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It's been a while

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Mason has loved Riley since forever. Riley has loved Mason the same. The two of them can never get their acts together to make it something. Will life bring them closer or will it tear them apart? Follow the kids from It's now or never as they find themselves in the life of the MC

Romance / Action
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Chapter 1- Mason

“Chopper, get your arse down those stairs and into the goddamn chapel now” I hear my Dad yell out to me. I rush down the stairs, jumping when there is only a few steps left. I wink at my Mum who is standing by the bar talking to Trace.

Rushing through the chapel doors and taking a seat at the end of the table. Throwing a grin towards Dad.

“Bout fucking time. Don’t forget boy, you have no fucking title here and if you keep this fucking shit up, you will never have a fucking title” Dad spits out at me. I salute him from my seat and he flips me off.

“Now let’s get onto business. As we all know, Butch stepped down last week. Him and Diana have decided that it is time for them to pass the reigns over. So today we are voting. All in favour for me to become Pres, let’s hear it” Savage calls out.
“AYE” can be heard from all around the room.

The smile on Savage’s face, lights up the whole room. “Now I’ll need a VP,” he says.

“My vote is on Buster. Who else here agrees?” Savage asks the men. “AYE” is all the sound in the room. Dad stands up and shakes Savage’s hand. “Now, I have a thought for the S.A.A. My only issue is, can I trust this little fucker to protect me?” Savage says.

Everyone is on the edge of their seats waiting for him to say who he wants. I just hope to fucking god, it isn’t me. I don’t want to be a titled member just yet. I want to play games and go on runs. Work in the garage, fix bikes and fuck pussy until the cows come home.

“What do you all think of who I have suggested?” Savage asks the room. Fuck I didn’t hear who he said. The room goes up in chorus saying ‘aye’ again. I move my lips but don’t actually make a sound. Confusion and worry written on my face, until I see Frosty stand up from his seat and moves towards the front and shakes Savages hand. “Oh thank fuck” I whisper under my breath.

“Alright boys, church is dismissed. Let’s get fucked up” Savage yells out. All the men bash the table with their fists, hooting and hollering as they leave the chapel. I stay seated where I am and wait for the last ones to exit the room. Pulling out my phone, I stare at the one woman who got away. The one I can never not think about. The one who stole my heart and then crushed it when she left this life three years ago.

Riley. My best friend Riles. She took my first kiss and I took her virginity. We were meant to be together, but she wanted a life away from here and I didn’t. She went off to college three states over and I am here, working in the garage. I will always regret my decision. I should have followed her, chased her wherever she went.

Too late now though. She has a boyfriend. She has been with him for the past couple of years. Every time she comes home to visit, she is always alone, but this coming Christmas she is bringing him. I just hope he isn’t a fuckwit like most preppy college cunts.

I put my phone back into my pocket and get up, leaving chapel I notice my Mum sitting at the bar nursing a whiskey. “Mum, what’s wrong?” I ask her, kissing her cheek. “Nothing Mason. Just thinking” she tells me, with a small smile.

You see Mum and Dad had a rough beginning. She sat me down one day and spoke about her upbringing, how she was kidnapped by her uncle and tortured from the ages of 13 to 17 and she ran away. Then her life went back down the shitter when she was 21. But at the end of the day she is here with us. She is happy and healthy.

“Chopper, my boy” I hear my grandpa yell. He claps me on the back and roughs up my hair. I throw a soft punch into his stomach and he acts like he is hurt. We laugh and hug again. “What are you doing pa?” I ask him. “What’s it look like young chap. I’ve come to get drunk one last time with the crew” he tells me. I laugh the hardest at his words.

“The last time you say old man. I am pretty certain you will never leave this clubhouse and I will find you sitting in the corner every day, telling us all about the good old days” I tell him. “Listen here you little whipper snapper. I can still give you a run for your fucking money. Don’t give me your fucking lip, unless you wanna go outside?” he questions me. I smirk at him and pat him on the head. “I’d like to see you try” I say to him.

Grandpa locks his arms around my neck and holds me in a headlock. “Still have it, don’t I?” he asks me. I can feel my lungs constricting. “Tapping out boy” he taunts me. I tap his arm to let him know I’ve had enough. “Weak. That is what you are. Your parents are to blame for the weakling that you are” he spits at me. “Get the fuck out, Dad. The only reason he is weak, is because you fucking spoilt him from the minute he was fucking born” Mum yells at her Dad.

“Enough. Both of you. Enough. Baxter, stop antagonizing your daughter and grandson. Katherine, we as grandparents are meant to spoil the kids. You as a parent, are meant to teach him the rest” Grandma starts saying. “Oh just like you guys taught me anything?” Mum spits and walks out. The room has gone quiet. “Oh shit” I hear Savage utter under his breath. I look at him and he shakes his head.

Grandma starts crying. Grandpa looks ready to kill and Dad is just standing there running his fingers through his hair. “Okay, how about we all take a breather. Pa and Ma, how about you two head up to your room. Dad go and find Mum and calm her down” I take control of the situation. “Who fucking died and left you in charge” comes the voice of the one and only Doc. “Hey Doc, shut the fuck up” I yell at him.

