Love Stained

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Chapter 34 - I Trust You

Kyanite POV

“What did you do?” Quinn gasped in disbelief as her hand covered the side of her neck where my mating mark was.

“What did I do? Pretty sure it was you who bit me first” I answered in mock shock, clutching my heart, “I was only going to fuck was you that decided to complete the bond”

Quinn glared at me, her blue eyes losing the lust they had been filled with only moments ago. I didn’t care. There was no way I was copping the blame for this. Quinn had let her panther take control, now she would need to live with the consequences.

“You knew exactly what was going to happen by doing these sessions. I can’t believe I fell for it!”

I snorted.

“Believe it or not. I had only the best intentions in mind when I suggested teaching you how to use the gems. It was you who turned it all dirty and lusty. Now you’re stuck with me for good...oh!” I said, a look of shock on my face, “whatever will the big fella think?”

Quinn growled and pushed herself up off the bed, her messy hair fell around her shoulders, her hips still bearing the red marks from my fingers. She looked fucking sexy. I didn’t even try to hide myself as my dick hardened in response.

“You’re a fucking pig!” The tribrid hissed.

“Panther. Not pig”

Quinn screamed in frustration, which just made me want her even more. She picked up a vase, smashing it against the wall. She was like a little angry kitten, spitting and hissing because she didn’t get her milk. I rolled over on to my stomach, head resting on my hands as I watched the show. When she was done carrying on and smashing my stuff she turned to look at me, anger still very evident in her eyes.

“Fuck Kyanite! If you keep looking at me like that...I swear to the fucking goddess!”

“You’ll what?” I laughed, “smash another priceless vase? Go for it, they’re not real you know. They’re all just in our subconscious”

“I’ll walk my arse over to Panthera when we get out of here and smash every fucking vase in the fucking kingdom” she growled.

I rolled my eyes, sighing, and sat up on the bed.

“Quinn. They’re not real, this isn’t’s in our subconscious...”

Quinn crossed her arms over her chest, fire in her beautiful blue eyes.

“I heard what you fucking said...and I said—”


The tribrid stopped her rant and looked at me, really looked at me. Her brow raised as she finally took in what I was saying.

“It wasn’t real?” She whispered.

I slid off the bed and padded across the room until I stood in front of her. I smiled as Quinn’s cheeks flushed in response to my closeness. I lifted my hand and gently trailed my fingers over my mark on the side of her neck.

“It’s real here” I answered, “our panthers are bonded, they will be forever connected and nothing can ever change that. But you and me? Man and woman...Once we leave this realm it will be as if nothing happened”

The relief in Quinn’s eyes hurt me more than it probably should have.

“You’re a fucking arsehole, you know that?” She laughed, “smug bastard”

I chuckled in return, disguising the pain that ached in my human heart. She had made it clear. The draw that she felt to me was purely animal, her panther wanted me...needed me, but her human wanted Jayce.

“So what now?” Quinn asked.

I cleared my throat and smiled.

“Well, you will go back to your subconscious version of Fern Creek. You need to see if your panther follows you”

“Where will you go?”

“I’ll go back to the real Fern Creek and wait for you there. I don’t think your wolf will really want to see me at this point in time”

Quinn nodded and closed her eyes. I leant forward, letting my lips touch hers softly, right before she disappeared in front of my eyes.

Quinn POV

I opened my eyes to find myself back at the creek. The fresh air hit me like a wave and I breathed it in, filling up my lungs. It was strange being here without Kyan, it didn’t feel right.

Then I remembered why I was here. I looked over the other side of the creek. There was my wolf and bear, sleeping under the shade of a large tree.


I couldn’t see my panther anywhere. How could I possibly do anymore to make her come out of her rut? I mated with Kyanite! Our panthers completed the bond, there was nothing more I could do. Time was running out. I sighed and raised my fingers to my neck, tracing the outline of Kyan’s mating mark.

Then I heard a sound that made my heart skip a beat. A low, rhythmic hum that vibrated through my soul. I looked towards the sound, my eyes scanning up the tree that my wolf and bear lay under; and there she was, my beautiful panther, her legs dangling lazily from a branch while she purred away.


Jayce POV

I had been sitting, waiting for Quinn to come back to me. Yesterday’s session had only lasted ten seconds, so I had expected the same this time too. So far, I had been waiting close to a minute, a minute that felt like a lifetime.

Just as I was about to say something I saw Kyanite’s eyes flutter open and he lowered his hands from Quinn’s. I waited for her to do the same but she just sat there, still in her meditative state.

“Why isn’t Quinn waking up too? What have you done to her?” I growled.

The prince stood up and rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be so dramatic dog. She has some unfinished business. Give her a second”

I tried not to react to the panther’s insult but I felt my body tense and my canines elongate.
Cassius placed his hand on my shoulder, sensing I was on the brink of a shift.

“Jayce. Calm down” he muttered under his breath, “it’s not worth it”

Cassius was right, he wasn’t fucking worth it. In a few more days this would all be over and he could fuck right off, back to the Emerald City.

