Love Stained

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Chapter 28 - Sunshine and White Picket Fences

Jayce POV

“Not a fucking chance”

I shook my head and turned my back on Moira, she should know better than to even suggest something so ridiculous to me.

“Just hear me out Jayce. You’re looking at it from a jealous mate point of need to put your Alpha hat on now and realise what is best for your pack and for your Luna”

With that my wolf growled and I turned back to face Moira. Was she really calling me out? Doubting that I had the pack’s best interests at heart? Please.

“Having that arsehole work with Quinn is not what is best for her or this pack. He has nothing to offer that either you, Cassius or Gretchen can’t give. His mummy named him after a pretty stone...that doesn’t make him an expert in them”

Moira rolled her eyes. I knew I was sounding petty, that arrogant prick brought out the worst in me and I hated it.

“He knows his stuff, Jayce. You know that I wouldn’t be suggesting this if I didn’t think it was the right thing to do. I’ve spoken to Cassius and he agrees”

I raised my brow, this changed things. If Cassius, a powerful wolf-mage hybrid, thought that Prince Sparkles was Quinn’s best chance at harnessing the energy of the gems...then maybe it was something I should seriously be considering.

“What did Gretchen say?”

“I couldn’t find her. Her abilities are no more impressive than her brother’s when it comes to gem and stone work. I know you don’t like it, but Kyanite may be our secret weapon here. He may be able to help Quinn step it up a notch, goddess knows she’ll need it”

Fuck. I hated it when Moira was right, especially when, in this moment, I really needed her to be wrong.

“If that stray cat so much as looks at my mate with the wrong intentions in mind, I will personally castrate him” I huffed, receiving a nod from Moira.

“Speaking of your mate, where is she?”

“In bed. It’s been a big day”

Quinn had come downstairs earlier to see me. She looked exhausted, flat. I cradled her in my arms, carrying her back up the stairs while she snuggled in against my chest. I ran her a warm bath and turned down the bed so she could crawl in without a second thought once she was done soaking away the day’s tension.

The moon was now high in the sky, I ascended the stairs and quietly entered our room, being sure not to wake my sleeping Luna. I sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at her, she was the most magnificent creature I had ever laid eyes on. Her beautiful dark hair covered the pillow in waves around her head and her dark lashes fanned gently down over her perfect cheeks. I watched the soft rise and fall of her chest under the sheets as she slept peacefully.
In this moment she wasn’t a Luna, she wasn’t a multi species tribrid, she wasn’t a Queen...she was Quinn, just Quinn. The love of my life and the reason I breathed, the reason my heart filled my chest the way it did and the reason I wanted so desperately to be the best version of myself.

Before meeting her I had just being going through the motions. I’d become Alpha after the loss of my mother and the emotional fall of my father. Everything that I ever did had been for Fern Creek. I ate, slept and breathed Fern Creek. But it was like I was a robot. There was no heart in anything that I did, no passion. I just followed the rules and tried my hardest to be what my father had been.
Then along came this etherial beauty beside me. The moment I sensed her, my wolf was besotted but the moment I laid eyes on her, my human was captivated; knowing that everything we did from then on out would be for her, for our life together.

I went into the bathroom, brushed my teeth and stripped off my clothes before climbing into bed, careful not to wake the sleeping beauty beside me. I lay on my side, curving my body around Quinn’s like a big spoon and smiling at how her body perfectly fit within mine. As if drawn to me, Quinn shimmied her body back against mine until the smooth skin of her back pressed softly against my chest.
I buried my nose in her hair, breathing in her intoxicating scent and allowing it to caress my wolf as he basked in our closeness to his mate.
A small moan escaped Quinn as she pressed harder against me, her naked and firm bottom rubbing against my cock that was now hardening in response.

I let my hand reach over her hips and slide gently down her supple skin. My calloused fingers spreading out and my palm covering her lower stomach as I pushed her firmly against me. My nostrils flared at the feeling of my hard shaft as it slowly pushed between her cheeks, bit by bit.
I paused, the air hissing between my clenched teeth, waiting for a sign that my mate was a willing participant in what I so desperately wanted to do.

Quinn moaned again, tilting her head to the side ever so slightly, baring her neck to me in a sign of submission. I softly trailed my lips along her skin, savouring the taste of her as I reached her ear. I felt Quinn’s hand cover my own; she entwined her fingers in mine and guided me lower until I felt the tips of my fingers brush the soft skin between her legs.
I smiled against her ear, taking her lead and allowed my fingers to explore.
I started slow, sliding my fingers up and down along her silky folds but not entering. Quinn’s hips began to move with my hand and she rubbed herself against me, creating a pace that I was more than happy to stick to. As her hips started to move with a little more urgency I licked the side of her neck and let my teeth graze her skin. A small cry rolled from between Quinn’s lips and she opened her legs ever so slightly. Once again, following her lead, I eased a finger inside, so slowly, feeling the way her body responded to my touch.


