Love Stained

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Chapter 40 - Promise Me

Kyanite POV

Drip. Drip. Drip.

I widened my eyes to let as much light in as possible, only taking a couple of seconds for them to adjust to the darkness.
I looked around and it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out I was in a cave. I was just about to start walking when a flash of blue light erupted from behind me and something heavy thumped me in the back.

“The fuck?”

I grinned as Jayce fell flat on his arse after bouncing off me. Turns out there had been enough time to get two people through the portal.

Lying dick.

“Nice if you to join me” I muttered, looking down at the wolf as he rose to his feet.

Jayce growled, his eyes narrowing as he glared at me.

“I thought I told you not to go through the portal”

I shrugged.

“What can I say? I’m not usually one to follow orders, especially when they come from someone I don’t really like that much. Anyway, enough of this. Let’s go find Quinn”

I turned away from Jayce and started walking through the tunnel, giving him no choice but to follow me.

We’d been walking for a while, the passageway gradually getting wider the further we walked. Jayce hadn’t so much as uttered a word to me since he first came through the portal. I got it that the brute didn’t like me but if we were going to help Quinn then we at least needed to be semi amicable.
As if Jayce had read my thoughts he opened his mouth.

“I know your number one priority in here is getting Quinn out alive, it’s my priority too; but there is no point leaving these caves unless Magdalene is dead. She will just keep coming otherwise and Quinn will never be safe”

I nodded as we kept walking.

“Agreed. I will give my life if it means saving Quinn’s. I also won’t hesitate to kill any of those possessed shifters if they pose any harm to her. I know they’re innocent but Quinn’s life is my only concern right now”

Jayce made a grunting noise to let me know he understood even though he may not have completely agreed.

“I appreciate that you are here to help her but don’t even for a second think that this changes anything” Jayce voiced, “once we are out of here and Magdalene is dead, you will be going back to Panthera. I think it’s clear that Quinn has made her mind up about who she wants to be with”

I clenched my fists at my sides.

“And what if Quinn chose me? Would you have just let her go?”

Jayce walked in silence for a moment before shaking his head.

“No. I would have killed you”

I snorted, rolling my eyes.

“I’d like to see you tr—”


“Don’t shhhh me!”

“Kyanite. Shut up! Listen…”

Jayce held his hand up, looking around. I fell silent and did the same. Then I heard it, a buzzing further into the tunnel.
My stomach turned and we both set off into a sprint. We knew exactly what the sound was, it was an open portal.

We followed the sound as it grew louder, letting us know that we were close. The cave ahead of us appeared to open into a much wider space and we simultaneously slowed down as we neared the end of the tunnel.

“Do you see what I see?” Jayce whispered.

I nodded. Towards the right of our tunnel, up against one side of the cave, was a large blue swirl of light, electricity and lightning crackling around it. My heart skipped in my chest as I saw Quinn, levitated in the air only a few metres away from the portal, with Magdalene standing in front of her. They were surrounded by approximately forty wolves and panthers, all with glowing red eyes.

“Her amulet! Where is the amulet?” Jayce hissed.

My eyes darted around the ground near Quinn and the witch until finally I caught a glimpse of the clasp, the gems reflecting the light from the portal.

“Mind link Quinn. Tell her to keep Magdalene talking” I whispered, turning to Jayce.

“What are you going to do?”

“I’ll figure something out”

Quinn POV

“Any last words before I send you to Hades?”

Quinn. You need to keep Magdalene talking. Just buy us some time.

My body erupted in goose bumps as Jayce’s mind link came through loud and clear. He came for me, he really came for me. My wolf jumped to her feet, a new sense of hope coursing through us. I made sure to keep my eyes firmly focused on the witch, not wanting her to figure out what was going on.

“At least give me the decency to explain what you’re doing” I cried, “why me? Why do I have to go to hell?”

Magdalene linked her fingers together in front of herself and nodded her head.

“Hades is building an army, he has been for a long time. You see, he wants more powerful beings with him but so many of these beings, wether they be Alphas or gods or tribrids…keep going to Heaven instead of Hell; or to whatever afterlife their own deity has destined for them”

“So Hades requested me personally?”

Magdalene shrugged.

“More or less. He would have been happy with me or even your lapdog Alpha mate. But you, my dear, are the golden goose. This portal won’t close until either you are myself goes through it…and I’d say, under the circumstances, that you are the one who will be dancing with the devil tonight. The second I send you through that portal, it will close, my debt to Hades will be paid and I can move on to phase two of my plan”

“Which is?”

“Control all shifters and destroy humanity”

I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye, relieved that Magdalene and the shifters were facing in the opposite direction. My panther sprung to life as I realised that movement was Kyanite. He slowly made his way over to me with an agility and silence that could only come from a panther prince.

“And what if no one goes through the portal?” I asked, making sure the witch’s focus stayed purely on me.

Magdalene laughed.

