Love Stained

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Chapter 22 - If You Were Mine

Jayce POV

My mate was a Queen...ruler of all shifters. I honestly didn’t know how I felt about it. What did this mean for us? What did this mean for her? One thing I knew for sure, if what Farley and Gretchen were saying was true then Quinn was in serious danger. Magdalene had a plan and part of that plan involved killing Quinn before Quinn killed her.
How could she be ok? In these last few months Quinn had been through so much, too much. All I wanted was for her to settle down into Luna life at Fern Creek, make some friends and maybe, in time, have a few babies. I wanted to see her as a mother, a mother to my kids. She would be amazing.
Now all I could think about was ‘what if we have a daughter?’, Magdalene needed to die. I refused to live in fear my whole life, wondering when this witch would appear and rip my family away from me.

We sat in Cassius’s pack house for hours, listening to Farley talk of things that Clara had written about in her journal. Clara lived her life as a wolf and met her chosen mate when she was in her early twenties. She managed to keep being a tribrid secret from her mate. That was something I couldn’t quite get my head around. It was obvious to me that Quinn was different from the moment I picked up her scent. Clara must have had an extremely strong cloaking spell to hide something like that.
Clara and her mate, Luis, had three children; a son and two daughters. The eldest daughter, Verity, was the only one that knew about Clara’s she carried the very same one.

Every now and then I would turn to look at Quinn’s face as she absorbed everything that Farley spoke about. She had thought that she’d never know anything about her tribrid abilities because of her mother and brother being murdered. Now she was learning about her great grandmother and grandmother.

Clara handed her texts about the Shifter Queen and Magdalene down to Verity; who in turn, obviously handed them down to her daughter, Claudia. Now there was only one text that remained and thankfully Clara’s journal to piece together the puzzle.

“So my brother would have just been a normal wolf?” Quinn said when Farley took a break from speaking, “if the tribrid genes only get passed to the first born daughter then Flynn would have been normal. He died for no reason”

Farley nodded.

“That’s right” Gretchen answered, “but being your twin there is always a chance he may have received some of the genes, I’m not sure. You and him were the first set of twins that we know it’s kind of an untested theory”

Quinn sighed and rubbed her face, the poor girl was exhausted. She needed time to process all of this information, she needed a break.
As if reading my thoughts, Cassius stood up from his place at the table and clapped his hands together.

“I think it’s time we took a break. Lily has made a beautiful lunch out in the courtyard. Please, help yourself to something to eat and drink”

It was a welcomed intermission. Quinn rose from her chair and looked up at me, a sad and tired smile on her face. She looked like she had the weight of the world on her shoulders, I guess in a way she really did.
I cupped her face and stroked the pad of my thumb across her cheek. She closed her blue eyes, leaning into my touch and giving a little sigh. Lowering my head down, I planted a kiss on Quinn’s forehead, allowing my lips to linger for a moment. If I could just bundle her up in my arms and protect her from the world then I would. I would do absolutely anything if it meant keeping her safe but if it was true, if Quinn was the only one that could kill this witch...

“I’m hungry”

I laughed at Quinn’s pained voice that broke me from my thoughts and I tapped her on the bum.

“Let’s go eat then”

Lunch was delicious. It was nice to see that Quinn appeared to have her appetite back and polished off everything that was on her plate. I tried to ignore the fact that Kyanite rarely let Quinn leave his eyesight. I had noticed a shift in him since we received all the information from Farley. He was quiet and appeared distracted, I felt like he had something on his mind and I didn’t like it.

Everyone slowly started filtering back into the pack house. I gave Quinn a little peck on the cheek and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

Cameron. Taking a leak. Make sure Prince Diamond doesn’t go near Quinn.

Cameron snorted at my mind link, earning a raised brow from Quinn.

