Finally My Sun Rises

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A passionate love story of a shy girl. Sara is a shy, beautiful and cute and kind girl, lost her mother long ago in her childhood, being an only child, live with her father and step mom. She has trust issues and lack confidence. But one day, she met her destiny waiting for her desperately. Can this be her chance to gain everything she desired in her life? And what will happen when two different people deal with each other? Will this cruel world let her live peaceful or will her past bring some complicated truths in front of her? What will happen when her personality get together with an ignorant but kinda attractive guy? Daniel who is known for his good looks and boldness. Can he help her see the sun rise in her life? It's a story of a romance, action and drama between two different personalities ... as we know that opposite attracts... lets see how people with totalllyyy different aspects, come along...

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1

Sara’s POV:

Standing in front of my destiny, may be i will be able to get everything i ever wanted in my life, I’ve ever desired of and with which I could change my life . Can i do it?

I was so far away from my home, my world . I never wanted to leave there. But in order to make myself happy, Dad helped me get out of house. And now i am starting a new life . Hope so it works.

Right now, i was standing in front of a beautiful building ... a really big one, named as AMC, one of the most upper level school in whole USA.

“Ahhh! I don’t think i can do it.”

I said to myself while looking at the most gorgeous place I’ve ever seen. But whenever i tried to look away of it, i remembered that abuse, that everything ever happened to me when i was there . I used to pray to God to give me a chance to run away. Run away from my step mom and that horrible guy. Now, I was finally here.

“Do i literally need anything more than this?”

I said to myself looking the highest building making its way to the thick clouds on a beautiful sunny day.

Dad had asked me to go to my mother’s friend Aunt Ella’s home. But i refused... saying that i didn’t want be a burden to them. And we had an argue over that . He didn’t want me to live alone. And i know why he felt so. But when i assured him, he finally let me go. He agreed and decided to let me stay at hostel but with a promise that if something ever happened to me, i will leave here and stay at Aunt Ella’s

I still wasn’t confident whether my this step will change my life or not? .

“Nothing worse can happen now. I should give it a try. I’m here on scholarship, may be that what we call fate.”

I tried to gain my confidence.

“Its Okay! lets go...”

I dragged my bag, trying to lift it up as soon as i reached the stairs of building going in the basement. I followed the way to the basement as the banners said that there is an information office. I went downstairs and stood at the front counter.

A woman in her 40′s attended me and asked:

" Hello! how can i help you?”

I said calmly:

" Hi! I’m Sara Cowell. New student, department English literature. Can you please inform me about all the procedures of hostilities?”

As soon as i completed my words , she looked at me suspiciously and then focused on a computer placed in front of her.

“Sara Cowell, English literature.”

I guessed she was typing my name and my major in order to get information about me. As soon as she got the information, she looked at me with smiling face and started speaking.

" Hi Sara ! welcome to AMC. I wish you best of luck of your upcoming years dear.”

And she handed over a form to me and asked me to fill it. I completed that form which required some basic information about myself and my background and in the end where it required my signature, i signed there. She informed me that my schedule will be soon sent to me via email and my hostel room number was 41, first floor, girls hostel number 2

“Thank you miss.”

I said and left the place.

Hostel was a bit far but thank God i didn’t lost my way . I asked some students for guidance. Soon i was in the building, front of my room. I entered the room and saw three girls in the three corners of the room. They didn’t pay much attention to me since they were all busy with there stuffs. Wait what??? I have to share my room with them... they looked more like bad girls. No... Can i ask them to change my room??? All these thoughts came to my mind as soon as i saw what they were busy with. Ahhh... seriously I’d never dare to explain things now ... they looked more like drug addicts. How I’m gonna live here? With them, nooo, with them??? ahhh.... My face showed my innocence as i felt myself falling into my deep thoughts when someone slapped me on my head.

“What the hell are you thinking girl? Are you looking down on us? You dared?”

I quickly move my face towards her. She was a girl almost three to four years older than me wear black jeans with black shirt and her smoky eyes were most fierce, having black hair. Why was everything so black about her??? I tried to notice her but couldn’t at that moment.

" Uhu, no... ahm. I-I mean no. Hi!! I’m new here... I-I hope we get along well.”

I drawled and gathered up a lot of courage to said those words and move my hands towards her to let her shake it. But she pushed me away with full force that made me fell on the ground.

“Ouch! why would you do that?”

I cried in pain.

“Shut up you idiot.... Never you dare to look down on us again . Bitches like you can only dream if here. I wonder when our school standard became this low.”

She yelled in her loud voice with other two girls watching this absurd drama while laughing at me.

" And don’t you dare speak in front of us again. Me... Eva.... don’t like to speak such a lowly girl... Ewww ... what are you wearing.... you call yourself a girl..... i don’t think so you are one .... you don’t deserve to stay here.... but since you are already here .... we can give you a chance to serve get you lazy ass up and and clean up the room. Don’t you dare to touch our things with your dirty hands ... and remember i hate dirt most ... don’t let me see any.”

With that she turned towards the other two girls and said

" EAKs.... lets go ... this bitch will do everything .... we got other stuffs to do.”

Saying this those three girl moved out of the room, closing it with a big slammed. I, sitting on the floor, was still thinking that was my decision right? Was this just a part of my upcoming hardships or was it my destiny??? Lost in my deep thoughts, i got up and started cleaning the room. I don’t wanna suffer more . I went across the first bed after cleaning it. There, i saw my reflection in a large mirror, fixed on the wall. My long blue color skirt with white shirt, dark brown hair being tied in a long pony tail. Its simple but good.

Did i expected too much from my life? I just wanted to make it better. These thoughts just starts boiling in my mind. While i was doing the work, i saw packets of cigarettes and alot of other things that were restricted for students staying in hostel. And these thoughts was disturbed by a phone call

" Hello Dad! How are you?”

“FINE!! my doll.... how are you? Are you alright? Is everything ok with you? Did someone bully you? Tell me everything.”

I could feel his concerns for me in his voice. Obviously this was my first time being far away from home.

“ I’m alright... totally fine..... I’m in my room right now. Just cleaning up my things. No need to think so much. I’m perfectly fine.”

I assured him of my safety. I didn’t want him to worry about me.

“Ahhh!!! thats good dear. I hope you’ll always be happy. Ohh!! i remember, i talked to your Aunt Ella. She asked for your no. I gave her that. She will probably call you someday.”

" What? Dad....... i told you not to.... I’ll be fine on my on ... why did you? Ahhh.... I will be so embarrassing Dad. I never saw her, nor talk to her since my childhood, after mom’s death. What would she think of us, of me?”

I was so angry about it but obviously I’m a girl who also get anxious about something i am worried about.

" My doll! it’s okay. She is your Aunt. No need to be embarrassed. Stay calm. I’ve already told her about everything she must know.”

I got shocked on my dad’s reply.

" Wait... what??? what did u say to her?”

I was so worried. He didn’t tell her about everything. Like everything that happened to me while i was .... No, he won’t tell her everything right.

" Calm down my doll. It’s okay . Believe me. Everything is for your on good. I’ll talk to you later. Take care.”

And i was thinking why I’m the one with horrible experiences in my life? Should i expect any change?


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