Love Stained

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Chapter 9 - Cake And Eat It Too

Quinn POV

My stomach turned and I tried to push The Prince away. My arms wouldn’t move, it was like part of me was trying to shove him back but the other part of me was fighting to keep him near.
I knew in that moment that it was my panther, she had found her mate and she didn’t want him going anywhere.

“No...” I breathed, barely a whisper.

My breaths were ragged, my body defying my words. The ache between my legs was making me sick to my stomach. I didn’t dare open my eyes, didn’t dare look in to those emerald spheres. The Prince pressed his hard body against mine, I could hear his heart beat, erratic and strong. I felt his powerful arms around me, encasing me against the marble pillar.

“Yes...” he groaned against my ear.

Suddenly a roar sounded through the palace. I squeezed my eyes closed, the sound causing physical pain to my head and my heart. The glass doors to the terrace shook and birds fled from the trees in the garden.
I felt the Prince stiffen up against me but he made no attempt to move away.
The roar sounded again, this time it was closer. I could hear yelling in the distance and the sound of banging and smashing as the chaos drew nearer.
My wolf whined, she knew exactly who was making such a commotion. She knew her Alpha had come to save her.

“I need you to move away” I breathed into the Prince’s chest.

“Really? Because your body says otherwise...”

I opened my eyes, looking at my hand that was still gripping on to the Prince’s shirt for dear life.
The roar sounded again. I let go, risking a glance at the Prince’s eyes. His emerald orbs showed not an ounce of fear as he held me in place with his stare, they were instead a mix of desire and...hate?

“Let me g-go”

“Why? So your mutt can go running back to your dog mate?” The Prince hissed.

There was no mistaking the disgust in his voice. My wolf growled, hating the fact that he was still so close to us, pinning me against the pillar, his sickly sweet scent all over my skin.

Quinn! For the love of Goddess! I will tear this fucking place down!

I winced at Jayce’s venomous mind link.

“He will k-kill you” I rasped.

The Prince pressed his nose into my neck, his breath tickling my skin, making my nipples harden under his chest. I could feel his erection against my stomach.

“Maybe I’ll just bend you over that railing now, fill you up with my throbbing cock? Give that dog something he can really be pissed off about”

I bit down on my lip as the image he painted danced around in my head like some cruel taunt.
Another roar, this time is was close enough to cause the pillar at my back to shake, the vibrations causing a friction between the Prince’s body and my own. I instinctively pressed my hips harder against him, desperately needing some kind of relief for the pressure that was building on the bud between my legs.

No! He’s not Jayce. He’s not our Alpha!

Rogue’s pitched scream in my head was enough to snap me out of my trance. Jayce’s face flashed in my mind, my heart suddenly aching from what I had been about to do.
I shoved the Prince back, sending him flying three metres across the terrace. He jumped to his feet, hissing, a look of detest on his face.

I took a step to the side, my eyes still locked on the Prince’s, assessing my chances of making it through the door before he stopped me. The Prince tensed, ready to close the distance if he needed to.
I knew I was physically stronger than him, I knew I could tear him apart but I also knew that my panther wouldn’t let me. She was clawing into my brain, tearing shreds off the will power that I was struggling so hard to build. She had found her mate and she wanted to submit to him, she wanted to present herself to her prince and rub herself up against him as her bit down on to her neck.

“You’re not my mate” I spat.

The Prince smirked, placing his hand on the bulge in his pants.

“This and the wet patch in your panties says otherwise” he drawled.

I hadn’t even noticed but the Prince had started moving towards me, stalking, ready to pounce if he needed to.

“I can feel your panther calling to mine, begging for me to fuck complete the bond. She has been calling to me for weeks, or haven’t you noticed? Too caught up in pining over your pathetic dog mate while he is off gallivanting through the country side? Leaving his horny little slut with no other option but to make herself cum while she lies in bed all alone...”

I moaned as I felt the Prince’s hand palm the outside of my shorts, his finger putting pressure between my legs, exactly where I craved it.


Before I had a chance to warn the Prince a ginormous black figure came smashing through the terrace doors, showering everything in glass. A growl like nothing I had ever heard tore from the wolf as he ripped the Prince from me, throwing him through the garden and against a tree; causing the trunk to split from root to tip.
The sound that emanated from Jayce’s wolf made my heart hurt. My wolf whined in reply at the pain she had caused her mate.

“Jayce...” I whispered, tears welling in my eyes.

The black wolf looked at me, his eyes as black as night. There was no love in them, only disappointment and murderous rage.

“I’m so sorry” I cried, a sob escaping me, the magnitude of what had just happened hitting me hard.

The sound of thundering paws had Jayce turn his head to the side just as he was jumped on by a monstrous black panther.

“NO!” I screamed.

