Love Stained

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Chapter 33 - It Takes Two

Quinn POV

I gasped as I snapped out of my sex crazed state and saw my wolf, tackling Kyanite to the ground, her jaws closing down over his neck.

“No!” I screamed.

I ran over to them but I had no idea what to do. I couldn’t shift in my subconscious, my animals and I were separate beings here; my wolf could not be controlled by me.

“Please stop!” I begged, hoping maybe she would listen.

It was no use, my wolf kept Kyanite’s neck firmly in her grip, blood spouting everywhere. What did this mean? What happened if Kyan was killed in my subconscious? The doubt in my mind made me feel sick to my stomach. I knew I had to try something.

I reached down and, with all my strength, pulled on my wolf’s tail. It was enough to have her yelp in surprise and let go of Kyanite for a second, a second was all I needed. I jumped in between my wolf and my mate and grabbed Kyan’s face in my hands. The slickness of the blood coating his skin made my hands slip. I pressed my lips firmly against his and closed my eyes, searching for my panther.

Please. Save him.

I opened my eyes again and immediately breathed a sigh of relief to see that we were away from my wolf and safely in Panthera. I looked down to Kyanite, his face still held softly between my hands. My heart fluttered as I saw that the blood was gone, the life had returned to those beautiful emerald eyes.

“It worked” I sighed, letting my forehead drop forward slightly until it rested on Kyan’s.

He let out a chuckle and I pulled back, looking at him.

“Don’t stress that pretty little head of yours” he laughed. I stepped back so Kyanite could get to his feet, “Your wolf can’t kill me in your subconscious. Sure, it felt real enough but I’m fine”

“Thank the goddess” I breathed.

Kyan held his finger up in front of me, ticking it from side to side whilst making a tutting sound.

“That little stunt you pulled could have serious consequences in regards to the harmony of your animals”

“Stunt?” I questioned.

“Kissing me in front of your wolf like that. Really? What were you playing at?”

I was speechless and embarrassed. It wasn’t a stunt, my panther took over, knowing exactly what she wanted, what she needed. I was playing at nothing.

“I didn’t see you fighting me on it” I snapped back.

Kyanite’s eyes flashed black, making me take one step backwards. The look in them was dark and unnerving.

“Fight you?” He breathed.

The prince took a step closer to me as I took another one back. He ran his fingers through his hair and shook his head, laughing.

“I’ve been fighting you since the first moment I caught your scent. Do you have any idea how hard it is, to have you right under my nose the whole time, smelling the way you do, and not be able to act on it? I’ve been dying a slow death Quinn, you’re killing me”

His words cut into me like a knife, slicing open my chest and pulling out my still beating heart. There was so much pain in his voice but also so much hostility.


“You what? You’re sorry? Please. You may cause me pain but I must be a masochist...because I can’t get enough of it, or you”

Kyan’s hand shot out and grabbed the side of my face, dragging my head towards him so roughly that I nearly lost my footing. His mouth covered mine as he devoured me, his tongue forcing between my lips and invading my mouth. I moaned loudly, feeling like a lightning bolt of sexual desire ran straight from my lips to between my legs.
Kyanite tore his mouth away, his breathing heavy.

“Yesterday wasn’t enough” he panted, “we need to offer our panthers more. That is the only way to bring your panther to the same level as your wolf”

I watched his lips as he spoke and all I could think about was having them kiss and suck every part of my body. I raised my eyes slowly until they locked with Kyan’s. I bit my bottom lip, smiling internally as I watched his pupils dilate at the action.

“What did you have in mind?”

Kyanite smiled. The smile promised so much. He took my hand and walked towards the doorway at the side of the terrace. I lazily followed him, my body wanting to be wherever he was. He could be leading me into hell for all I cared.
Kyan opened the door and my heart hammered in my chest. We were in a bedroom. My eyes scanned the bed, it was stunning and huge. The sheets were a burgundy silk and the bed head a black velvet.

“Welcome to my room...” he said, pulling me inside.

“I don’t understand. This is my subconscious. I’ve never seen your room before. Is this just what I am imagining it would look like or is this your actual room?”

Kyanite let go of my hand and slowly walked towards the bed. My eyes drank him in as he pulled his t-shirt off over his head.

“This is my subconscious too baby. This is definitely my room” he drawled, “This bed will feel like heaven under you”

You’ll feel like heaven under me...

