Stubborn Wildcat

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NOT A STAND ALONE. READ DFMQ AND HLA FIRST! Vincenzo De Luca: It has been a year since my eyes laid on my wildcat. She knows she is beautiful but doesn't let it get to her head. The way her body moves around the pole and across that stage has every man eating out of the palm of her hand. Elena (Tigress) Moretti: I usually hate the lingering looks of these men give me except for him. I know he is the underboss of the Italian Mafia and that should be enough red flags to stop me from wanting him. It doesn't but I have to remind myself why I am a waitress and a stripper, working myself to the ground.

Romance / Erotica
Annalynn Nicole
Age Rating:

Vincenzo's Story

Waitress by day and stripper by night. Gabriella works herself to the bone to pay for her grandmothers medical bills. Her grandparents raised her cause her parents died in a car crash. But of course her useless uncle keeps racking up debt to the Italian Mafia. When Vincenzo comes to collect the debt, he recognizes her from the strip club. Up close he sees the exhaustion on her face as she stands in the room with him in her waitress uniform after she has finished her shift. He comes up with a solution to help her. Will she agree?

She has no idea about how her world is about to change.
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