Love Stained

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Chapter 41 - Fight For Me Instead

Quinn POV

The warmth of my subconscious faded away, the icy chill of the cave leeching back into my bones. I opened my eyes to see Magdalene staring back at me.

“Finished praying to your Goddess?” She taunted, “I take it by the way you’re looking at me that she didn’t answer your prayers”

I offered the witch a tight lipped smile then quickly remembered the plan.

Jayce. I need you to run at the shifters. Now!


Magdalene went to open her mouth again when a blood chilling and ferocious howl sounded throughout the cave. My wolf jumped around in my head, wanting to join in on her mate’s chorus but for now we just had to wait.

“Is that one of yours?” I asked.

Magdalene’s eyes darted past me and I could just about make out Jayce’s silhouette in their reflection, a monstrous black beast hurtling towards us.

Alpha” she hissed.

I bit down on my bottom lip and braced for the fall as Kyanite lept through the air, still in his human form, and tackled the witch to the ground. He was right, the second her focus was taken from me, her hold was released and I dropped to the ground. I rolled in the direction of the amulet and stretched out my arm, my fingertips millimetres from their target.


I heard Magdalene bellow an incantation and the ground beneath me began to tremble, the rocks under my body crumbling and separating. My eyes widened as the amulet appeared to move further away but then I realised it was actually me that was moving. I felt myself sliding backwards as the ground under me tilted. I frantically pawed at the rock in a desperate attempt to grip on to something. I swore under my breath as the moisture and algae caused my fingers to slip at every attempt I made.
The buzzing from the portal got more deafening and I risked a glance over my shoulder.


The portal had doubled in size. I tried to grip the ground under my boots as I watched rocks get sucked into the blue void; it was acting like a vacuum and I was directly in its path.

Jayce POV

The wolves and panthers came thick and fast. I swatted them out of the way, one by one. I was doing everything in my power not to kill any of them. Luckily for me, none of the shifters appeared to be of great size or strength; more than likely all innocent villagers, abducted as they ventured out of the safety of their compounds or kingdom.

I grabbed a panther that lunged at me, slamming its head into the head of a nearby wolf. I grinned as they both fell to the ground unconscious and let my eyes dart over to Quinn.
Kyanite had managed to catch Magdalene off guard and Quinn was no longer being held by the witch’s levitation spell. She rolled to the amulet and stretched her arm towards it.

I ducked as a sandy coloured wolf leapt at me, it’s teeth gnashing at my head. The wolf cleared me and I turned, grabbing it in my teeth and throwing it towards two incoming panthers.


I planted my feet firmly on the ground as the earth beneath me shook. More shifters came for me and I continued to bat them away, being sure not to injure them too severely. I stole another glance in Quinn’s direction and my body froze.
Magdalene caused some kind of miniature earthquake directly beneath Quinn. The rock surface erupted and split, the section Quinn was on tilting backwards, causing her to slide in the direction of the portal.


Just as I was about to break away from the shifters and make my way towards Quinn, I felt a searing pain in the side of my neck as a panther sunk its teeth in. I roared out and attempted to throw the panther off. More pain suddenly ripped through me as a wolf buried it’s canines into my left flank and another in my right.
I fought to stay on my feet as shifter after shifter piled on top of me. My eyes darted over to Quinn, my legs shaking and slipping on the blood that pooled at my feet.

I watched through blurred vision as Quinn’s fingers slipped and she was pulled towards the portal. I felt hopeless, unable to do anything to help my mate. I let out a pained howl that echoed through the cave, my heart tearing in two before the darkness took me completely.

Kyanite POV

As soon as I heard the Alpha howl and saw him raging towards the shifters, I knew it was game on. I tried to shift into my panther but something held me back, perhaps the effects of the animal sedative were still lingering or maybe my power was dwindling because of the energy my panther had used just to take us into Quinn’s subconscious. Either way, I didn’t have time to think about it, I just had to act.

I ran towards the witch and lept through the air, spear tackling her to the ground on the way down. I wasn’t one for hurting women, but for her I would gladly make an exception.
I hit her hard and dragged her to the ground with me, scrambling to reach for her throat. Magdalene hissed and I caught a quick glimpse of her green eyes before they flared red.


I let my grip on the witch go and looked at my hands. The skin sizzled and blistered, my fingertips peeling from the burns they’d received. The bitch had literally set her skin on fire to get me off her. I rolled on the ground to put out the spot fires on my clothes.


I braced myself as the earth beneath me shook. I turned to Magdalene, her skin was glowing red and I knew if I so much as touched her I would erupt in flames in a heartbeat. I watched as the ground under Quinn split. She scrambled to grab on to anything around her, anything she could possibly grip her fingers on but the more she tried the more the rock tilted and she slipped further away from the amulet. My eyes were drawn to the portal.

Fuck you Hades!

He could tell his prized tribrid was close, opening the portal wider, drawing her towards it. I knew there were only seconds left before all of this would have been for nothing.
Quinn would be gone. Jayce was of no help, from what I could see it appeared he was already dead. Quinn’s only chance at survival was me. I was the only thing between her and an eternity of pain and suffering.

