Love Stained

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Chapter 27 - A Poor Substitution

Kyanite POV

That fucking dress. I knew what she was doing, I wasn’t fucking stupid. It was pay back for this morning; Quinn was playing dirty. The whole time I sat opposite her in that pack house all I could think of was peeling that dress from her body. I wanted to feel those heavy round breasts in my the palms of my hands, I knew they would fit perfectly.
But I knew it wasn’t the was her, it was Quinn. The more I was around her, the more I wanted her. Her scent was all over this place; everything I touched, everything I was all her. She was everywhere and it consumed me.

Then to see her kiss that dog in front of me. Fuck. My panther wanted to murder him and punish her. I knew the kiss wasn’t for me, it was for Gretchen. I’d clearly timed my arrival wrong. I’d felt the guilt radiating from her panther the moment she realised I’d seen the whole display. The Alpha wallowed in it though, lapping it up like it was a bowl of toilet water.

But something Jayce couldn’t take from me was the amulet. The thing that would ultimately save his mate, our mate, had been my idea. My knowledge in gems and precious stones paid off, much to the Alpha’s disgust. I knew gems better than Cassius and his skanky sister ever could. If anyone was going to be able to help Quinn connect with the gems to the best of her abilities, I knew it would be me and I fully intended on making sure I did.

To say I was relieved Quinn wasn’t going to Yo-Na was an understatement. As much as I absolutely despised the Alpha, I would have gone with him to get the amber. I knew there was no way he would leave me at Fern Creek with the tribrid and we needed that gem if we were to build the perfect amulet.

Then, enter Gretchen. The darkness that flashed across Quinn’s face when the she-wolf said she would go with us...
I knew she didn’t want Gretchen around Jayce but the possessiveness I instantly felt from her panther towards me was strong. Quinn really had nothing to worry about on that front. Gretchen was a wolf, I had no intention wetting my dick in her. In saying that though, I needed a release.

Quinn couldn’t just think that she could walk around dressed like a fucking goddess, dripping in sexuality and arousal, sticking her tongue down the Alpha’s throat - and it not affect me. The tribrid was playing with fire. If I was at Panthera I would just grab the closest, willing she-panther. I’d fuck her, picturing the tribrid the whole time, then I’d move on. Easy.
Maybe I would fuck Gretchen. I knew she’d be up for it, she’d do anything to ultimately piss Quinn off. I knew Jayce would hate it too, making it even more appealing.

The meeting ended, further discussions were to be had once the Baltic amber arrived in the compound. I stood outside the pack house and watched as the older she-wolf, Moira, walked back to her clinic. I had an idea and to get it across the line I would need her on my side. The only way for that to happen would require me speaking to her in private as I knew I would meet resistance if the Alpha was part of the conversation.

I raised my hand to knock on the clinic door but it opened before my fist could touch the wood.

“Prince Kyanite” the wolf doctor greeted, clearly knowing I had followed her here, “to what do I owe this...pleasure?”

I gave her my most charming smile.

“Please, call me Kyan...and I was wondering if I could speak to you in private? It’s about the Luna”


I nodded my head and Moira gestured for me to step inside. The clinic was nice, simple. It had everything it needed but was a vast difference from our medical set up in Panthera. I could see that the ‘less is more’ was a continuing theme in Fern Creek. I sat down on a comfortable looking arm chair in the doctor’s office which looked like it doubled as a small library.

“What do you wish to discuss?” Moira asked as she took a seat opposite me.

Even though she was a stinking wolf, I got a pleasant vibe from the woman. She clearly had age and wisdom on her side and I had a feeling she also had Quinn’s best interests on her side, which was what I needed.

“As I’m sure you’re aware, I have a great deal of knowledge and expertise when it comes to gems and precious stones”

Moira nodded, waiting for me to continue.

“I believe you have been working with Quinn in regards to harnessing the energy of the Moonstone. I hope you realise that harnessing the energy of three completely different gems at once is a different game all together”

“I think you’ll appreciate the situation we have all found ourselves in is a different game all together. Cassius, Gretchen and myself will work together with Quinn and figure it out as we go”

I smiled internally, being sure to not let on to the she-wolf that her answer had been what I was hoping for.