The two animals brawled, a sea of black fur and claws. I watched in disbelief and shock as the males tried to tear each other to shreds, the sound of teeth gnashing and flesh tearing making my stomach hurl.
They will kill each other!
More tears ran down my face, I couldn’t tell who was winning or who was losing. I just knew that if they didn’t stop soon I would be left a widow...both my panther and my wolf losing their mates.

“STOP IT!” I screamed.

The stone floor of the terrace was slick with blood, the beasts ignored me, probably not even hearing my desperate pleas over the sounds of their ruthless power play. I couldn’t take it any longer, I took a long deep breath and allowed Rogue to take hold. Within a second my body had shifted, I wasted no time at all...storming towards my mates.

I roared, letting my teeth sink into the closest bit of black fur I could get a grip on. I locked my jaw and threw my head to the side. Jayce yowled as I ripped his body from the Prince’s, throwing him in a heap to the other side of the terrace. I felt a pang of guilt that I had bitten him but I had no choice.
Jayce jumped to his feet and stared at me. His beautiful black coat was a matted mess of blood and glass. He snorted as he glared, then his eyes focused on something that moved behind me.

I turned my body to the side and shot a look at the panther. His body was in the same state as Jayce’s, they had really done a number on one another but I was pleased to see they both still had all limbs attached.
I stood between them, ready to put my life on the line if necessary. Neither wolf nor panther made a move, they both just stood there, staring at me.
Then I realised what they were staring at. I caught sight of my reflection in one of the panes of glass along the terrace. I gasped at what I saw.

I was a complete mix of both my wolf and my panther. My snout was elongated but round, my fangs hanging over the side of my jaw. My silver coat was long and thick, covering the lean muscles of my body. I had my wolf’s long legs and muscular behind but my panther’s thick padded paws. I also had my panther’s tail that would no doubt aid in my balance and ability to leap from tree to tree.
No wonder they were staring, I was magnificent; a killing machine.

I turned my head to face Jayce. His eyes were void of emotion towards me, I had never seen him look at me like that before. Where was the fire? Had I hurt him that deeply?

Jayce. Please can we just end this. I love you, I’m so sorry. Please...

The black wolf growled at my attempt to make peace. He snarled, showing me his blood covered teeth, before looking to the panther.
The Prince did the same, hissing and baring his fangs. I didn’t know where to go from here. I wasn’t stupid, I knew neither of them would back down. They were Alphas...royalty. This was so much deeper than a simple possessiveness over a mate, this was about the survival of their bloodlines; the need to breed with the most powerful female to ensure the most powerful offspring...and I was that female.

I growled, planting my feet firmly on the ground to show them that I wasn’t moving. If they wanted to rip each other to pieces then they would have to do it with me in the middle.


We all faced the doorway to see the King standing there. His face was red and angry, his eyes black with rage. By his side stood the Queen and Behind her stood Onyx and Cameron. Thank the Goddess Cam was here, maybe he could reason with Jayce.

“You will stop this nonsense” snapped King Magnus, “this Alpha has torn apart half of my palace!”

The Prince hissed as if to say ‘ha! You’re in the shit!’ to Jayce but then the King looked to him, fury behind his glare.

“And you! Son. How dare you use Quinn’s being here as a way of claiming something that is not yours to claim! We have been through this!”

What? What did the King mean ‘we have been through this?’
Did the King know I was the Prince’s mate? Did Onyx know? Is that why she brought me here?

“Now” Queen Astrid spoke, her voice calm and level, “you will all shift back into your human forms. We will all get some space, gather ourselves and regroup later to discuss how to proceed from here”

I looked to Jayce, his face was hard, angry. I turned to Prince Kyanite, his face much the same. If they weren’t going to shift back, then neither was I; they would kill each other.

The Queen sighed.

“Don’t say I didn’t give you the choice”

Astrid waved her hand, gesturing for someone to step out from behind the shadows. It was a woman, her head covered with the hood of her cloak.
I could faintly hear her, whispering something under her breath. Was that Latin?

Suddenly, without warning, all three of us were shifted, against our will, back into our human forms. I gasped as I looked to Jayce, chunks of skin hung from his body in flaps, no longer hidden by his black coat of fur. I ran to him and winced as the shards of glass on the ground tore through the pads of my feet.
I dropped to my knees, cupping Jayce’s bleeding face as he remained on all fours.
He flinched, swatting my hand away and forcing himself to his feet.

“Don’t fucking touch me”

A stab of pain hit me in the chest at his words. A tear fell from my eyes. I looked up and watched as Cameron draped a sheet around Jayce’s body, the blood already staining the white silk.


Cameron shot me a look, cutting off my mind link instantly. I flinched at the anger in his face. I’d hurt his best friend, of course he wanted nothing to do with me.
I risked a glance at the Prince as Jayce and Cameron walked away. He had his back to me. Part of my subconscious urged me forward, wanting to check if he was ok but I didn’t dare move. If I was to have any chance of repairing the damage I had done to my relationship with Jayce then I had to stay as far away from Kyanite as possible.

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