It was as if everything around me slowed down. The buzz of the portal, the roar of the shifters, the thunderous crack of earth shattering…it all faded away into silence. My breathing slowed, a sudden sense of clarity as the raw realisation dawned on me. I watched my mate struggling to grip the earth’s surface, her blue eyes wide with fear and determination; an animalistic drive to keep fighting and a pure need to live.

And it was then that I knew.

I’d spent countless nights alone in my bed cursing the gods, wrecking my brain as to why they had fated Quinn as my mate if I was never going to be able to have her. But I suddenly realised. Quinn hadn’t been fated to me…I’d been fated to her.
This moment was what it all came down to. My purpose, this mission, it was to save her. To ensure the shifter Queen lived and humanity prevailed.

I pushed up on my feet, blocking out the pain of the burns over my body. I wasn’t healing, healing could wait. My only focus was my mate. I moved towards her, careful with my footing, one wrong move would send me falling between the shattered earth and then I’d be as useless as the dead Alpha.

Quinn. Hold on. I’m coming!

I slid behind a couple of boulders to keep myself hidden from the witch’s view. One look at her told me that she was drunk on power, her hands raised in the air, blue lightning crackling around them as she shook the earth beneath our feet.

Kyan! I’m slipping!

My eyes darted to Quinn. She had one hand gripping the rock underneath her. The rock was almost completely vertical. If Quinn lost her grip with her remaining hand then she would slide straight into the portal and would be lost to me forever. I clenched my jaw and threw myself out from behind the boulders, grabbing on to the top of the rock that Quinn clung from. I slid my body down and reached over the edge, the tips of my fingers grazing Quinn’s bleeding knuckles.

“Grab my hand!” I roared.

I could feel the jagged edge of the rock slicing open my underarm as I stretched as far as I could. Quinn looked up at me, tears streaming down her dirt covered face. Her fingers twitched in an attempt to grab on to me and she cried out.

“I can’t Kyan” she sobbed, her voice barely audible and laced with exhaustion.

“Please Quinn. I can’t lose you”

I bit the inside of my cheek as I felt the searing pain of fire licking up my legs. I refused to let the agony reflect on my face, Quinn didn’t need to see my suffering.

“I’m so tired” she breathed.

I saw something change in her eyes and my heart sank. The fight was fading, her fierceness being replaced by that eerie sense of calm that envelopes your soul when you finally acknowledge your fate…your death.
I looked at the portal. It had tripled in size, Quinn’s legs almost blowing around in the wind it was creating.

“Quinn. Look at me”

Quinn raised her head, her blue eyes shimmering under the tears that pooled in them.
Even under the blood, the dirt, the sweat, she was glorious. The most beautiful creature I’d ever set eyes on. I would do absolutely anything for this woman. I would kill for her and I would die for her.

“I’m going to shift and I’m going to claw into your hand. It will hurt and I’m sorry for that. But I’ll throw you back on to the top of this rock. Ok?”

Quinn’s eyes widened and I knew she was reading something in my features, something that I was trying my hardest to keep out of them.

“Quinn. I love you. I’ve loved you from the second I breathed your scent and I’ll keep loving you, in this life and the next”

Quinn POV

My whole body was wracked in pain but when I saw that look in Kyanite’s eyes, it was my heart that hurt the most. He wasn’t just professing his love…he was saying goodbye.

A new wave of energy surged through me as my panther jolted forward in my mind, snapping out of the sad state of failure her and my other animals found themselves in.

“Kyan. No! Don’t you d—”

I screamed out as Kyanite’s hand shifted and large claws pierced through the flesh of my hand. I let go of the rock and felt my body being thrown through the air. I winced as my back landed on the slab with a crunch. I was pretty sure several of my ribs broke on impact but that was the least of my concerns. I opened my eyes and flipped on to my stomach, frantically looking around me.


I scrambled to the edge of the rock where Kyanite had been hanging from seconds earlier and looked over.


My hand flew to my mouth as a pained sound, that I barely even recognised as my own, tore from my chest. Kyan held on to the surface that I had been clinging to before. His emerald eyes shone at me, a small sad smile playing on his perfect lips. His body was badly burnt, charred skin and material from his clothes seemingly blending into one.

Don’t you dare grieve for me Quinn. You fight for me instead. Do you hear me?

I sobbed. My eyes darting around, desperately looking for anyway I could save my mate. But then as if he knew I was planning on doing something stupid, Kyanite let go of the ledge.
I screamed as I watched his body slide down the rockface, his eyes never leaving mine for a second.

Don’t leave me! Kyan! I love y—

My mind link was painfully severed as Kyanite disappeared into the portal. I stared ahead, my mouth wide open and tears pooling down my face.
The portal flickered once…twice…then suddenly, it closed, the blue light vanishing before my eyes.
The deafening buzz gone and the cave fading into darkness once again.

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