“Well, maybe you won’t have to figure it out as you go” I answered, earning a quizzical look from Moira, “I have a lot of experience in working with multiple different gems at once. We train our fighters using techniques, it helps create a sense of clarity...helps them fight with a focus and limited distraction”

“You think you’ll be the right person to teach Quinn” she said.

I nodded.

“I don’t know” Moira sighed, “even if I thought you were on to something there is no way Jayce would approve. For obvious reasons”

“The Alpha’s argument for not allowing me to help Quinn would be purely based on selfish reasons. Shouldn’t we be doing what is in the tribrid’s best interests? Humanity’s best interests? If I am the right person to train Quinn to use these gems, and I assure you I am, then to me it’s a no brainer. Why would we even consider another option?”

Moira sat back in her chair, drumming her fingers on the desk and staring out the small window to outside. I could tell she was seriously considering my offer, I just needed a little more to get it over the line.

“I have no intention on doing something stupid with the tribrid. I couldn’t care less if the Alpha sits in the room with us while I work with her, as long as he doesn’t cause a distraction or interfere”

Moira nodded.


“Ok. I’ll speak to him. It makes sense”

“Thank you Moira” I said, standing up from the chair and shaking her hand. My panther cringed at her touch, “I promise you this is the best solution. Unlike the Alpha, I would never lets my selfish needs jeopardise Quinn’s safety and wellbeing”

With that little nugget planted in her head I left the clinic, very satisfied with the way the conversation played out.

I headed back to the Beta’s kennel and changed into a pair of black track shorts. I had an itch that needed scratching and if I couldn’t scratch inside a wet pussy then I was going to have to utilise the training grounds and break a sweat another way.

As I walked over to the training grounds I noticed a few wolves there sparring. My panther growled as they all stopped to glare at me. I recognised a couple of them as Fern Creek fighters, I had seen them guarding the gate when I arrived here yesterday.

“What are you doing here cat?” One of them growled.
I rolled my eyes, knowing that I could wipe the floor with him before he even had a chance to shift. I was a panther prince, almost the equivalent to an Alpha wolf, their strength would be no match to my own.

“I’m here to train. Anyone care to spar?”

The wolves scoffed and shook their heads.

“We were given an order from our Luna not to kill you”

“I said spar, not kill. Not that you would have the slightest chance of getting close to killing me anyway”

The wolf growled but refused to bite. He walked to the side of the arena and grabbed his bag.

Good. One less wolf to stink up the place.

Before long the other wolves that were using the area to train picked up their stuff too and left.

“I’ll spar”

I turned around, a smile playing on my lips as the leggy she-wolf sauntered over to me, wearing nothing but some little black shorts that barely covered her arse and a crop top that pushed her breasts up and pressed them together.

“Gretchen” I said politely, nodding in her direction.

I noticed the way her pupils dilated at the sight of my naked, toned chest. She licked her dry lips and smiled in return.


“You may not think so but I assure you, I’m stronger than I look” she drawled.

Gretchen bounced her way into the arena. I watched as she tied her hair back and kicked off her shoes. Then, knowing I was watching, she smoothed her shorts and bent forward, opening her arse cheeks slightly and allowing the material to slide in between.

My panther stirred and I felt a familiar heat begin to warm my insides. The feeling confused me; but then I looked to the left, my eyes instantly drawn to one of the upstairs windows of the Alpha’s pack house.


Quinn stood there in the window, looking down at me. The expression on her face a mixture of annoyance and lust. I could feel her panther calling to mine.

“Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fight me?”

I tore my gaze from the tribrid and returned my focus on Gretchen. She stood in a fighter’s stance, not a very good one but it did give me a good view of her full breasts. I could almost feel the animosity from Quinn’s panther as I chose to turn away from her and smile at Gretchen.

Good. Let her stew.