“Sorry” he muttered, “just remembered something funny”

I walked through the main hall and seeing that the downstairs bathroom was occupied I made my way upstairs. Walking around Cassius’s pack house made me want to redecorate my own. You could tell a woman lived here, it was warm, bright and inviting. I wondered if Quinn would be interested in giving our pack house her touch. I’d have to ask her.

“What are you doing up here Jawbreaker?”

I turned around and saw Gretchen, leaning casually against the hall wall, hands in pockets and a grin on her face.


She laughed and stood up straight, walking over to me.

“So not sneaking around the halls trying to find my bedroom again?”

Oh goddess. Give me strength.

“No. We aren’t seventeen anymore” I answered.

Gretchen gave a little half pout and sighed. She really hadn’t changed much in all these years. She still gave off a bit of a spoilt brat vibe. As a teenager I had found that rather endearing. We were both the children of Alphas and with Eastern Ridge being my sister pack, I spent a lot of time here; and unbeknownst to Alec, I had spent a lot of time in his daughter’s bedroom.

“What I wouldn’t give to be seventeen again. Don’t you miss it?”

“No. I don’t miss it. I had a lot of growing up to do. It probably wouldn’t have hurt if your father had found out about what we were up to and gave me a flogging”

Gretchen snorted.

“He knew. He was an Alpha wolf, of course he knew”

I blinked. Of course he fucking knew. If I had a wolf - an heir to another wolf pack - sneaking around my pack house...I would know. Goddess, how stupid could I have been?

“I think he always secretly hoped that we would end up together. Maybe that you wouldn’t find your true mate and we would be chosen mates instead”

My wolf snorted. The idea repulsed him. He had a true mate. He didn’t need a chosen one.


Gretchen took another step towards me and reached out, running her hand slowly down my arm. I looked at her and raised my brow. What the hell was she doing?

“I’ve heard about some wolves finding their true mates and after a few months the initial bonding lust wears off, then they realise they have absolutely nothing in common”

“Is that right?” I asked.

If Gretchen was trying to make a point, she was barking up the wrong tree. Quinn and my chemistry was on a much deeper level, it was so much more than mere bonding lust. She was my soul mate, my other half; she was everything to me.

“Yep” Gretchen sighed and rolled her eyes dramatically, “don’t you remember the fun we use to have? And you didn’t think I’d ever be able to keep up with you. If I remember correctly, I believe it was you that struggled to keep up with me”

I looked down to Gretchen’s hand, still lingering on my arm. She was crossing a line and she knew it. To me this was just typical Gretchen behaviour. As a kid it was harmless; but now she knew she was playing with fire but did it anyway.
I reached down and grabbed her hand, gently removing it from my arm.

“Gretch. Quinn is the love of my life. She is the most amazing woman I have ever met. We are bonded for life and not just because the Goddess fated her to me but because I chose her. She is my true mate and my chosen mate”

Gretchen smiled. It wasn’t a fake smile, it wasn’t a patronising smile; it was genuine.

“I’m truly happy for you, Jayce” she sighed, “sure, it breaks my inner seventeen year old’s heart slightly but she’ll get over it. I’m happy that you found your mate. And she’s the fucking Queen! Like the Queen. What a bonus”

I was relieved that Gretchen was accepting. She was an old friend but if she ever tried to come between Quinn and I, I would chose Quinn in a heartbeat. I returned Gretchen’s smile and patted her on the back and I continued walking.

“I’m going for a piss. See you downstairs”

Quinn POV

I watched as Jayce walked out of the courtyard to find the bathroom. He seemed ok but I really wanted to clear things up with him after the incident with Kyanite. I needed to know that I could talk to the guy without Jayce flying off the handle again. We all had to work together on this and I couldn’t have those two at each other’s throats.

“I’m just going to find the bathroom too” I said to Cameron.

I watched him quickly scan around until he spotted Kyanite in the corner, talking to Moira.

“Ok. Just don’t go fuck Jayce in Cassius’s toilet, OK? The walls aren’t sound proof here...just like they weren’t sound proof in panther boy’s palace either”

I felt my cheeks blush and slapped Cameron on the shoulder.