The sound of my name spilling from Quinn’s lips as my finger slid inside her was almost more than I could handle. I thrust my hips forward, grinding against her round behind, allowing my swollen cock to inch it’s way between her legs.
I moved my finger a little faster, sliding in and out. Every now and then I’d let the tip of my wet finger slip over the top of her sensitive bud and Quinn would moan, her body shuddering against mine.

More..” she cried, almost painfully.

Quinn’s hand slipped between her legs until I felt her fingers graze the tip of my cock. I grunted as she traced the pad of her thumb over the sensitive end, then wrapped her hand around it, gently guiding me towards her opening.
I slipped my finger out of her, using it to spread her folds as I slid my cock steadily inside. The way she expanded to fit my entire length made my wolf growl in satisfaction, knowing we were simply made for one another. As I pressed forward, Quinn pressed back until I completely filled her, then we began to move. Our movements were measured at first, neither one of us wanting to rush this moment. Her silky warmth wrapped itself around me and I marvelled at the sensation of it. Her walls massaged my shaft, squeezing and releasing, sucking me in and out in a rhythm that threatened to blow my top at any moment. My rough hand slid up Quinn’s body; her hips, her ribs, until I felt the soft swell of her breast under my touch. I palmed the heavy mound then rolled her erect nipple firmly between my thumb and forefinger.

With every motion our thrusts became more forced, Quinn rearing back, making sure that every last inch of me stroked her insides. Her body shuddered, letting me know that she was close.
Quickening my pace I grabbed Quinn’s thick hair in my fist and gently pulled her head back towards me. My mouth clamping down over hers. She readily opened her lips to mine. I continued on, drilling into her with uneven thrusts as I fucked her mouth with my tongue.
I growled as Quinn moaned against me, her body vibrating and the sound of skin slapping against skin echoing through the room.

“Cum for me Quinn” I whispered against her lips.

That was all my Luna needed. She cried out into my mouth as her body jerked uncontrollably against mine. I continued pumping into her, letting her pulsating pussy milk me as she found her release. Three more thrusts and I was done, grunting like an animal as I held her hair tight, bending her neck so I could mimic the thrusts of my cock with my tongue still inside her mouth.

“I love you” Quinn whispered as the last shudders from her orgasm rippled off her body.

“I love you too. More than you’ll ever know”

The following morning I awoke to the warm sun, streaming through the window. I turned to see Quinn still sleeping soundly next to me. Last night had been amazing, like nothing I’d ever experienced before. I’d fucked many women over the years, Quinn being by far my favourite; but last night had been different, it was the first time I’d actually made love.

I looked down as my Luna stirred next to me, her eyes slowly flickering open, her deep blue swallowing me whole.

“Hey you” she purred, stretching out her body like a sun basking cat.

“Hey you too”

“Last night was...” Quinn laughed and rolled her eyes back in her head dramatically, “ah-may-zing”

It made my heart sing to see her so happy, especially after all she was going through.

“It was indeed”

Quinn sat up slightly, propping herself back on her elbows and forearms.

“The amber should arrive today, I guess that means a lot of time locked away with Moira, Cassius and Gretchen learning how to use the gems” she muttered, her tone taking a more serious edge.

I sat up in the bed and leant my back against the head board. Quinn raised her brow at me as I cleared my throat.

“I actually needed to talk to you about that”

“What is it?” She asked.

“Moira came to see us yesterday but you were already in bed. It’s about Kyanite...”

Quinn’s face changed. It took on almost a pained look with her colour fading slightly.

“What about him?” She asked, her voice wavering.

“Both Moira and Cassius believe that the Prince is the best person to train you in how to gain maximum results with the gems. He appears to be rather fluent in gemmology and I guess if we are going to do this, we should probably do it right”

Quinn looked at me for a moment in silence, maybe trying to figure out if I was messing with her or not, I wished I was.

“What do you think?” She asked after a moment of silent contemplation.

“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t love the idea but if it’s going to be the difference between you beating this witch or not...then unfortunately it’s probably the best option we have”

Quinn nodded slowly.

“Once this is all over, once Magdalene is dead and Kyanite has gone back to Panthera...we can put this all behind us, we can really start our life together”

Oh Quinn.

I looked at her sadly. I wished so much for that to be true. The future I saw with my Luna, up until a few weeks ago, had been all sunshine and white picket fences. Now it was cloudy, stormy and the scent of panther lingered in the air.

“Let’s get through all of this first” I smiled, holding her hand, “Magdalene is the big picture here and making sure you are one hundred percent ready to destroy her”

“I will be. I promise. But she isn’t the big picture...we are. That stupid witch is just a blip that’s in the way of our happily ever after. Once she’s’s just you and me”

Quinn leant forward, softly pressing her lips against my own.

Goddess, I hoped she was right.

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