“Come at me”

Gretchen ran towards me, I could see her left arm twitch, letting me know that she would throw her left fist first. I was right. I moved slightly, just enough that her fist missed my face. She stereotypically followed it up with a right knee to my stomach, which I caught easily.
The she-wolf gasped as I held her knee up, pushing it to the side and letting my open palm trail across her thigh until it reached the bare skin of her arse. I gave a small squeeze before pushing her off me.

Gretchen stumbled back and quickly regained her footing. The pink hue to her cheeks didn’t go unnoticed.

“Again?” I asked, hands on my hips.

Gretchen nodded eagerly, licking her lips.

She ran towards me again. Before the she-wolf reached me I stole another quick look at the upstairs window. Quinn was still there. Her eyes narrowed as she glared down at me.

Enjoy the show.

I moved to the left then quickly to the right as Gretchen threw consecutive jabs. The third punch she threw I caught, her fist fitting perfectly in the palm of my large hand. I twisted her arm around, earning a small yelp from her as I spun her, twisting her arm behind her back and pressing her back firmly against my chest.
I looked up at the window again, locking eyes with Quinn. I could feel her panther, wishing it was her down here in my arms instead of Gretchen. I leant my head down, pressing my nose into the crook of Gretchen’s neck, breathing heavily into her ear. The she-wolf’s body tensed up against mine. I smiled and looked over her shoulder down to her breasts, her nipples hard and pressing firmly against to material of her sports crop.

My panther growled, not happy that it was a wolf in my arms instead of his mate that was watching my every move. I felt Gretchen’s breathing grow heavy as she melted against my body. I smiled, pushing her off me and watching her stumble forward.

“You got lucky again” she rasped, smoothing her shorts and readying her stance again.

You have no idea.

This time I moved towards Gretchen. I threw a jab but kept my speed reigned in. I knew if I gave her my all that I’d hurt her...and right now that was not the intention. Gretchen dodged my punch, a smile plastered on her face. I threw another fake punch and the she-wolf grabbed my arm. I allowed her to twist it and she placed her leg behind my own, dropping me to the ground. My back hit the dirt with a thud and Gretchen landed on top of me, one leg on either side, straddling my hips.
Before she could get too excited I thrust my hips up and flipped the wolf off me. Within a second she was flat on her back with me now on top. Gretchen’s legs were open, her knees bent up.
I felt her body writhing under mine and then her legs wrap around my hips, her feet linking behind my back.

I looked up at Quinn as the wolf wriggled around under me. As my gaze locked with the tribrid my breath caught in my throat. The beautiful blue in her eyes had been replaced with black as she stared down at me. Her breasts moved up and down in a hypnotic rhythm as her breathing deepened. I could see the outline of her hard nipples pressing against her top. I wasn’t fucking stupid, I could tell the tribrid was aroused. She was watching me, sweating, covered in dirt and rolling around on the ground with another wolf...wishing it was her body wrapped around my own.

Her heated gaze made my dick harden. I heard Gretchen moan as she pressed her hips up into it, thinking she was the one making me respond this way. I rocked my pelvis forward, meeting Gretchen’s hips, I could feel my cock pressing firmly against her opening, the only thing preventing me from penetrating her being the flimsy material of our shorts.

My eyes never left Quinn’s the whole time. I watched as her lips parted slightly and her cheeks flushed. I wanted her to watch me, wanted her to wish it was her body under mine. Quinn bit her bottom lip and I grunted, thrusting into Gretchen again, using her body to stroke my shaft as I pleasured myself over the image of my mate. She was horny, her panther crying out to mine.

Then I noticed Quinn’s hand. It disappeared slowly behind the window sill as her other hand held on to the ledge.
What was she doing? I saw the movement of her arm, the twitch of her muscles as she moved her hand around below where I could see. Then I realised.


I thrust my hips down into Gretchen again, watching Quinn’s arm move slowly. Her eyelids hooded heavily as her breasts rose and fell, her laboured and uneven breaths matching my own.

“Kyan” Gretchen moaned, “I’m so fucking wet right now”

The she-wolf’s voice grated me, her noises reminding me that it wasn’t Quinn I was rubbing my cock on.