I checked the downstairs bathroom but it was empty.

“He went upstairs” Lily called from the kitchen as she watched me peer around the main hall aimlessly. I smiled and headed up the stairs. I was near the top when I heard voices. There was no mistaking the smooth, velvety tones of Jayce’s voice. My wolf stirred.

Down girl.

Then there was a female voice. Who was that? I quietly climbed a couple more steps until I had a view of the length of the hall. I could see Jayce standing with his back to me and talking to him...very fucking close to him, was Gretchen.
My wolf growled.

“I think he always secretly hoped that we would end up together. Maybe that you wouldn’t find your true mate and we would be chosen mates instead”


My stomach turned at Gretchen’s statement. I knew it, Jayce and her had been a thing. My wolf had sensed it the moment I saw her interact with him when we arrived here. She was smitten. I stood there, listening, waiting for Jayce to shut her down immediately.

“Maybe” he answered.

Excuse me?

My fists clenched at my sides and I bit the inside of my cheek to prevent myself from growling out loud. Gretchen took another step closer to Jayce, her chest was pushed out and hip cocked slightly. She reached forward, her hand slowly stroking down Jayce’s arm. I waited again for him to shut her down, for him to push her away or tell her to back off; instead he just raised his brow at her as if he was daring her to go further.

“I’ve heard about some wolves finding their true mates and after a few months the initial bonding lust wears off, then they realise they have absolutely nothing in common”

Oh bitch! Did she just?

“Is that right?” Jayce replied.

My heart began to race, my anger quickly turning into hurt. I felt suffocated, wishing I had never climbed these stairs. Idiot. Here I was, trying to find Jayce to clear things up from earlier and here he was, get cosy with his ex. I felt heat in my eyes, a stinging sensation, burning. I blinked and felt a hot tear run down my cheek. I bit my cheek again, this time not to stop me from growling, to stop me from crying.

“Yep” Gretchen said. She sighed and rolled her eyes seductively, “don’t you remember the fun we use to have? And you didn’t think I’d ever be able to keep up with you. If I remember correctly, I believe it was you that struggled to keep up with me”

That was enough. That was all I could bear to hear, all my wolf could bear to hear. I turned around and, as quickly as I could, ran down the stairs. I didn’t want to witness anymore, I didn’t want to hear what his answer was going to be. Already the image of the two of them having sex was playing over and over in my mind, that was torture enough.

“Quinn. Are you ok?”

I stopped at the bottom of the stairs, not realising that my cheeks were soaked in tears and my eyes red from crying. Kyanite stood only feet away from me, concern etched on his face. I opened my mouth to make some kind of nasty comment, some verbal attack that would make him wish he hadn’t asked; instead all that came out was a sob.
I quickly covered my mouth with my hand, more tears running down my cheeks.

To my surprise, Kyan strode straight over to me and wrapped his large arms around my shoulders. I felt my face press against his chest and I closed my eyes at the comfort that I instantly felt. My panther purred loudly in my head, almost blocking out my wolf’s pained cries.

“Shhh” he soothed.

I looked up at him. His beautiful emerald eyes shone with concern, with warmth. I closed my eyes again instinctively and breathed deep, inhaling his sweet scent. I felt Kyan’s arms tense around me before gently releasing his grip.

“Go splash some water on your face” he said, his voice shaky.

I opened my eyes, snapping out of my momentary weakness. I suddenly realised how close I was to him and took a step back.

“Sorry” I muttered.

Kyan smiled.

“It’s ok. Go wipe those tears away. I’ll see you back out there”

I nodded and stepped past him to go to the bathroom.


I turned back to face him, wiping the tears from my cheek.

“Yes?” I asked, sniffling.

“I’d never make you cry like that if you were mine”

With that the prince turned on his heel, disappearing down the hall.

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