. I just wanted to see if you’d jump in first”

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. I didn’t want to look back at Jayce but I knew his dark gaze was still focused on me, trying to make sense of what just happened.

“Well if you’re all just about finished with that embarrassing display of testosterone...can we please continue?”

I looked back to Farley who hadn’t even moved from his seat. I noticed that Gretchen hadn’t moved either but her face was plastered with a look of shock and disbelief...and she was looking at me.

What?” I snapped.

“I don’t believe it” she breathed.

Gretchen turned to Farley, her eyes wide and...was that a smile playing on her lips?

“I told you” the old man grunted, “she’s the one”

I pulled my chair out, hitting Kyan as he crouched on the floor. He hissed and moved out of the way. I sat down aggressively, forearms resting in the table and glared at Farley.

“If you know something, now would be the time to speak”

“You’re the Queen...” Gretchen whispered.

I watched in bewilderment as she stood up from the table and bowed her head in my direction.

What the actual fuck is going on?

“I’m the Luna...yes” I muttered.

My eyes darted around the room. Apart from Farley and Gretchen, everyone looked just as confused as I was.

“No. Not Luna...Queen” Farley corrected.

“Queen of what?” Kyanite asked as he finally rose from the floor.


Come again.

I think I actually laughed, my brain’s way of not being able to compute what was happening. Queen of Shifters? What the actual fuck?

“How is that possible? How do you even know that?” Moira asked, taking the words right out of my mouth.

“There was a text, salvaged from the fire that killed Quinn’s mother and brother. The text is the only one still in existence and it mentions a ruler of all shifters; the first born daughter in that blood line carries the ability to control all shifters. I had thought that bloodline was destroyed centuries ago but then after reading your great grandmother’s journal I began to think otherwise”

We all sat in silence, willing the old man to continue.

“The text spoke of a woman...a queen...that had a power like no other. She could influence all shifters and back then there were many more species than just the three there are today”

“What happened to her? Why do we not know about this?” Cassius asked.

“She was murdered. By a witch...Magdalene”

I closed my eyes, my heart hurting for this distant relative, this Queen, that I never knew; killed by the same witch that tried to kill Jayce only a little over a month ago.

“The Queen had a daughter. She was very, very young when her mother died, only months old. The Queen had managed to keep her pregnancy and baby a secret though, the only people knowing being her mate and her hand maiden. The baby was whisked away, raised with another family so the witch would never find out about her”

I listened to Farley’s story. It all sounded strangely familiar, much like what happened to me.

“You see, Magdalene wanted the queen’s power for herself. She wanted to rule over all shifters to create the ultimate army and wipe out all of humanity. Although after she killed the Queen, Magdalene, herself, appeared to vanish; perhaps she knew about the baby all along and was trying to locate her, I’m not quite sure. It wasn’t until Cassius spoke of you...a tribrid Luna, that I remembered the story and retrieved the text from my collection”

“What made you piece it together with my great grandmother’s journal?”

“Just something that she mentioned to me, not long before she passed. She was very unwell and not of stable mind. She said that one day a darkness would come to render humanity extinct and that she had spent her whole life waiting for that darkness in a hope to destroy it. I just took it as the ramblings of a dying woman but then it all made sense. Your great grandmother was part of the Queen’s blood line and after reading her journal it was clear that she possessed the queen’s powers...just like you”

I knew that I was in a room full of people and at that point all those people were probably staring at me, but I couldn’t have felt anymore secluded, anymore alone. I had listened to every word Farley said and each word just sent me deeper and deeper into a dark hole of emptiness. I could faintly make out a hand on my shoulder, a gentle squeeze. I closed my eyes, humming as my head automatically went to rest on the hand; my wolf whining.


This is a lot Quinn. Do you need a break?”

I opened my eyes and looked up at my mate, my Alpha. Any anger that had previously been in his eyes was gone. He gazed down at me with concern, with love.

We are not alone.

My eyes then moved across, with a mind if their own, resting on Prince Kyanite’s face.

We are not alone.

No” I answered, regaining my grounding, “I need to hear this”

Farley smiled at me and pointed to the journal.

“Your great grandmother’s name was Clara. She was an amazing woman but I never knew how amazing until I read that. I don’t know how she hid her identity from everyone but I don’t believe that anyone knew who she really was. Her scent had been cloaked permanently, by who? I don’t know. To me she was just a wolf. According to her journal she’d discovered her abilities and tracked down as many texts as she could about the Shifter Queen, knowing that one day Magdalene might resurface and attempt to execute her plan”

“But she never did?” I asked.

“No...not until the situation with Clayton”

“You don’t think Clayton knew about the plan?” Cameron asked.

Farley shook his head.

“No. I would say it was more Magdalene using Clayton as her pawn. She needed him to lure Quinn out of hiding. If it wasn’t for Alessandra and Cassius...well, I’d hate to think what would have happened”

I sat back in my chair. Something wasn’t adding up.

“So why kill me if she can already control the shifters?” I asked, “She killed the Queen because she wanted her power but she clearly has it now”

Farley turned to Gretchen and indicated for her to take over.

“Because only the the power to kill her”

I let out a long breath and ran my fingers through my hair. Only I could kill her. Me. The Luna tribrid from Fern Creek... a Queen. If only Cami could see me now, holy shit.

“Quinn. Are you ok?” Jayce asked, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

Was I ok? There was that question again. I had three animals inside me, two of which were fighting over who I was allowed in be in love with. My mother and brother were dead, along with the people that raised me. My best friend was human and felt my new life to be a little too overwhelming to be a part of. I could control all shifters. I was a fucking Queen! And only I possessed the ability to kill Magdalene; a super mega bitch witch that intended to wipe out all of humanity.

“Yeah” I sighed, placing my hand on top of Jayce’s, “I’m ok”

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