My mouth went dry. I wanted to speak but the words wouldn’t come out. What was he proposing? I knew what he was proposing. Didn’t I?

“Quinn...” Kyanite purred as he undid his belt, pulling it out of his pants and dropping it on the floor.

“Y-yes?” I managed to spit out.

The prince popped the button at the top of his pants and unzipped his fly. I chewed on my bottom lip as he pulled his pants down over his hips and kicked them off as they hit the floor.

“You’re just standing there...are you going to join me or do I need to come get you?”

I shook my head and pinched the bridge of my nose. What was happening? Goddess give me strength.

“Kyan...” I breathed, “what you’re’s—”

“It’s the only way”

I looked at him and dropped my shoulders. I knew what he was getting at. Our panthers needed to connect. There would be no chance of me defeating Magdalene if my panther was pining over her mate. It just pained me that this was the only way. But I wanted it...Goddess how I wanted it!

“Come here” Kyanite breathed, his rich emerald eyes taking me in, devouring me from head to toe.

I took in a deep breath as the prince hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his briefs. The corner of his mouth raised slightly, noting that my eyes were growing dark, wishing for that last piece of clothing to be stripped from his magnificent body. And as if the Panther God had answered my prayers, there it went, exposing the Prince’s incredibly magnificent length.

I was frozen to the spot. Every nerve impulse in my body was firing, my heart was racing, my lungs working in overtime. This needed to happen, for the sake of humanity. So why wasn’t I moving?

I felt Kyanite’s warm hand on my arm. I didn’t realise I’d closed my eyes until I opened them, looking up at the prince’s chiseled and handsome face. His green eyes shone with a level of understanding, he knew this was hard for me.

“You can either treat this as a burden; something that has to be done and that’s the only reason you’re doing it. Or, you can give in to the desires that I know run through your body. You can take my hand and let me worship your body like it deserves; let our panthers strings attached”

No strings attached? I wasn’t stupid. If I did this there was no going back. It would be something I would have to live with for the rest of my life. I would never forgive myself if I did it; I would never forgive myself if I didn’t.
I took a deep breath. Kyan’s hand slid slowly down my arm, setting my skin on fire wherever it touched, until his fingers intertwined with my own.

“Do you trust me?” He whispered, leaning into me until his lips brushed softly against my hair.


I could sense the smile on Kyanite’s face. He turned around, striding towards the bed with me, not so reluctantly, in tow. The prince turned to face me, he really was magnificent. I noted the way his chest moved up and down, his breathing laboured and it gave me a satisfying chill knowing I was the reason behind it. I grabbed the bottom of my top and pulled it up and over my head, quickly followed with unbuttoning my shorts and dropping them to the ground.

The Prince’s eyes were no longer green, the blackness was quick to take over as he drank in my body. The way he looked at me made me instantly wet between the legs. I reached behind my back with one hand and unhooked my bra, letting the black lace slide down my body. Kyanite didn’t move. I noted the clench of his jaw and the vein protruding in his neck; this was torturing him. I gave him a sultry smile, my ego slightly enjoying the stroking it was getting. I turned around so my back faced the prince. I hooked my fingers into the sides of my black g-string and pulled the flimsy material down over my skin. I slowly bent forward at the hips, giving Kyanite a perfect view of my arse as the piece of lace dropped down at my feet.

My whole body vibrated in pleasure as the most animalistic growl I had ever heard erupted from Kyan. I let out a moan, the sound tearing through my core like the most potent afrodesiac in existence. My body jolted forward as Kyanite grabbed my hips forcefully, his large fingers digging into the flesh. I remained bent forward, moaning again as Kyan placed one palm on my upper back and pushed me down further so my bottom pressed up against him. I felt his erection press firmly into me, teasing me as he stroked between my cheeks.

“Fuck you’re amazing” he groaned, “I’ve pictured this in my mind every night since I first saw you. You’re a fucking goddess”

Kyanite wrapped my hair around his hand and gently tugged, indicating that he wanted me to stand up. I did as he instructed and he pulled me against him so my back was pressed against his strong chest. My skin erupted in tingles as the prince ran his fingers along my clavicle then down my chest, softly brushing over my breast. I heard the breath hiss between his teeth as my nipples peaked in response to his touch.