“This feels so—”

I braced my weight on one elbow and covered Gretchen’s mouth with my hand. She opened her lips, sucking one of my fingers in and wrapping her tongue around it.

This could work.

Quinn watched every motion, her hand working it’s magic. My panther purred, as long as I kept my eyes on my mate he was happy, satisfied with her pleasuring herself over us, making herself wet over us.

I took my fingers out of Gretchen’s mouth and slowly brought them down between our bodies, finding the edge of her shorts, I moved the material to the side and noticed she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

How convenient.

“Yes Kyan” she moaned.

“Shut up” I grunted, allowing the tips of my fingers to find her slick folds.

Gretchen threw her head back and moaned, the sound emanating from her soul as if she’d never been touched by a man like this before.
My eyes hadn’t left Quinn the whole time, her hand had quickened its pace and I noticed her other hand, gripping tightly to the bottom of the window.
The air hissed between my teeth as I slid a finger into Gretchen.


“I said shut up”

Quinn’s eyes closed briefly as my fingers moved in and out, causing the she-wolf to grow more wet by the second. I imagined Quinn under me and that it was her pussy that pulsated against my hand. I moved faster as Gretchen’s hips met me, thrust for thrust.

“I need more—”

I slapped my other hand across Gretchen’s mouth. I didn’t want to hear her voice, didn’t want to hear her groans of pleasure or hear my name on her lips. I wanted this to be Quinn. The fact that she stood up there, alone, using her own hand to service herself, pissed me off. It should be me.

My palm pressed firmly against Gretchen’s bud as I inserted another finger, her legs tightened around my hips. I knew she was close. She tried to cry out but I shoved my hand in her mouth. She gagged but I didn’t care; my eyes were fixated on Quinn, Gretchen was just my tool, my own sick way of getting what I wanted without actually getting it.
Little did I know I was just torturing myself, driving my panther to the brink of insanity.

Quinn’s eyes changed, her lids lifted slightly, the darkness in them beckoning me, challenging me to go further. I was satisfying her and satisfying the she-wolf but what was I doing to satisfy myself?
I growled, removing my fingers from Gretchen’s throbbing slit. I tugged the front of my shorts down, growling as the material strained to fit over my engorged cock. My panther hissed as Quinn’s eyes widened, her breathing still ragged and uneven. If she thought I wasn’t going to find my own release in this charade then she thought fucking wrong.
My shaft pulsated in my hand, I was on the brink. I positioned the swollen tip at Gretchen’s entrance, feeling her wetness suction around me

But then I stopped. Quinn’s eyes...the black was all but gone, her sapphire blue returning. The pure heat and lust in her features had faded. She pursed her lips and I watched as her breath hitched in her throat causing her chest to jump.
She bit her bottom lip, her chin quivering only just enough that I could notice. What was that look?
My panther cried, retreating into the back of my mind. Then I registered, she was hurt. She didn’t think I would push it this far, that I’d actually lower myself to fuck someone that she absolutely despised...that she rightly didn’t trust around her mates.

Before I could react, she was gone. No longer seeing her standing at the window, I was dragged violently back into reality. I looked down at the she-wolf that was under me, disgust written all over my features as she waited for me to press my cock into her core.

Not a fucking chance.

I jumped off her, pushing my now semi erect dick back into my shorts. I hissed at the wolf. She looked up at me with confusion and hurt in her eyes but I didn’t care. I couldn’t have cared less.

“What fucking gives?” She growled at me.

The wolf jumped up, straightening her clothes. Her eyes narrowed.

“You think I didn’t know what you were doing?” She spat, venom behind her words, “trying to make your tribrid slut jealous. How did that work out for you?”

Before I could stop myself, my hand flew forward, gripping the disgusting animal by the throat.

“Watch your fucking mouth” I hissed and threw her back down on to the dirt.

I turned and walked away. I needed a cold fucking shower. I closed my eyes, searching for my panther but there was nothing; just a hollowness that I knew, eventually, I would have to get use to.
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