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Sneha Singh Rawat

Middle class, Modern, Self dependent. Like her name she is loving yet, Bold, Stubborn, Smart, Intelligent, Gorgeous, Simple, Ambitious and last but not the least she had a bad temper.

Age – 23

Father – Sameer Singh Rawat

Mother – Shagun Singh Rawat

Sibling – Pihu Singh Rawat

Best Friend – Balvant Sikhawat and Ruhi Singh Rajput (Karan’s sister)

Karan Singh Rajput

Crown Prince of Mewad, Handsome, Tall, Rude, Arrogant, Tough, Stubborn Yet loving and caring for his family.

Age - 26

Queen Mother(Grandmother) - Disha Singh Rajput

Father - King Aman Singh Rajput

Mother - Queen Riya Singh Rajput

Uncle - Kabir Singh Rajput

Aunt - Mahira Kabir Singh Rajput

Cousins -

Arav Singh Rajput(24) Ruhi Singh Rajput (23)

Rahul Pawar - Best friend, Bodyguard and most trusted man Age - 25

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