“Chopper, remember the time you slept with the town bike and you came to me to get a cream for your cock?” he asks me. I turn to look at him and give him my best ‘don’t fuck with me face’, “Yeah just remember I have everything on you and I can accidentally start telling everyone about it. So, boy, shut the fuck up. You go and find your mother and then you will apologise to each and every one of the members for your rudeness towards the old Pres and the new one” Doc says. I look at him and walk out of the clubhouse.

“Who the fuck does Doc think he is? Speaking to me like that and going to talk about my medical history?” I question myself. “He is the man who delivered you” I hear Mum say. I go and sit next to her, pulling out a smoke from my cut. I offer it to her and she shakes her head no at me.

“What’s wrong Mum?” I ask her. I am worried about her. She has been having a hard time these past few weeks.
“Mase, it is coming up to the anniversary of my kidnapping and near death. I know it was a very long time ago but it is still hard to get through it. I will be ok. I promise you. Now go back in and apologise to your grandparents. We don’t need anymore bad blood in this place” Mum says and kisses my head.

I put the smoke back in the pack and head back inside. I take the stairs two at a time and make it up to Butch and Diana’s floor. Knocking on their door, I wait for one of them to answer. Ma answers it and gives me a small smile. “Can I come in?” I ask her. She holds the door out wider so I can slip in.

I stand in the spot and wait for Ma to join Pa. I rub the back of my neck nervously. “I’m sorry for the disrespect I have shown you both this evening.” I tell them. I can’t even look them in the eyes. I actually do regret the way I spoke to Pa. He is a scary motherfucker and I never want to be on his bad side. “Come here, sweety” Ma calls out to me. I walk slowly to her.
Ma wraps her arms around me. “Listen here. We are all on edge. Your mother was nearly killed this time 28 years ago. Tensions are running high and it is something we are all working on getting over, but it is hard” Ma says. I nod my head at her words. “Pa?” I call for grandpa. He stands up and wraps his arms around Ma and me. “You’re a good kid. Just cut the fucking attitude. We have done everything we could to help raise you right” Pa says. I nod my head at his words.

“Now get the fuck out of my room. I need to fuck my woman into submission” Pa says. I go to respond to him but he gives me his most intimidating look. I zip my lips, smirk and turn around to the door to leave. “Mason” Pa calls. “Don’t even think about giving me cheek again. I will knock you down a few pegs” he says. I smile and shake my head. Opening the door, I slip out and close it gently behind me.

Getting into the hallway, I can’t hold in the laughter. I’m still laughing when I reach the common room. Dad looks at me like I have lost the plot. I actually think I have. I miss my best friend. I miss the one who got away. I have pussy everywhere I look but it isn’t the same. I miss my Riley.
I head towards the bar to get myself a whiskey. The bartender is a young girl who only started here a few weeks ago. She gives me a look and points towards the whiskey bottle. I nod my head and she gets to work getting it poured. “Thanks” I tell her once she hands it to me. She smiles and goes back to cleaning up the counter top.

“What’s going on inside that head of yours” Tracy asks me as she sits next to me. “I just miss Riles” I tell her honestly. “I know. I do to. But she left us cause she didn’t want this life and I don’t blame her. I never thought I would be in this life but look, here I am” she tells me. Tracy wraps her arm around my shoulders and kisses my temple.

“She’ll be back soon enough and once she sees how amazing you are she’ll drop that preppy motherfucker she is dating and come running back to your arms” Tracy says. I have known for a long time that Tracy has always wanted me and Riley to be together. We are made for each other she would always tell me.

I smile at Trace and kiss her cheek. The young woman behind the bar gives us a funny look. It is like a mix between confusion and disappointment. We stare at each other until she looks away. “What is your problem?” I ask her. She shakes her head at my question. I pick up my glass and take a sip. “No what is it? You look like you have something to say?” I ask her.

“Chopper, I have nothing to say. I am just confused on what has just happened. You are missing a girl but you fuck everything that walks in here. Don’t mind me. I’ll just go back to my job” she says to me and turns around to head into the storage room. Fuck this, she doesn’t get to spurt that shit to me and then walk away. I get up off my chair and follow her into the storage room, slamming the door closed behind me.

“You don’t get to sprout that shit to me and then turn your back on me. Do you want a fucking ride on my dick? Is that what it is. Are you jealous that you haven’t had a go?” I spit at her. “Are you for real right now? I don’t want a fucking ride on your dick. I have fucking taste and respect for myself. I am not a fucking little whore. I have only ever been with one guy in my life and he fucked me over for every other guy, so don’t come in here acting all high and mighty, like you run the fucking joint. I have work to fucking do so if you don’t mind” she yells at me.

I can feel my blood boiling at this bitch. Not only is she making me fucking angry, she is turning me the fuck on. “Listen here. I will have you in my bed, and I will blow your fucking mind when I do” I tell her. I walk closer to her and grab the back of her neck, pulling her face closer to mine. She starts shaking and her breathing comes out in short, sharp exhales. I let her go and she starts falling to the ground.

“Holy shit, are you ok? I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to do that. Fuck. What has happened to you?” I ask her. I can feel every nerve in my body shaking. Shit this poor girl has been through the ringer. Whoever her ex is, he is going to wish he never fucking hurt her, when I get my fucking hands on him.

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