“Clearly you will be in a matter of seconds”

“Humour me”

“Ok. If no one goes through the portal it will grow larger and more powerful until all of these possessed shifters are sucked into it. Hades is owed power. Yes, he wants you or myself but he may potentially settle for fifty shifters instead. Or he won’t and the portal will keep growing and potentially destroy everything in its path”

This information changed things. Killing Magdalene wouldn’t be enough, I had to ensure that I sent her through the portal. I would not have the lives of all these innocent shifters on my conscience, Hades taking them wasn’t an option as far as I was concerned.


My panther purred at the sound of Kyanite’s voice through the mind link.

I need you to delve into your subconscious. I know you don’t have the gems on you but they’re close enough to you to still harness some of their power.

What then?

Just do it. I’ll see you there.

I swallowed. I didn’t know what Kyan had planned but I had to trust him. What other choice did I have?

“Thank you for being open with me” I said to Magdalene, trying to make my voice sound as genuine as possible, “can you just give me a minute to close my eyes and say a silent prayer to the Goddess?”

Magdalene scrunched her face up but nodded.

“Sure. Whatever helps you sleep at night”

I closed my eyes and immediately slowed my breathing. My animals were already there to help me, drawing from the gems that lay on the ground only metres from me.

In. One two three
Out. One two three

Kyanite POV

I listened to Magdalene as she explained to Quinn about the portal and I knew she was telling the truth. This kind of portal, once opened, could only be closed with a ‘key’. Panthera had used these in the past when other panther kingdoms owed us payment. We’d open the portal in their village and the only way to stop it from spreading and destroying everything and everyone was to deposit whatever was owed through the portal.

The key to this portal was power. Hades hadn’t set a specific key if he was happy to take Magdalene or fifty shifters instead of Quinn. But even I knew that fifty shifters wouldn’t come close to nearing the power, or novelty, of having a tribrid Queen or dark witch. Hades was cunning, he was smart and calculated and if Magdalene thought that there wasn’t underlying catches in their agreement then she was stupid.

In the seconds I had been listening I had run numerous scenarios through my mind and every single one ended in either Quinn dying or the portal spreading until it destroyed everyone. I needed to get the amulet back to Quinn, once she had it then she could destroy the witch. The only scenarios that seemed to work would more than likely result in a few casualties, I couldn’t promise that Jayce or I wouldn’t be one of them.
I needed to speak to Quinn. I needed to make sure she was on board with the plan. We only had one chance at this. I projected my mind forward to link in with Quinn.

Quinn. I need you to delve into your subconscious. I know you don’t have the gems on you but they’re close enough to you to still harness some of their power.

What then?

Just do it. I’ll see you there.

I’d only tried this once before without physically touching the other person, I had to hope that Quinn and my connection was strong enough for it to work. My mother had taught me this and I had managed to jump into her subconscious when she sat on the other side of the room. I was sixteen at the time and it had freaked me out so much that I hadn’t done it again since.

I closed my eyes and let my panther take over, using his connection to Quinn to guide the way. We only had one chance at this. My panther pushed forward until he felt her energy and the energy from the gems. I could smell honey and suddenly the icy cold of the cave faded away, replaced with the warmth of the sun.

“Hey there. If it isn’t my knight in shining armour”

I opened my eyes, a smile spreading across my face. It worked. Quinn stood in front of me in a beautiful pink sundress, her hair flowing freely around her shoulders. She was barefoot, just the way I knew she liked to be around her precious creek.
I wasted no time closing the distance between us. I reached forward, cupping her face in my hands before bringing my lips down on her’s in a long, passionate kiss. Her skin was warm and her body melted against mine. Everything felt perfect, she was perfect.

Then reality dawned on me and I gently and reluctantly released her from the kiss. I smiled sadly as Quinn’s lids remained hooded over her eyes, basking in the after effects of our embrace. I wanted to stay in this moment forever, just the two of us, safe.

“We don’t have long” I murmured, tucking a stand of hair behind Quinn’s ear.

She leant into my touch and sighed, her sapphire blue eyes making my heart swell. I knew if we all got out of this alive that I was going to have to leave her. How was I going to do that when she responded to my touch the way she did? When I felt this way about her, a way that I’d never felt about anyone else in my whole life?
Surely death would be easier.

“What’s your plan?” She asked.

“As soon as we are back to reality I need you to mind link Jayce. Tell him to charge at the shifters, get their attention. When the shifters and Magdalene have their focus on him, I’m going to rush her. The distraction will be enough for Magdalene to release her hold on you and you can grab the amulet”

Quinn nodded her head, taking in everything I was saying. Her eyes grew wide with concern at the last part and she looked up at me.

“Promise me you’ll be careful” she whispered, her eyes glistening.

I wasn’t stupid. I knew that running at a very pissed off and powerful witch was not something that was going to overly help extend my life expectancy, but what other choice did I have?
Quinn was all that mattered to me. I knew the mission should take priority, but in my mind, Quinn was the mission. I looked down at my mate and lowered my head so it rested softly against her’s.

“I’ll promise to be careful if you promise to give that evil bitch what she deserves. Send her to Hell the second you get a chance. No second guesses”

Quinn sniffled and nodded her head against mine.

“Promise” she whispered.

“That’s my girl. Ok, on the count of three we are going back. One. Two—”

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