As exciting and erotic as this teasing foreplay was, my mind was screaming at me to stop playing around and get it over and done with. I didn’t know if this was maybe guilt eating away at me or just pure pent up desperation and my need to feel Kyan inside me, finally.
I turned around to face the prince and pressed my chest into his. I gasped as his hard shaft dug into my hip, making him growl at the closeness to his inevitable target.
I felt hot, flushed. There were butterflies in the pit of my stomach; the pure lust and need I felt was overwhelming. I needed this and it wasn’t just a matter of saving my panther, I knew it was for me as a woman too.

I growled and saw Kyan’s eyes grow wide at my display of dominance. I shoved him backwards on to the bed. The prince raised his eyebrow then simply lay back, his hands behind his head and his swollen cock standing at full mast. What a sight to behold.

“Are you going to fuck me? Or just stand there and think about it?” He drawled teasingly.

Challenge fucking accepted.

I moved forward, quicker than either Kyanite or I clearly thought possible. His breath caught in his chest as I jumped on top of him, straddling just above his dick so I felt it tap against my arse. I folded my body forward, bracing my weight on my hands as I lent over Kyanite. My core throbbed at the look in Kyan’s eyes. He stared at my breasts like they were the eighth wonder of the world; so I leant forward more, allowing him to take one of my nipples in his eagerly awaiting mouth.

I cried out at the sensation as his tongue flicked against the hard peak then slowly encircled it. He did the motion again and again then repeated it on the other breast. I groaned and allowed my pelvis to rub against Kyan’s hard body.

“Fuck Quinn” he growled, biting down on my nipple as I used his body to grind into.

The sound of my name of his lips, strained and desperate made my core throb. I didn’t know how much more I could take.


“Just do it” he growled, hearing the pained tone in my voice.

I lifted myself up and shuffled back until I felt Kyanite’s swollen head press against my opening.


I gripped the base of the prince’s shaft and slowly lowered myself down, electric bolts and currents flying through my body as his length ripped into me. Kyanite grabbed my hips and threw his head back.

“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck” he groaned and held perfectly still until the remainder of his cock was safely nestled inside my body, my pelvis flush against his.

Tears welled in my eyes at the sheer and utter pleasure coursing through my soul in this moment. I knew this wasn’t real, we weren’t flesh and bone. So why did it feel so bloody real?

“Quinn. You better fucking start moving, or I will” Kyanite hissed, bringing me back.
I slowly rolled my hips forward and dug my nails into Kyan’s chest as pure uninhibited pleasure surged through me.

“This feels—”

Perfect...” Kyanite finished in a guttural growl.

I continued to roll my hips, forward and back, my pace increasing as I felt my release building within me. Kyan gripped my hips tighter then lifted my body up, so I slid up his length. When I reached his tip I swirled my pelvis around causing him to tense then slam me back down on him with a thick grunt. Kyanite did it again. Then again; sending waves of pleasure throughout my whole body. I threw my head back, screaming out his name as he used my body to fuck his hard cock, thrusting his hips up to meet mine with every blow.

I could feel my orgasm ready to erupt, my legs shaking and threatening not to hold me up for much longer. Kyan grabbed my hair with one hand, dragging my face down to his. He held my hips steady with his other hand, as he thrust harder into me; harder and faster. I cried out Kyanite’s name into his mouth as my lips found his, his tongue stroking the length of mine; bringing my body to a brink of no return.

“Cum for me Quinn. I want to feel you pulsating around me, give into it” he groaned.

I screamed out as my whole body shook, waves of pure bliss tearing through every fibre of my being. Kyanite didn’t slow, his thrusts coming faster, threatening to tear my body in two. I felt another wave coming, my eyes rolling back as Kyan screamed my name.
Before I knew what I was doing I tore my mouth away from Kyanite’s, my tongue trailing along his neck. Then I bit down.
Kyan growled out as his teeth found their spot on my neck. Breaking the skin, he bit down into me as he found his own release.

The power. Oh goddess the power! I felt wave after wave of energy pulse through my body as Kyan and I bit down. I could feel his panther blending with mine as we took on each other’s animals. My body was on fire, like the goddess herself had set off fireworks in my soul. I let go of Kyan’s neck as the last of my climax evaporated from my body. I lifted my head, looking down upon the prince’s face and the mark I had left on his throat.

Oh fuck. What have I done?

A knowing smile passed over Kyanite’s face as he tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

There’s no escaping me now. You just mated yourself to the panther prince...we are bonded for life, my Queen.

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