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Blood Red

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Madison Anderson is an 18 year-old girl with a bad life. Her mom died when she was only 10. A month after her mothers death her father began to be abusive to her. One a bad that her father almost killers her. She meets him, Stefan Miller is your typical bad boy. He is the leader of the notorious biker gang Blood Red. Stefan has a secret that nobody in the town of Nevermore knows. He is also the owner of Blood Rose bar. One faithful night he meets her.

Romance / Fantasy
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The Anderson Family

Mike Anderson

The Abusive Father to Maddison Anderson

Good Father to Tommy and Kody Anderson


Body type: Slim and muscular

Skin tone: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Hight: 5′7"

Kimberly Anderson

AKA: Kimmy

Mother to Tommy, Madison, and Kody Anderson

Wife to Mike Anderson

Died in a car accident


Skin tone: Tan

Hair color: Platinum Blonde

Eye color: Emerald Green

Tommy Anderson

The older protective brother to Madison and Kody

Age: 23

Body type: Slim and muscular

Skin tone: White

Hair color: Dirty Blonde

Eye color: Light Blue

Hight: 5′6"

Madison Anderson

AKA: Mattie

The middle child

Works at the local Tattoo Shop at night

Age: 18

Hight: 5′2"

Body Type: Curvy

Skin Tone: Tan

Eye color: Emerald Green

Hair color: Rave Black with Blue highlights

Tattoos: Rose on her left ankle, Sun on her left wrist, Moon on her right wrist, Angle wings on her back that go down the back of both her arms

Pricings: Nose ring, Lip ring, Eyebrow ring, and Tounge ring

Kody Anderson

The protective younger brother

Age: 16

Body Type: Slim and muscular

Hight: 5′6"

Skin Tone: White

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Hazel

Blood Red Family

Stefan Miller

Leader of Blood Red Biker Gang

Owner of Blood Rose Bare and Dark Rose Tattoo Sh


Age: 20

Body Type: Very muscular

Skin type: White

Hair color: Blonde

Eye color: Dark Blue

Hight: 6′2"

Tattoos: Eagle tattoo on his neck and a bleeding rose on his ribs

Damon and Max Jackson



Damon is 2nd in command

Max is 3rd in command

Both are Stefan’s best friend

Age: 19

Eye color: Black

Hair color: Damon has black hair. Max has dyes his hair every month

Tattoos: Damon has a bleeding rose on the left side of his neck.

Max has a bleeding rose on the right side of his neck.

Hight: Damon is 6′3" Max is 6′1"

Wendy Mason


Adopted sister to Stefan

Actual sister to Natalie Mason

Wendy is the only Mexican in the Blood Red group

Age: 17

Hight: 5′3"

Body type: Curvy

Skin tone: tan

Hair color: Blonde with Dark red tips

Eye color: Hazel

Tattoos: Bleeding rose on upper left arm

Natalie Mason

AKA: Natt or Nattie


Adopted sister to Stefan

Actual sister to Wendy Mason

The only quite one in the Blood Red group

Age: 16

Hight: 5′4"

Body type: Slim

Skin Tone: Caramel

Eye color: Honey brown

Hair color: Black and Dark red Braids

Tattoos: Bleeding rose on the lower right arm

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