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Room Mates (bxb)

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Back at Chris dorm. Zion walked in and aw Chris drinking and smoking on the floor. :Nah nigga give me this shit your not gonna be like this. It is okay to grieve but smoking shit uo in here for other people to smell" Zion said. "Nigga give me my fucking shit back FUCK YOU". "It is okay to grieve but you choking out your girl is insane what the fuck is wrong with you are you crazy" Zion said. "Bruh shut the fuck up before I kill you right here right fucking now my son just died" Chris said. Zion stood up and walked over to his bed and pulled out a gun. "Don't you ever fucking threaten me bitch because I will blow you right here right fucking now. I do not care if your fucking momma died your gonna respect me" Zion said. Chris bursted out crying. "I just need so one to hold me im dying inside please" Chris said. Zion put the gun down and he walked over and started hugging on Chris. Chris and Zion started into one and other eyes for about a minutes and then Chris leaned in for a kiss and kissed Zion. Zion pushed off of him. "Bruh what the fuck no" Zion said. "Let it happen" Chris said and he picked up Zion and laid him on he bed and started kissing Zion soft milky lips. There warm bodies pressing up against each other. Zion felt Chris dick grew hard. "Can we do this?" Chris whispered in his ear.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

“Chris I don’t even know why the fuck you have a gun with blood on it”. “Touch it get your finger prints on it if I go down we both go down”.

1 month earlier.

Zion arrived in his college dorm. He walked in and set his luggage on his bed. He looked across the room and saw his roommate had his things unpacked already. Zion opened his luggage and started taking out his clothes. He heard the bathroom door opened and his eyes glanced at the door and saw a tall maybe about 6′6 light skin tatted man standing there complety naked.

Zion jawed dropped as he was staring at the man dick. “Ayo bruh eyes up nigga. You must be my room mate” Chris said. “Well if you was not naked and had your shrimp all out then maybe I would be looking up put on a towel please, thankyou” Zion said as he continued unpacking. Chris reached over Zion and grabbed a towl off his bed and wrapped himself in it. “I’m Chris whats your named nigga” he said. “Zion”. Zion pulled out his hand bags. “Ayo nigga you gay?” Chris asked. Zion stopped packing and faced Chris. “Yes and what about it” Zion said. “Oh hell nah nigga you gay as fuck I ain’t sharing no room with no faggot” Chris said.

“Then you can leave bitch ass nigga cause I ain’t going no fucking where”. Chris sucked his teeth and dried off. “First thing you better not be staring at me nigga. Second when there is a sock on the door means I am fucking a girl and my bitch. Third I smoke weed so if you have asthma oh well you got me” Chris said. Zion rolled his eyes and walked in the bathroom to take a shower. Chris smirked and put on her Jordan 1′s and walked out of the dorm.

Later that night, Zion was in bed scrolling threw grinder. This was his first time on grinder. He heard a knock on the door. “Come in”. he yelled. It was his best friend B. “Hey sissssss”. “Bitch get yo ass up we going to a party tonight” B said. “Bitch I just got unpacked I am resting”.“Oh no the hell you get yo ass up I know you got some cute fits in your closet well you and what ever smelly straight man lives with you” B said.

“Will there be any cute men there” Zion asked.

A few minutes later they stepped out of the uber. Zion was wearing a full leather jacket and pants with docs. They walked into the party.

“Its loud as fuck in this bitch” Zion said. B rolled her eyes. “Lets go get us some drinks” B said they walked over to the bar. “Shots please thank you” B said. “Do you have an ID” the bartender said. “This pussy is my Id how about I let you check it out and you see my age” B said. Bartender smirked. Zion glanced and saw Chris staring at him across the room. Chris girlfriend Sia walked over and sat on his lap and started making out with him.

Chris let her suck his neck and as he was smoking a blunt he was staring at Zion. Zion looked away. “That is Chris’s girl she is straight for the pay. Me and her fucked once and will fuck tonight” B said. “Straight for the pay?“. “He is a dealer and he pays everything for her” B said. Chris walked up to them. “Aye b wanna smoke later” he asked. “Nah I am getting laid”. “Zion do you smoke” Chris said. “Um I guess” Zion said. “bet” Chris said he grabbed Zion and took him outside. They walked down the street and sat on the side walk.

Chris gave him a blunt a lit it for him. Zion inhaled the smoke and started coughing. “Damn you take it” Chris said while laughing. “I can take a lot of things” Zion said. Chris dick began to harden. He tried to tuck it between his legs. “This is the side walk my brother was shot while trying to run from the police” Chris said. “What did he do”. “His gang snitched him out. Ever since then I been ruthless as hell. How do you think I got this good shit to smoke on and my lambo” Chris said.

“I don’t feel like smoking anymore” Zion said. “That what they all say once I tell them my story all the bitches wanna fuck on my dick but never wanna just stay for me when they barley know me”. “Well.... tell me the you” Zion said. they started into each other guys for a few seconds. “This getting sus as fuck” Chris said. Zion rolled his eyes. A man in a brown hoodie walks up and hands Chris a box than runs away. Chris reads the note on the box.

-stop selling yo shit or you dead just like the nigga in this box- D

Chris opens the box and see’s one of his homies head of chopped off in the box.

So how do y’all feel about the first chapter.

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