“Where are you going? Aren’t you going to wait for Quinn?” Moira asked.

Kyanite shrugged his shoulders and headed towards the door.

“I’ve spent enough time with the tribrid today. I need to get some fresh air, this place stinks of wet dog”

With that he was gone.

Fucking good riddance.

I looked back to Quinn and smiled as her beautiful blue eyes opened and she looked straight at me.

“Well hey there” I said.

I was relieved to see her back. Moira and Cassius had explained how dangerous medaling in someone’s subconscious could be. There had to be an emotional balance, a sense of mutual understanding and respect. I had no idea how Quinn found that with the panther; but here she was, back in one piece and hopefully one step closer to killing Magdalene.

“Hey there” she answered quietly.

Quinn’s face fell as she rubbed her neck and looked around.

“Where’s Kyan?”


She’d just spent goddess knows how many hours with him in her subconscious and that’s what she was concerned about? Where he was now.

“Probably off to stare at his reflection somewhere” I muttered.

Quinn looked down at the gems in her hands. There was that fog again, she was here but she wasn’t really here; her mind still off in whatever space she’d come from. I walked over to her and took her hand, helping her get to her feet as Moira took the gems.

“You ok?” I asked.

Quinn gave me a tight smile and nodded. Something was off, I could see it in her eyes. Something had happened. My wolf was more edgy than normal, I knew this had something to do with it too.

“Can we go home?” Quinn asked softly, “I think I need to rest”

I studied her face for a moment and nodded.

“Of course. Let’s go”

Quinn POV

I walked hand in hand with Jayce as we neared the pack house. I had fifty million things playing over in my mind, the noise was deafening. I knew what had happened was a necessity, to a point. For my animals to coexist harmoniously my panther needed to find a stronger connection to Kyanite so she wasn’t hating on my wolf so much. Well, I had definitely found that stronger connection. My animals were at peace, for once they were quiet inside my was my human, me, that was screaming.

We walked inside and Jayce closed the front door behind us. I felt him approach me, his hand gently resting on my shoulder from behind.
He knew something wasn’t right. I could feel his wolf busting at the seams, he sensed it too. I knew I had to tell him but I also knew I couldn’t tell him everything. Kyanite had explained to me that whatever went on in my subconscious, that was kept away from my other animals, would remain that way, unless I chose to reveal it to them.
If I told Jayce exactly what happened then all hell would break loose. There was a very good chance I could lose my panther and my wolf; or they would just completely turn on each other instead of turning on me and any chance I had at defeating Magdalene would be gone.
There would be a time for confessions and yelling and apologising and heartbreak...but that time wasn’t now. Jayce was right -killing Magdalene was the big picture.

“Jayce...” I started, turning around to face him.

My eyes scanned over his face, his beautiful, ruggedly handsome face. My heart swelled, there was no denying how head over heels in love I was with this man. He wasn’t just my rock, he was my boulder.

“We need to talk” I continued.

Jayce nodded, taking a seat at the dining table. He didn’t seem surprised, he didn’t seem angry - yet - he just seemed ready to hear whatever I had to say.
I took a seat opposite him instead of next to him and put my hands flat on the table. I kept my eyes trained on my hands, not wanting to look at Jayce and lose my nerve.

“I need you to hear me out and I need you to do it with an open mind. I want to be completely open and honest with you about what has been taking place during these gem sessions...but right now, I can’t”

I slowly raised my eyes, trying to get a read on Jayce. He remained stoic, his face giving nothing away but his eyes signalling me to continue.

“For me to harness the power from the shifter gods and their shifters, my animals need to coexist in complete peace and harmony. When the time comes, I need them to work together and be in tune with one another, as if they are one being instead of three. Today we managed to get my panther in the same space as my wolf and bear; they are finally peaceful”

Jayce nodded and leant back in his chair. I could almost hear the cogs turning around in his head as numerous scenarios played out in his mind. I knew it was killing him not knowing as much as it was killing me not to tell him.
I knew all hell would break loose the second I told Jayce what happened between Kyanite and I, and I was welcoming that hell, because I knew I deserved it; for now, though, my retribution would have to wait.

“I trust you” he answered finally.

I. Trust. You.

Those three words, three knifes in my heart. Jayce trusted me. I was a fucking monster.


Jayce raised his hand to cut me off and stood up from his chair. I watched as he approached me from the other side of the table, crouching down in front of me and resting his hands on my knees.

“Quinn” he sighed, “I love you and I trust you. You have proven time and time again to be the most heroic, selfless, loyal woman I have ever met. I won’t push you to tell me what happened today and I promise when you do tell me that I’ll try to listen and understand with an open mind and an open heart. The difference between your animals coexisting peacefully or not is you dying at the hands of Magdalene...and that is not an option”

Jayce lifted my hands gently to his mouth and kissed them. Tears pooled in my eyes as I took in his words.
Goddess knows I didn’t deserve this man.

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