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Room Mates (bxb)

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Pretty Men

Chris pulled up in front of there dorms.

“Chris what the fuck was that in the box” Zion said. “Zion do not tell a soul or your dead these niggas ain’t playing get the fuck out of shit” Chris said. Zion gets out the car and runs to B dorm.

He busted threw her dorm doors. “AHHHHHHHHHH FASTER DADDY I WANT DADDY COCK” she was yelling from the other room. “BITCH” Zion yelled. B came running out the room naked. “Bitch I am getting dick right now what do you want” B said. “Chris I need to change dorms he had a head delivered to him in a fucking box bitch a box” Zion said. A man came out of the room. “My bad just seeing if everything is okay” he said. “This is Aveon” B said. Zion rolled his eyes. “Anyways I do not know what the fuck is going on I am scared for my life girl whew”. Aveon put on his clothes. “Where is Chris now” Aveon said.

“Nigga I don’t know he is going to his trap house” Zion said. “Aye see you later B” Aveon said and he rushed out of the apartment. “He didn’t even cum in my shit yet. Zion finish for me now”.

Across town at the trap house. Chris busted in.

“Niggas what the fuck happened” Chris said. “Is DEevon really dead?” Marcus asked. “his head was delivered to my ass in a box now which one of you mother fuckas tried to sell on his block” Chris said. “That was Devon and shit thats why his ass is dead” Alex said.“We are at war we messed up his whole orders”. “yes you niggas did” Aveon said as he was walking in.

“Isn’t it the man or the hour or should I say the bitch of the hour” Chris said. Aveon reached for his pocket and all of Chris friends pulled out there guns. “Ayo no need for the violence. There is a new drug on th =e streets I heard one of you had one of the middle schoolers make the drug this shit strong. I will be taking the drug” Aveon said. Chris pulled out a gun and pointed it to Aveon forehead. “I rather suck your granddaddy dick then let you take anything that is mine” Chris said. “Yours? you mean the streets. See Chrisy you think cause now you running shit which you don’t you took it from your brother, that you own everything and everybody nah cuz. This for the streets and who ever decided to take this” Aveon said.

Chris cocked the gun. “I suggest you to leave before I blow a hole in between your Crocked eyes” Chris said. “Blow....“. Chris pulled the trigger.

Sorry this chapter was a bit lackluster baddies luv y’all sm make sure y’all share around to y’all besties.

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